Latinos i Hollywood

A 2019 report looked at 100 top-grossing films from 2007 to 2018 and found that only 3 percent of the lead or colead roles went to Latinos (and a similar study found only 27 percent of the top 100 ... Garcetti cited a recent USC study that found that although Latinos represent nearly 20% of the U.S. population and 25% of Hollywood’s box office revenue, only 3% of the 100 top-grossing films ... Latinos in Hollywood: Few Roles, Frequent Stereotypes, New Study Finds. FILE - In this Jan. 14, 2016 file photo, John Krasinski, left, and Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs announce the ... The number of speaking roles for non-White actors in major Hollywood films reached a record high in 2019, but on-screen representation for Latinos and women of color still lags far behind other ... According to the USC study, Latino actors only had 3% of the lead or co-lead roles in Hollywood ... It is well known that Latinos, in front and behind the camera, are severely underrepresented in ... With almost 3,000 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and only about 50 dedicated to Latinos, you better believe that these ceremonies are momentous for our community. This goes out to the 22 Latinos who have worked their culos off to make it in the entertainment industry, and represent us to the wo The study — which covers the portrayal of on-screen characters across gender, race/ethnicity, LGBTQ and disability — revealed that Hollywood was actually more likely to erase Latinos from ... Latinos prop up Hollywood economically, accounting for nearly one in four of all box office ticket sales, but they account for a mere 4% of directors and 3% of producers. This cannot be an ... In a guest column for Variety magazine entitled “Latinos Love Hollywood, but Hollywood Hates Latinos,” Castro points out the fact that Hispanic actors are indeed underrepresented in film. The Texas Democrat also accuses the industry of casting and depicting Latinos as negative stereotypes, particularly people who are criminals or angry antagonists. Kerry Hegarty (Spanish/film studies) is quoted in an article about the success of bilingual crossover films showing that Hollywood is paying attention to Latinos. (FOX NEWS Latino, Monday, Oct. 21)

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BRAINWASHED CULTURAL APPROPRIATION WILL NEVER BE LATIN CULTURE. Latin America got its name ONLY to mean the part of the Americas conquered by LATIN EUROPE and Latin Europe was Latinized by ITALY. Latin America is Not Latin origin conquered native Americans/ supposedly “mestizos” are Not Latin men and women Latin History can NOT be changed by delusional people who embrace how the USA misuses Latin identity. LATINOS AKA LATINS ARE US EXOTIC ROMAN DERIVED PEOPLE. Latin Culture History and Ethnicity is NOT interchangeable. 👌🏽✊🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Latin culture aka the Largest culturally appropriated Heritage of the century specifically in the USA and by those who foolishly and wrongfully embrace how Latin identity is MISUSED in places like the USA and Canada Latin America is NOT Latin origin therefore these people are NOT Latino they’re conquered native Americans some pure some mixed which is mestizo NOT Latino . Latin America has absolutely NOTHING to do with the accomplishments of Latin culture and those who are born and raised in “Latin” America are very aware of that. In REAL LATIN CULTURE Latino is Not a term used to identify the native Americans /Mestizos/Afro mixed Native Americans except of course other than in the culturally corrupt delusional USA where Latin culture has lost all meaning EXCEPT for us EDUCATED Latin peoples of course such as an Exotic ITALIANA as myself aka a TRUE LATINA. The only people who call themselves “Latino” from the Americas as In they are born and raised in south Central America/Mexico are cultural appropriators who take advantage of USA ignorance in how Latin identity is misused when dealing with IGNORANT North Americans because it’s become trending propaganda for these people to do so vs actual ethnicity which is what being Latin is. NO proud Educated latin man or woman would ever call people from the south Central America and Mexico Latin men and women Latino or Latina because their Ancestry is FACTUALLY NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LATIN CULTURE. And the Only people who would do so are uneducated confused peoples this is mainly people from the USA such as this being labeled Latin when absolutely NOTHING Latin comes from “Latin” America NOR SPAIN👌🏽🇮🇹ALL things LATIN/LATINO FACTUALLY AND HISTORICALLY COME FROM ITALY. WHICH LATINIZED LATIN EUROPE AND LATIN EUROPE CONQUERED THE AMERICAS AND THAT IS ALL LATIN IN LATIN AMERICA MEANS. Latin History can NOT be rewritten by delusional peoples who Embrace how the USA MISUSES Latin identity👌🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹👌🏽Hence how Latina Italy got the name LATINA. Latin is Not a race Latin is Not a Trend and being Latin Is Not a theoretical “preferred choice” simply because you like how it sounds to be mistaken as Latin by uneducated Americans. The term Latino HISTORICALLY derives from the term Latini. The Latini was the very first Latin tribe to ever exist whom inhabited central ITALY. Latini is plural for Latino because the Latini tribe was many Latin people aka more than one hence The plural form Latini. Latini literally means more than one LATINO and Latino is Singular. Latin History , Latin Linguistics, and Latin Ethnicity are NOT interchangeable. And there are No “white Latins” as Us WOG Latin men Latino and Latin women Latina Are Exotic due to our Genetic mixture common upon Ethnic Mediterranean people, White Anglo saxon Europeans are NOT Latino as Latino is Not a group of people Despite of Ethnicity. Example Eoxitc Italian-Latini (again plural for Latino) are an Historic Ancient but prevalent mixture such as middle eastern/Arabic, Asian, African, indigenous Eastern European, and with other Indigenous Mediterranean contributors and we are all these things mixed together again Historic and this news is as old as dust if you’re EDUCATED. white Europeans can Not reproduce Exotic Latin Europeans as they are Obviously Not responsible for our Genetics and HENCE why they look Nothing like Us and Hence why whites have ZERO Latin Beauty. and the common terminology is Latin Blood in REAL Latin culture such as Italian culture. And A Hispanic is some one from Hispania which is Latin for SPAIN. One is NOT Hispanic unless you are of prominent Spanish ancestry! being a Byproduct of colonialism is Not being Latino NOR Hispanic . Being Latin is NOT this delusional “preferred choice” simply because one likes the way it sounds to be referred to as “Latin” By UNEDUCATED Brainwashed USA people. Wrongfully and foolishly Calling yourself “Latino” and “Latina” does Not magically make you “Latin” . BRAINWASHED CULTURALLY UNROOTED PEOPLE SUCH AS YOU DO NOT AND WILL NEVER speak for US CULTURALLY Rooted REAL Latino people such as US Exotic ITALIANS And us OTHER ROMAN DERIVED **WOG** LATINO EUROPEANS. Lol that's funny. You are speaking from a North American Culturally appropriated Genocidal perspective because that's what you've been brainwashed to be and it end there. You have No clue what us KEY WORDS CULTURALLY ROOTED REAL LATINOS Prefer as you have No ties Nor connection with us and OUR CULTURE. It's not your fault BRAINWASHED Uneducated north Americans foolishly call people like you Latino Lol there is Not one single North American who can grant you other peoples cultural identity that thier ancestry is HISTORICALLY RESPONSIBLE for. Ignorant fools calling NATIVE Americans "Latino" who have ZERO SANGUE LATINO does Not magically change your ethnicity Nor will it ever grant you the right to misuse our identity that again our elders and ancestors are responsible for and passed down threw OUR VEINS HENCE why in CULTURALLY ROOTED LATIN CULTURE SUCH AS ITALIAN CULTURE WE COMMONLY SAY LATIN BLOOD AKA SANGUE LATINO SOMETHING YOUR PEOPLE WILL NEVER HAVE OUR CULTURE IS NOT A TREND SIMPLY BECAUSE THOSE LIKE YOU HAVE BEEN TAUGHT TO HATE YOUR ACTUAL CULTURE WHILE BEING BRAINWASHED TO APPROPRIATE OTHER PEOPLES IDENTITY. BEING LATINO IS ETHNICITY NOT A DELUSIONAL PREFERRED CHOICE, YOU DONT GET TO CHOOSE YOUR ETHNICITY. NORTH AMERICAN GENOCIDAL TRENDING PROPAGANDA DOES NOT REWRITE LATIN HISTORY AND US TRUE LATIN PEOPLE WHO TRULY BELONG TO IT. NORTH AMERICA DOES NOT DECIDE WHAT BEING LATINO IS AS NORTH AMERICA IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LATIN CULTURE JUST LIKE SOUTH CENTRAL AMERICA AND MEXICO IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LATIN CULTURE AND NOTHING CAN EVER CHANGE THAT. Lol you OBVIOUSLY are not a real Italian as NO Culturally ROOTED italian/ Other Latino European would ever say LATINO is Not latin you could not have LATINO without latin and latin is Rome and LATIN EUROPE. NO TRUE CULTURALLY ROOTED ITALIAN/LATINO EUROPEAN WOULD EVER DENY AND DISREGARD OUR LATINITY/LATINITAS. THAT IS US EXOTIC PROUD WOGS KEY WORD WOG ITALIANS WHICH EXCLUDES MOST NORTHERN ITALIANS/EUROPEANS WHOM ARE MOSTLY WHITE AND HAVE ZERO SANGUE LATINO AKA LATIN BLOOD AS IT IS THE WHITE EUROPEANS WHO GAVE US THE RACIAL SLURS LIKE WOGS THAT WE NOW PROUDLY EMBRACE.✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼 WHY WOULD WE WANT WRINKLE PRONE SKIN AND SQUARE HIPS AND FLAT CHEST LIKE WHITE WOMEN AND LIKE THE NON LATINA NATIVE AMERICANS AND MESTIZOS OF SOUTH CENTRAL AMERICA AND MEXICO?! LOL WE WOULD NOT. US ROOTED ITALIANS/LATINO EUROPEANS DONT REFER TO OURSELVES AS LATIN BLOOD SANGUE LATINO, LATIN LOVERS AMANTE LATINO, AND LATIN TEMPER TEMPERAMENTO LATINO FOR JUST NO REASON AT ALL AS ALL THOSE COMMONLY USED TERMS WHERE INVENTED BY US FOR US! WE ARE PROUD TO BE TRUE LATINO PEOPLE HENCE WHY WHEN YOU GO TO ITALY/LATIN EUROPE ACTUALLY JUST EUROPE AS A WHOLE NOT JUST ONE SUBDIVISION YOU WILL SEE THE LATINO BRAND EVERYWHERE SPECIFICALLY IN REFRENCE TO ITALY AND WOG LATINO ITALIANS. RESTRUANTS NAMED LATINO, HISTORIC ITALIANS ARE NAMED LATINO SUCH AS THE MAN LATINO LATINI AND MANY MORE THE FAMOUS ITALOS NAMED LITERALLY LATINO. FAMOUS RACING BOAT NAMED MASCALZONE LATINO AKA LATIN SCOUNDREL, FAMOUS ITALIAN MUSICIAN PINO DANIEL WITH HIS ALBUM MASCALZONE LATINO Restaurants are NAMED MASCALZONE LATINO IN ITALY which is a common term amongst ROOTED EXOTIC ITALIANS. THERE ARE CAFE LATINO IN ITALY there is a TURSIS LATIN KING ITALIAN RESTAURANT IN THE USA ,RUDOLPH VALENTINO HOLLYWOODS ORIGINAL TRUE LATIN LOVER AKA AMANTE LATINO. I CAN GO ON AS MY PEOPLES CULTURE IS NOT AND OPINION IT IS HISTORIC AND IT IS WHAT WE PREFER AS I SPEAK FOR THE REAL CULTURALLY ROOTED LATINO/A COMMUNITY. AND ETHNICITY DOES NOT JUST GO AWAY DUE TO IMMIGRATION WE WILL ALWAYS HAVE OUR ETHNICITY AND WE WILL ALWAYS HAVE THE HISTORY THAT GOES WITH IT. AND AS US EDUCATED CULTURALLY ROOTED PROUD LATIN MEN LATINO AND LATIN WOMEN LATINA SAY THE ONLY PEOPLE FOOLISH ENOUGH TO REFER TO PEOPLE OF NON LATIN ORIGIN SUCH AS NATIVE AMERICANS, MESTIZOS, AND PEOPLE OF BLACK DESCENT AS "LATINO" ARE BRAINWASHED UNEDUCATED IGNORANT NORTH AMERICANS AND IT ENDS THERE. WHILE IN REAL LATINO CULTURE FOR US CULTURALLY AWOKEN LATIN PEOPLE YOURE NOTHING MORE THAN THE MOCKERY AND APPROPRIATION AND THE ATTEMPTS OF GENOCIDE THAT SURROUNDS US LATIN PEOPLES CULTURE IN NORTH AMERICA AND IT ENDS THERE. "LatinX" is a Form of appropriation, a made up Non existant term that will NEVER be of latin origin and it will NEVER be a term used by CULTURALLY AWOKEN Latin men and women as it is one of the many things is this country that mocks our heritage and that is ALL "LatinX" will EVER mean.
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2020.09.11 12:41 finnagains Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences plan for racial and gender criteria: A right-wing attack on artistic freedom (WSWS) 11 Sept 2020

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Official Web Site -
The decision by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) in Hollywood to demand, in effect, that films conform to racial and gender criteria to qualify for its Best Picture award is a vicious attack on artistic freedom and a step down a very sinister path.
The actions reveal that the affluent layer in charge in Hollywood, allied with the Democratic Party, is either indifferent or hostile to the process by which art is created and ruthlessly determined to pursue its selfish, grasping political and economic agenda. Far from resulting in greater “diversity” and “inclusion” in any meaningful sense, the rules mandated by the AMPAS thought police will further narrow studio filmmaking and implicitly set limits on what can and cannot be said.
What’s taking place, in effect, is an attempt to impose a second Production Code, the set of censorship regulations, enforced by an infamous political and quasi-religious apparatus, that from 1934 to the mid-1960s severely restricted American filmmakers.
The new policies are the outcome of several years of intense pressure by identity politics activists, Democratic Party-aligned figures in Hollywood and media outlets like the New York Times. The #OscarsSoWhite controversy, which erupted in 2016 when for the second year in a row all 20 performers nominated in the lead and supporting acting categories were white, provided a pretext for the launching of the new initiative.
The Academy set about “diversifying” itself, which has largely meant inviting several thousand individuals, a considerable proportion of whom are women and members of “underrepresented ethnic/racial communities,” to join its ranks. This year, for example, the organization, according to Deadline, touted that its invitees were “49 percent international, 45 percent women, and 36 percent underrepresented ethnic/racial.”
In June, AMPAS officials ominously announced that a task force was working on the next phase of its “equity and inclusion initiative,” known as “ Academy Aperture 2025. ” A September 8 press release announced the new “Representation and Inclusion Standards” for the Best Picture award proposed by the task force, chaired by Academy governors DeVon Franklin (producer, motivational speaker and preacher!) and Jim Gianopulos (multi-millionaire chairman and CEO of Paramount Pictures).
The formulas this body has come up with are both foul and absurd. To be deemed eligible for the Best Picture award at the 2024 Academy Awards (in 2022 and 2023, producers will only have to submit “a confidential Academy Inclusion Standards form”), a movie will have to meet two out of four standards (A through D).
To achieve “Standard A,” a film must meet one of the following criteria:
*At least one of the lead actors or significant supporting actors is Asian, Hispanic/Latinx, Black/African American, Indigenous/Native American/Alaskan Native, Middle Eastern/North African, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander or from another “underrepresented race or ethnicity.”
*At least 30 percent of all actors in secondary and more minor roles are from at least two of the following underrepresented groups: “Women, racial or ethnic group, LGBTQ+ or people with cognitive or physical disabilities, or who are deaf or hard of hearing.”
*“The main storyline(s), theme or narrative of the film is centered on an underrepresented group(s).”
“Standard B” mandates that a certain number of “creative leadership positions and department heads” (“Casting Director, Cinematographer, Composer, Costume Designer, Director, Editor, Hairstylist, Makeup Artist, Producer,” etc.) come from the aforesaid “underrepresented groups.” It would require that at least 30 percent of the film’s crew is from the same underrepresented groups.
“Standard C” concerns “industry access and opportunities,” including the provision of paid apprenticeships or internships for women and members of racial or ethnic groups, and “Standard D” requires a given studio and/or film group to have “multiple in-house senior executives” from the various “underrepresented groups… on their marketing, publicity, and/or distribution teams.” Academy invites 819 to membership in 2020
Where does one begin?
The underlying premise of this effort, as we argued in 2016 when the issue became a prominent one, is that “artwork should be categorized and presumably appreciated according to whether it represents a male or female, black or white perspective.” Whether they liked it or not, we warned, such forces were setting up this basic standard: “women gain more from art produced by women, Jews from work created by Jews, African-Americans from ‘African-American art,’ etc.”
Assuming that artistic perspective is thoroughly framed by race or gender, the AMPAS bureaucrats and their advisers elevate such matters to the level of a worldview. In ideological terms, in their obsession with race in particular, such views have been identified historically with the far right.
We pointed out in 2016 that the “Nazis asserted the existence of distinct ‘Aryan’ and ‘Jewish [Bolshevik, liberal, degenerate]’ cultures, separated out ‘Aryan music’ from ‘Jewish music,’ and so forth. They classified human beings collectively as ‘races,’ with inherited characteristics, as one commentator notes, ‘related not only to outward appearance and physical structure, but also shaped internal mental life, ways of thinking, creative and organizational abilities, intelligence, taste and appreciation of culture, physical strength, and military prowess.’”
We added that “those who view art and culture in racial (or gender) terms and make race (or gender) the basis for a theory of aesthetics give credence to and encourage this type of filth.” Our warnings at the time that the Academy was heading in the direction of racial or gender quotas have been confirmed in spades.
According to the outlook of the Academy brain trust, “art” is a mere means to an end, little more than the spelling or fleshing out, through the use of actors, sets, décor, of one’s racial or gender essence. Again, how far is that from the Hitler view that art’s exterior form should embody “an inner racial ideal” (Henry Grosshans, Hitler and the Artists)?
Astonishingly, the Academy, in its press release, has the temerity to assert that its goals “will not compromise the creative freedom filmmakers must have.”
To the extent that the task force members and Academy governors actually believe this, it only underscores the extent to which identity politics has saturated their entire beings. “Creative freedom,” in their minds, is reduced to expressing one’s ethnic or gender identity.
In fact, film artists are being pushed in a definite direction. There is nothing neutral or “innocent” about the new standards.
By their very existence and insistence, they inevitably draw the artist’s and the public’s attention toward questions of ethnicity, nationality and gender and away from the problems of class, inequality, poverty and the danger of war and dictatorship. It is an only slightly veiled mandating of themes and storylines. Hollywood’s officialdom is telling producers, writers and directors: this is what should concern you, these are the officially sponsored and endorsed issues we want you to bring before the public.
The question of genuine artistic truth never arises for such people. That a filmmaker should dedicate him or herself wholeheartedly, self-sacrificingly, to the pursuit of portraying what is, regardless of the consequences, is unimaginable to them.
They begin with various cynical calculations as to what sort of movie might be acceptable to middle class public opinion or profitable to investors, and assume the artists have the same starting point. No serious work was ever created with a recipe book in hand from which the artist simply selects the proper ingredients.
“Diversity” and “inclusiveness,” when raised by identity politics operators in Hollywood, are empty, fraudulent slogans. What’s involved from an economic point of view is the attempt by an already privileged layer of African Americans and females to lay hands on a bigger share of the entertainment industry profit bonanza for themselves.
There’s no added “diversity” in one affluent petty-bourgeois layer replacing another, the only difference being the color of their skin or their gender. All the considerable efforts at “inclusiveness” to this point have not improved the generally miserable output in Hollywood one iota. White or black, male or female, the not very inspiring thoughts and feelings of the top five or seven percent of the population are what we see represented on movie screens.
The selfishness of these layers knows no bounds. Their hostility in recent years to such films as Lincoln, Free State of Jones, Green Book and others has revealed their deep hostility to work that pointed to more general, broader concerns, the healthier concerns of the mass of the population.
As we wrote on another occasion four years ago: “Of course, there is a massive ‘lack of diversity’ problem in Hollywood, but it is not a racial one. The United States is an immensely complex society with a population of some 320 million people, the vast majority of whom work for a wage—or would like to. How well represented is the working class in American filmmaking, including the overwhelmingly proletarian African American and Latino population? In general, how thoroughly are the complexities of US society and its people depicted by Hollywood?
“With a few honorable exceptions, contemporary American and global filmmaking solely investigates the lives and feelings of a small fraction of the population, the affluent, self-absorbed upper-middle class, residing in their various pockets of affluence.”
Every serious artist must experience a feeling of revulsion on being told what and how to create a work, especially by an alliance of racialist snake-oil salesmen and CEOs. The formula, complete freedom for art, takes on an ever greater and more concrete, and revolutionary, significance.
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2020.09.07 19:39 Sukuh1029 ⏤ ⏤ ✎ .ೃ ˗ˏˋ 🍉 ˎˊ˗ Real Nini: Es argentina, Escribe canciones en "Coreañol" y Representa el K-Pop Latino ˗ˏˋ 🍉 ˎˊ˗ !↴

⏤ ⏤ ✎ .ೃ ˗ˏˋ 🍉 ˎˊ˗ Real Nini: Es argentina, Escribe canciones en
Post : 🥑 : ᴀʀɢᴇɴᴛɪɴᴀ 🥑 : 1O:43 ᴘᴍ 🥑 : 07 / O9 / 2020 ¡Hola gente! Bienvenidos a mi nueva publicación. ¿De qué se trata? Esta publicación trata sobre Nini Fernández, más conocida como Real Nini, es una cantautora argentina de K-Pop latino. Nini Fernández Lisazo, más conocida por su nombre artístico, Real Nini, tiene 27 años y la palabra que más la define es "Artista". No solo canta, sino que también baila, compone, produce y es pionera en el género que eligió: "Latin K-Pop".
Nació en Buenos Aires, pero desde los 2 años vivió en la ciudad de Cutral Có, ubicada en la provincia argentina de Neuquén. Fue allí, durante su infancia, que comenzó a bailar frente a los árboles e imaginar que eran un público masivo. Hoy Nini es un crisol de culturas: su madre es uruguaya, amante del candombe y las murgas del vecino país; Su padre, natural de Chivilcoy, es un enamorado del tango y el folclore. La música nunca faltaba en casa, siempre sonaba algo diferente y no podía evitar bailar cada vez que escuchaba una canción.
"Me influyó toda esa conjunción de géneros musicales tan distintos, y al mismo tiempo, desde niña me gustaba el Pop; por eso me costaba identificar por dónde iría mi camino", dice en un diálogo telefónico con LA NACION. Fue en esa búsqueda que comenzó a estudiar ballet a los 6 años. Su espíritu era tan inquieto que con el tiempo también tomó clases de Flamenco, Jazz y Comedia Musical. El baile ya formaba parte de su día a día, y cuando cumplió 15 años surgió su otra faceta: cantar. Una maestra la animó a conocer el potencial de su voz y ella se animó tímidamente a cantar "Luna tucumana" de Atahualpa Yupanqui. Poco después, ingresó al Coro Inicial Plaza Huincul, donde permaneció como soprano.
"Aprendí a conocer mi voz y descubrí cómo podía usarla. Entendí que el talento muchas veces se construye a base de esfuerzo, y no siempre se nace con el don", reflexiona al recordar sus primeros pasos en el mundo del arte.
A aquella adolescente también le atraían los instrumentos, y aunque una de sus hermanas eligió la batería, su pasión se definió en primer lugar por las cuerdas de la guitarra. Con el tiempo se fueron sumando la flauta traversa, el cajón peruano y el piano.
Nini se volvió multifacética y mientras seguía acumulando conocimientos empezaba a convertirse en una verdadera "artista". Su vida siempre fue muy agitada y llena de contrastes. Por aquel entonces todavía estaba en la secundaria, y mientras la mayoría de las chicas de su edad se decidían por un bachiller comercial o humanístico, ella optó por la escuela industrial; así que a la mañana revocaba paredes y a la tarde se ponía sus zapatillas de ballet y posaba en "palomita".
Volar del nido : de vuelta en la gran ciudad
Después de recibirse de Maestro mayor de obras, -así como se oye- decidió viajar a Buenos Aires para estudiar la Licenciatura en Música en la Universidad de La Plata. La chica que dibujaba planos y cavaba zanjas colgó el guardapolvo y se puso los tacos con la intención de bailar y agarrar un micrófono.
Una vez más, sintió que podía combinar todas sus pasiones y apostó a tener un ingreso económico dando clases de baile: a estas alturas ya no sólo era bailarina de danza clásica, sino también de salsa y bachata.
"El estudio te da herramientas", ese es el lema de Nini. Siempre apostó a seguir formándose y hasta dio clases gratuitas para compartir sus conocimientos. Sin embargo, la vida del artista independiente tiene sus vaivenes, y el dinero no le alcanzaba, así que también se animó a llevar su arte a los subtes, trenes, y algunas reconocidas esquinas porteñas. A sus 19 años andaba de aquí para allá con su guitarra al hombro, cantando esos mismos temas que la enamoraron cuando era pequeña.
"Saber que la persona que se quedó a escucharme, lo hizo por pura elección tiene un significado muy valioso para mí", confiesa. Y agrega: "No hay nada que la obligue a quedarse, no hay una entrada comprada, y es gratificante que alguien se conmueva con tu voz y te ponga unos pesos en la gorra".
De día en la universidad, de tarde en el transporte público, y de noche el regreso a casa. Esa era su rutina, y al analizarlo a la distancia siente que no fue nada sencillo independizarse: "En esta profesión, como en muchas otras, mantener una economía estable no es fácil porque invertimos lo poco que tenemos en cumplir nuestros sueños, y a veces parece que todo estuviera en contra".
Fue justo cuando estaba en tercer año de la carrera que fue diagnosticada como paciente inmunodeprimida. Como si esto fuera poco, también en la misma época supo que era celíaca y tuvo que cambiar su régimen alimenticio por completo.
La dieta libre de gluten no era la primera dificultad que le tocaba afrontar: desde los 11 años padece de "llagas crónicas", y llegó a tener hasta doce úlceras por semana en la boca y en la garganta, lo que le impedía comer por el dolor.
"Todavía no tengo un diagnóstico certero del porqué convivo con estas lesiones en mi día a día. Me hice muchos estudios y aún no saben si tiene que ver con una falla en mi sistema inmunológico o con otro aspecto", revela Nini.
Aunque su salud mejoró gracias al cambio en la alimentación, y se pudo reducir la aparición de aftas a cinco por semana, lo cierto es que las secuelas del dolor siguen presentes:"Fue un arduo proceso de análisis e internaciones, tuve que dejar mis estudios y volverme a Neuquén durante un tiempo para recuperarme".
Conmovida, recuerda lo difícil que fue hacer una pausa y dejar de hacer lo que ama: "No podía cantar por lo dolorosas que eran esas úlceras, una especie de cráteres que me impidieron seguir entonando melodías".
Sin límites , el ansiado primer disco
Nini confiesa que escribir canciones fue su gran terapia para afrontar cada obstáculo, y fue justamente así como nació su primer disco, Sin límites. Volvió a pensar en la pregunta que siempre le hacían y le costaba responder: "¿Vos qué música hacés?".
"Creé las canciones empezando por la letra, y después le agregué la música según como me iba surgiendo. Confié en que primero llegaría la canción y después identificaría el género que le correspondía", cuenta.

Gracias a su persistencia y la ayuda de algunos amigos, cuando recuperó fuerzas finalmente tuvo en sus manos su primer álbum independiente: ocho canciones y cuatro idiomas diferentes representaron el concepto de que en su música no existen barreras de ningún tipo.
Inglés, portugués, español y coreano fueron las lenguas presentes en el disco. También hubo un despliegue de géneros: desde el pop hasta un carnavalito norteño que compuso especialmente para representar el amor hacia su familia.
Para Nini la decisión estaba tomada, pero no siempre se encontró con personas que la apoyaran. "El camino del arte es muy juzgado, porque si estudiás contabilidad o arquitectura, te llevas una materia y todos te apoyan; pero si te decidís por el arte, te hacen sentir que es únicamente tu responsabilidad que te vaya mal", cuestiona.
"¿Por qué haces esto Nini? Esa es una pregunta que me hacen muchas veces, y la verdad yo siento que es como preguntarme por qué tomo mate", bromea, y no puede evitar reírse cuando se da cuenta de lo natural que es para ella elegir la música como parte fundamental de su existencia.
Contra todo prejuicio, persiguió su sueño, y descubrió que el amor por la cultura asiática seguía muy presente en su vida. Empezó escuchando referentes del K-Pop como Super Junior, Girls Generation, 2NE1, Wonder Girls, entre muchos otros, y eso la inspiró a repensar el pop coreano.
Componer en coreano: todo un desafío
En 2018 tuvo otra de sus ideas innovadoras: fusionar el tango con una canción de la reconocida banda surcoreanaBTS. Lo bautizó como "K-Pop en Caminito", y esta vez no prestó su voz, pero sí su faceta de productora y bailarina.
La banda sonora que acompañó los icónicos paisajes de La Boca fue "Airplane Pt.2", y ella se lookeó para la ocasión con un vestido rojo tanguero en la primera parte del videoclip, y en la segunda lució un estilo urbano, donde bailó al ritmo del pop.
Processing img b040l9wpgrl51...
Contrario a lo que cualquiera podría sospechar, Nini no tiene ningún familiar asiático. Sí comparte con sus dos hermanas la pasión por la música coreana, y también por los animes, pero su amor por este estilo musical no tiene ningún componente genético.
"Estudio coreano hace cuatro años, y también incursioné en el japonés. Una vez que aprendí más el idioma me sentí mucho más segura para fusionarlo con el español", relata.
EXO, Blackpink, Mamamoo,Chung Ha, son algunos de las bandas surcoreanas que siempre están en la lista de influencias artísticas de Nini. Pero lo curioso es que una vez más fue más allá y decidió no sólo hacer "covers" de canciones, sino también crear las suyas, aportando su toque argentino a cada melodía.
Casi como un pulpo que despliega todos sus talentos a la vez, apostó por una "composición integral": escribió un nuevo single, lo musicalizó, y grabó un videoclip para el que también creó el guión y la coreografía de baile.
"Cumanhe" -que en español significa algo similar a las expresión "Basta", o "No va más"- fue su primera canción en "coreañol", y también su primer contenido representativo del "K-Pop latino".
A pesar del conocimiento avanzado que tiene del idioma coreano, no es sencillo combinarlo con el español, y Nini enfrenta este desafío cada vez que deja fluir su creatividad: "Puedo componer oraciones completas, pero no siempre las palabras van con la melodía, porque tiene que representar la idea general de la canción".
El K-Pop latino, una fusión de culturas
"El K-Pop latino ya existe, y se está expandiendo a nivel mundial, pero a veces pasa inadvertido y darle ese nombre sirve para identificarlo claramente como un género", sostiene.
Incluso revela que lo eligió como objeto de estudio en su tesis de grado, y en eso también fue pionera, porque la temática no había sido explorada hasta el momento en la casa de altos estudios y ni siquiera a nivel académico existe tanta profundización sobre este tipo de fusión de culturas musicales.
"El pop coreano se alió con la música latina y muchas bandas tienen el gesto de incluir palabras en español en sus canciones como un guiño para su público latinoamericano", señala.
Este nuevo "formato" de productos musicales, tal como cuenta Nini, combina varios géneros, y hasta el reggaetón está presente en la vestimenta y los escenarios urbanos de los videos musicales: "Es un fenómeno que involucra a mucha población joven y ya hay concursos internacionales de K-Pop, eventos latinoamericanos que son hits en diferentes países, y hasta radios de pop coreano".
Los logros de Nini en el mundo del K-Pop
Hace ya más de ocho años que lleva como bandera su deseo de difundir el pop coreano fusionado con los ritmos latinos, y en ese tiempo pudo recoger varios frutos de su cosecha artística.
En febrero de 2018 interpretó el himno nacional japonés durante el mundial de boxeo femenino, transmitido en vivo por TyC Sports. Luego, principios de 2019 llegó otra gratificante experiencia: fue la representante argentina en la semifinal del concurso "Stage K" en la Ciudad de México, patrocinado por la cadena de televisión coreana JTBC.
En septiembre del año pasado formó parte del equipo de trabajo de la película coreana New Year Blues, protagonizada por Yoo Yeon Seok y Lee Yoon Hee. En una de las escenas más destacadas del film, grabada en el puerto de Buenos Aires, los actores bailaron al ritmo del "2x4", y fue Nini quien ofició como instructora coreográfica de tango junto a la directora, Hong Jiyoung.
El 2020 tuvo como principal traspié la pandemia de coronavirus, que la limitó a producir contenidos desde su casa, pero antes de la cuarentena obligatoria participó de Todo puede pasar (elnueve), el programa conducido por Nicolás Occhiato, donde se coronó como una de las finalistas, y actualmente sigue a la espera del final del concurso cuando sea posible retomarlo.
Durante el confinamiento las redes sociales tuvieron un rol clave para Nini, ya que también formó parte del primer festival mundial online "Unidxs por la música", producido por Billboard Argentina.
"Es un evento muy importante con llegada internacional, y que la Argentina haya generado un festival solidario fue un grandioso. Luciano Pereyra y Marcela Morelo fueron algunos de los grandes artistas que también participaron, y poder conectarme con ellos en un mismo espacio era impensado para mí", confiesa emocionada.
Real Nini, un nombre artístico con simbolismo
En febrero último lanzó su nuevo single, "Es mi vida", que también cuenta con un videoclip. El mensaje detrás de esta canción es una metáfora de los obstáculos que atravesó en su carrera artística, y una forma de expresar que sólo ella sabe cuánto le costó dar cada pequeño gran paso.
Así surgió su alterego, "Real Nini", un nuevo nombre artístico que deja atrás a Nini Fernández, como solía llamarse antes. La conexión con la cultura asiática fue notoria una vez más cuando descubrió que ese adjetivo en inglés que tanto le gusta, "real", también lo utiliza otro cantante de K-Pop a quien admira: se trata de Park Chanyeol, integrante de EXO, y conocido en sus redes como Real PCY.
Además siente que existe una vocación de servicio en su interior, y por eso mantiene en su lista de aspiraciones un gran sueño al que ella llamó "K-Project School": "Es un proyecto de escuela. Sería una de las primeras empresas productoras de K-Pop en Argentina porque aunque existen algunas que traen bailarines y cantantes del exterior, yo tengo ganas de ayudar a los artistas de nuestro país".
Su intención es generar exponentes nacionales del K-pop latino, y utilizar su experiencia como productora musical para brindar herramientas. Justamente las posibilidades que desea ofrecer son aquellas que no existían cuando ella se lanzó al mundo artístico.
Los primeros pasos hacia la concreción de este sueño fueron algunas charlas informativas que pudo brindar en Ushuaia, y los encuentros virtuales organizados en colaboración con el Centro Cultural Coreano: "Me gusta la idea de que sea una escuela itinerante, no con una sede fija solamente, sino que se puedan repartir conocimientos en distintos lugares del país".
La historia de Real Nini es la de una mujer valiente, que eligió un género relativamente desconocido para muchos, y lo estudió hasta el punto de convertirse en una experta. Incluso hoy es fuente de consulta recurrente y una gran exponente del género por su calidez a la hora de explicar de qué se trata y la pasión que transmite cuando cuenta el porqué de su amor hacia la cultura asiática.
Nunca conoció Corea del Sur y es un gran pendiente en su vida. Su mayor anhelo era viajar a finales de este año para el estreno de la película New Year Blues, de la que participó en el equipo de producción, pero la pandemia puso todo en pausa y la incertidumbre acerca de cuándo podrá pisar suelo coreano reina en sus días.
"Lento, pero seguro", repite cuando piensa en los logros que ya tiene en su haber. Firme en sus convicciones, resiliente ante las dificultades y las miradas de incomprensión, Nini deja en claro que cuando se trata del K-Pop, ella es como su primer disco: No tiene límites.
Processing img r9etwzv5irl51...
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2020.08.30 21:17 RedLicoriceJunkie SoFi Stadium & Pincay Drive

If you ever go to SoFi Stadium, you may remember that it was built on the land that used to be Hollywood Park, one of the major racetracks in Los Angeles.
As a little bit of sports history of the area, Pincay Drive, which runs north of SoFi Stadium between South Prairie and Crenshaw Blvd. is named for Laffit Pincay Jr., one of horse racing's best jockeys ever.
Pincay Jr. held the record the most wins ever, overtaking Bill Shoemaker, in 1999, and ended his career in 2003 with 9,530 wins, when he retired after he suffered fractured vertebrae. He rode Sham, in 1973, one of the main rivals of Secretariat, during Secretariat's Triple Crown run, losing narrowly in the Kentucky Derby.
Pincay Jr. won the Kentucky Derby and the Belmot Stakes in 1984 aboard Swale, and won the Belmont in both 1982 (Conquistador Cielo) and 1983 (Caveat), the previous years. Between 1960's and the 2000's he won many major races all up and down California.
After immigrating originally to the Midwest from Panama in the 1960's, he has been a long time Los Angeles County resident, living in Arcadia, near Santa Anita Park.
As Kevin Modesti points out in the Tweet below, you pronounce his last name like pin-K-EYE, (sounds similar to "pink eye"), NOT pin-KAY.
He is a living Los Angeles Latino sports legend like Fernando Valenzuela or Oscar De La Hoya, one of the most successful and respected jockeys of all time.
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2020.08.30 08:41 Subutai_wrecks_you How I slowly became the change I wanted to see in this world. (Not for the faint of heart)

A very wise man from the Subcontinent said that you should be the change you want to see in this world, that man was Gandhi. Like many of you on this sub, I have an issue and a problem. I had an issue and a problem that plagued me for years. I was irritated, annoyed, and frustrated at how in the western world; Asian men are not seen in a sexual way and how a lower quality white guy can get a beautiful woman of different races while an Asian man (in my case South Asian) has a tougher time largely due to the social biases, prejudice, and social perceptions. We are all "weird", "small", and not to be seen in a sexual way.
All the while society comes to the rescue for white men and portrays them in such a princely manner. So I decided at some point, I am exhausted, I could no longer do it. No matter how much people of color fight for equality, we are now fighting yet another war for men of color to be seen as equals on a social scale.
So what did I do to become the change I wanted to see in this world and declare war on what is wrong?
Boycotted Hollywood and most other media outlets that lower our status.
It's been over 2 years since I saw a Hollywood movie, I do not intend on changing that except for maybe an upcoming Marvel Film where a Pakistani guy will play the first ever brown superhero (same dude from The Big Sick). Even then, I have had it, it is going to be a push for me to see it. I have had it with the Hollywood Elite preaching moral self-righteousness and hating on the Alt-Right while they portray men of color as inferior beings, especially Asian men. To rub it in our faces, they regularly promote women of color (Asian and brown) to be sexual objects of play for the stereotypical Nazi ideal. I refused to see Fast and Furious and fall into Hollywood fads of celebrities because it is all white male worship anyways.
I've also quit most porn and really only watched porn which was solo or featured a man of a minority group. The porn industry is also another industry that has it out for men of our backgrounds, they won't get much of my viewership unless we start seeing some Indian dudes having fun with hot girls.
Netflix has been getting some viewership from me though because I feel like as a platform it is nicer to minorities.
Not supporting any cause unless it benefits me and men like me.
I get that BLM started due to police brutality but BLM and the Democrats don't really support men of my color. To some, they even use us as pawns. I see no point in supporting such causes if they are not going to advance men of our background and put us in a position to succeed. Hate to sound cold-hearted but it is what it is.
Disrespect was dealt with by ignoring, blocking, and ghosting people who did not take my warning.
In the professional space, I let people know they have disrespected me and called them out. Some of the guys became my friend afterwards and we are good with each other now. Some guys kept at it, as I rose through the ranks let's just say I have a long memory and they are on my shit list. Anyone who talked down to me and failed to give me a chance is blocked, even the people who stood idly by are. Unless you do something for me and a partnership proves to benefit me, go eat dirt. I have burned bridges but the relationships I have formed are that much more promising.
Cut out a lot of my friends who did not stand for my ideals, especially those I used to be close with.
I have had some cool white friends who were cool guys and even cool brown and Asian friends, I've cut out most of them. My white friends had their own agenda and it does not serve their self-interest to see a man of color get with beautiful women, I cut them out. My brown and Asian friends were pansies who settled for sellouts, Anna Lus, and didn't see the struggle at hand or failed to really do anything about it. Some talked a big game but when push came to shove, they were cucks (yeah I will use that term). Needless to say, I cut them out and significantly reduced contact.
Now, my friend group is very very small. I have a black friend who regularly fucks white and Asian women, even fucked an Asian girl who was engaged to a honky. Another friend of mines is a cool Latino guy who is engaged to this sexy Persian girl but before that, used to go to town on preppy white girls, Asian girls, and women of all races. I have a Pakistani friend from the UK who sees through this shit and does well with women of different races. Just like me, he is a brown guy with a thing for beautiful women who have dark hair and olive skin, went to Brazil and slept with quite a few.
Speaking of beautiful women and my game dreams, something that will undoubtedly get me opposition here, I silenced the noise and went all in. This includes removing anything that got in the way.
"Pussy is overrated bro"
"More to life than pussy bro"
"God damn everyone is obsessed with getting laid, get a real hobby like underwater basket weaving."
I cut it all out, not just friends but even the noise. I see the anti-sex and anti-game noise flood into this sub as well, pushing for LTRs and such but I ignore it. It took a bit for me to even post this thread but I thought someone could benefit from it. I want to be one of the very few Asian men who tasted and fucked pussy of different nationalities and races, no exceptions whatsoever. Anyone who was passive aggressively against it or tried to talk me out of it got blocked and ignored. Even online spaces that turned all self-righteous and against my goal of sleeping around I don't frequent. Who knows how long I am on this sub, maybe not long at all. I am not going to debate some self-righteous Chan about how good sex feels with lots of different women because he cannot get his dick wet so he gets all moral on folks.
And racism and prejudice is nowhere as strong as with young hot girls picking men they want to sleep with, women from certain cultures are more prejudiced than others, so now I make them prove themselves to me.
Yeah, racism and prejudice are quite strong in the dating and hookup space, women from some cultures are far more prejudiced than others. I never really faced it from white women that much, when I say white I mean white as fuckin snow. Unfortunately, I find that women who fit the look of being my "type" (black hair, olive skin, and good looks) tend to be very prejudiced and extremely pro-white. I used to chase these women a lot and get played by them, a lot. My worst experiences by far have been with Latinas who tend to be quite pro-white from what I have seen.
So, I shifted my mindset and approach, you prove yourself to me before I invest the effort in you. I started going after the women who were from demographics that have shown to be interested in me or treated me well (mainly white women and black women) while ignoring most other kinds of women. If you were outside of the demographics that have treated me well, prove yourself to me or else you are getting the cold shoulder from the get go. I will game your white friend hard in front of you Maria and ignore you the whole fucking time.
As radical as it sounded, I wrote about it because it worked.
A summer ago, I ended up pounding this hot Italian chick raw, met her at a rooftop in Manhattan and she was here for the summer from Italy. For those of you who do not know, Italians are some of the most racist people in the world, just live around some on the east coast and you will find out fast. I was initially cold to her and when she was rude to me, I stood my ground instead of being the old white knight me. A couple weeks later I was hitting it raw.
One Latina tried to stand me up, I was not having it. Told her welcome to the real world, we are not your parents. A month later, I was fucking her taller and hotter friend. The friend tried to lock me down but I turned her down, only to use her for sex. My thoughts are I had to show how alpha I was for her to fuck me while a white girl would not have had the same biases against my brownass, you're only good for sex chick.
If she comes from a culture where most women of her culture are white worshipers that treat men like us as second class citizen, she is going to have to work her ass off to prove herself to me first because I will be gaming her white friends. No worries though, I'll get my exotic fill through seeing escorts in the future and other avenues but she is not getting my best from her.
I've written a novel, maybe this needs a part 2, but for now this is enough.
Some of you will fucking hate this, some of you will like it, and one or two of you might have a changed life because of it. I no longer write to make fans, I write to get it out. I no longer write to agree, I write to just say it for what it is. This is something that had to be said because I am exhausted in an emotional and mental way, it has been too much for me in recent years.
submitted by Subutai_wrecks_you to AsianMasculinity [link] [comments]

2020.08.29 18:16 IdolA29Augl G-ay Interr-acial Da-ting

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2020.08.22 17:12 autobuzzfeedbot 15 Incredibly Nostalgic Things That Happened This Week In Pop Culture History

  1. First, nine years ago, on Aug. 19, Little Mix was formed on The X Factor UK.
  2. Fourteen years ago, on Aug. 20, the Jonas Brothers were rocking the Teen Choice Awards red carpet.
  3. Seven years ago, Simon Cowell and Harry Styles were chilling at the after party for the One Direction: This Is Us premiere.
  4. Thirteen years ago, on Aug. 14, High School Musical 2 had its world premiere at Disneyland.
  5. Twelve years ago, on Aug. 19, Lady Gaga released her debut album The Fame.
  6. Four years ago, on Aug. 20, Frank Ocean released his album Blonde.
  7. Two years ago, on Aug. 17, Ariana Grande released her album Sweetener.
  8. Five years ago, on Aug. 21, Banksy opened the doors to Dismaland.
  9. One year ago, on Aug. 20, everyone was freaking out at the prospect of Spider-Man leaving the MCU.
  10. Ten years ago, on Aug. 19, Taylor Momsen made headlines for calling Rihanna a "rock wannabe" and "really annoying."
  11. Nine years ago, on Aug.. 18, Danny DeVito got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  12. Twelve years ago, on Aug. 17, Eva Longoria hosted the American Latino Media Arts Awards.
  13. Twelve years ago, on Aug. 20, Emma Stone was looking gorgeous at the House Bunny premiere.
  14. Nine years ago, we were partying to LMFAO, Katy Perry, and Nicki Minaj as they topped the Billboard Hot 100.
  15. And finally, also nine years ago, on Aug. 17, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were smooching at the Kardashian Kollection launch party.
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2020.08.20 20:56 Meda20Augl How Do Ma-les Get Into Po-rn Fo-r

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2020.08.13 12:47 Glum-Fortune1342 Rebooking every WWE PPV part 27

Judgement day 2001
Light heavyweight championship Scotty 2 hotty def grandmaster sexay (c) (16:05)
Hardcore championship Rhyno (c) def test (9:13)
2-fall triple threat for intercontinental & European championships Triple H vs Chris Benoit (European championship) vs Chris Jericho (intercontinental championship) (20:45)- Jericho retains the intercontinental championship after a walls of Jericho on Benoit. Trips pins Jericho to win the European championship. Vince is now on a power trip to destroy anything WCW-related and is using trips as his assassin to take out ex-WCW guys.
Kurt angle def rikishi (10:02)
Tag team championships Hardy boys def edge & Christian (c) (13:59)
Women’s championship Lita def Chyna (c) )11:03)- after the match Lita & the Hardy’s celebrate
Undertaker def Eddie Guerrero (18:45)- after backlash taker is furious. Latino heat mouths off to him at the wrong time.
WWE championship Steve Austin (c) def Kane (21:10)- Kane was suspended for a month after wrestlemania for chokeslamming the ref. He returns on the raw after backlash. He wants to finish what his brother started. Austin wants to whoop Kane’s arse.
King of the ring 2001
Semi-finals Edge def Christian (15:50)
Kurt angle def Chris Benoit (14:04)
European championship Big show def triple H (c)- vince tasks HHH with taking out the biggest ex-WCW guy. Trips obliges on condition that if he wins he gets the next shot at Austin instead of the king of the ring winner. (12:17)
Jerry Lynn def crash holly (10:08)
Intercontinental championship Chris Jericho (c) def rhyno (12:34)
Light heavyweight championship Scotty 2 hotty (c) def spike Dudley W/ Dudley boys (11:10)
Tag team championships Hardy boys (c) w/Lita def APA (11:55)
King of the ring final Edge def Kurt angle (10:21)
Triple threat for WWE championship Steve Austin (c) def undertaker vs Kane (21:03)- both brothers are now furious for not beating Austin. Taker doesn’t think Kane has it anymore after judgement day. Kane is worried taker is becoming consumed by greed. Austin doesn’t care about their brotherly tiff and just wants to remain champ.
Fully loaded 2001
Light-heavyweight championship Jerry Lynn def Scotty 2 Hotty (14:45)
Intercontinental championship Christian def Chris Jericho (c) (13:17)
Rob van dam def hardcore holly (8:53)- van dam’s WWE debut
Hardcore championship Justin credible def rhyno (c) (9:35)- credible & rhyno have been trading the title since judgement day.
Undertaker vs Kane (19:46)- Kane is worried that taker is becoming unstable. Taker tells him to kiss his arse. He’s “not gonna take advice from his brother who’s lost his killer instinct”. Taker is almost fully heel now. The match ends in a double countout when the two are brawling on the ramp
WWE championship Steve Austin (c) def edge (24:22)- Austin just dismisses edge in the buildup saying he’s just a tag wrestler out of his depth. Using his cockiness against him, edge almost wins but is distracted by an interfering Christian, which allows Austin to hit the stunner for the win.
Summerslam 2001
Intercontinental championship Christian (c) def edge (15:32)- christian has his feet on the ropes
Triple H def Chris Jericho (17:02)- after king of the ring Vince is furious with trips. He says he’ll give him one more chance. If he loses no more opportunities. Jericho starts running his mouth to HHH saying he used to be a WCW guy himself.
Six-pack challenge for hardcore championship Raven def tazz vs Perry Saturn vs rhyno vs test vs Perry Saturn vs Justin credible (c) (11:10)
Rob van dam def Kurt angle (14:15)- angle thinks a stoner like van dam has no place in the WWE. Van dam says his lifestyle doesn’t matter, he can still kick arse.
Tag team championships Hardy boys (c) def Dudley boys (13:56)
European championship Chris Benoit def big show (c) (12:11)
No holds barred match Kane def undertaker (18:59)- the two continue to brawl in the buildup, forcing commissioner regal to make this match
Women’s championship Lita (c) def Trish stratus (11:09)
WWE championship The rock vs Steve Austin (c) (26:44)- no contest. Rock returns from Hollywood the night after fully loaded and wants his rematch. Austin accepts because he wants to beat the rock again. The match is ruled a no contest when Hogan, Hall & Nash interfere via the barricade and lay both men & the referee out. The show ends with the NWO standing tall.
And that’s it for part 27. Come back tomorrow for part 28 which will cover invasion to... starrcade and see what dream matches the invasion cooks up in this timeline. Thanks for reading.
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2020.08.05 23:24 6Auugbarium Epic Po-rn Mo-vies

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2020.08.02 23:30 jesaes100 Los Netflix gratuitos del 2020 para ver pelis

La forma en que estas páginas logran ingresos es por medio de la publicidad, así que tienes que tener en cuenta que una desventaja de estos servicios es que verás comerciales, a diferencia de otros servicios de streaming donde no sucede esto. Estas son las alternativas a Netflix que puedes empezar a ver desde ya.
Si buscas la mejor aplicación para ver series y películas en alta calidad y sin trabajarse, esta es la mejor opción:
Pluto TV Es una página que funciona con una programación muy parecida a la televisión, es decir, tendrás que estar atento a los horarios en los que pasan los contenidos. Para su plataforma de México cuenta con 24 canales. La gran desventaja de los servicios como Pluto TV es que no puedes ver contenido cuando desees o adelantar y repetir lo que estás viendo.
Classic Cinema Online Para los que prefieren cine clásico, como los primeros éxitos de Hollywood o Disney, esta es su gran opción. Sabemos que hay muchas gente allá afuera que le encanta volver a ver las películas antiguas y los grandes clásicos, así que seguro se convertirá en una de sus páginas favoritas.
FilmIn Latino Un catálogo muy extenso de películas de América Latina, muchas de ellas son gratis y solo necesitas darte de alta con una cuenta de Facebook o bien crear una en su página. FilmIn Latino no solo se basa en películas, sino que su contenido se extiende a documentales y series de esta región del planeta.
Plex Una plataforma que va más allá del simple servicio de streaming, Plex te permite organizar todo tu contenido, por ejemplo, si tienes películas guardadas en tu computadora, las puedes subir a este servicio y clasificarlas por género y categorías. Recientemente, esta plataforma anunció una ampliación de catálogo totalmente gratis para todos los usuarios.
Open Culture Una gran página, sobre todo para los que gustan de las opciones de cultura. Aquí no solo encontrarás contenido casi exclusivo o que difícilmente se puede encontrar n la web, sino que también hay audios y libros. La gran desventaja de Open Cultura es que su interfaz no es amigable y es muy simple, sin embargo, la calidad es de primera.
submitted by jesaes100 to espanol [link] [comments]

2020.08.02 00:12 Delinathebooker And Your New WWE Champion: Alex Riley

(Note: Seeing the overwhelmingly positive reception from when I rebooked King Sheamus. I decided I'd continue with pulling the trigger on Alex Riley. Your new WWE Champion)
Part One/King Sheamus/King Sheamus Rebooked:
King Sheamus
•The Miz & Alex Riley (formerly known as the Awesome Onez!) wore King Sheamus down throughout The Miz's match with at SummerSlam but to no avail.
•The Miz sets up a challenge that Sheamus accepts unknowing its Alex Riley.
•Alex Riley fails at his 1 on 1 attempt against Sheamus only for a vicious post match assault allowing him to cash in his Money In The Bank Contract.
•Alex Riley beats The Miz by submission in a 1-on-1 match the next day on Raw and then later goes to assault The Miz and Michael Cole proclaiming that The Awesome Onez are over and thereby disbanding The Faction.
8/25/2011 Raw
Alex Riley opens Raw
"Factions suck. That whiny emo CM Punk who probably won't resign a contract had two failed factions: The Straight Edge Society and New Nexus. The Original Nexus couldn't even take care of a DDT struck John Cena. The Corre over on Smackdown is nothing but a flop. Nobody likes their theme song or owns their merchandise. The DX Reunions keep getting more and more pathetic with cornier and sillier Dad jokes. The Awesome Onez! is the pinnacle of factions that suck. The Miz is from Ohio! and he's claiming to reside somewhere awesome like Hollywood. And Michael Cole thinks he's hot because he beat an old Man at WrestleMania. I got here to WWE Championship on my own. At WrestleMania without the Miz or Cole's help I outlasted 15 competitors and unhooked the briefcase. I overcame all odds! I especially rose above the hate of John Cena! My opponent for Night of Champions!"
The Miz charges down and hits a double leg takedown on Alex Riley.
Alex Riley says he'll make an example out of the Miz.
8/25/2011 Raw: Alex Riley (c) (WWE Championship) def. The Miz
Notable Moments:
This is like Kevin Owen's squash match over Sami Zayn on the Raw after Fastlane 2017.
Alex Riley not being satisfied with just the Miz asks Vickie Guerrero for a new opponent in the main event.
8/25/2011 Raw: Alex Riley (c) (WWE Championship) def. Big Show by countout
Notable Moments:
•The Big Show throwing Alex Riley onto the announcers table.
•Alex Riley locking The Big Show in a triangle armbar.
•The Big Show hitting a moonsault on Alex Riley.
•Alex Riley's and Big Show's repeated no-selling.
•Alex Riley hitting Big Show with a DDT on the WWE Championship.
•Alex Riley actually frustrated by the countout finish.
Big Show is a face.
9/1/2011 Raw
Alex Riley demands a no countout rematch with Big Show.
9/1/2011 Raw Big Show def. Alex Riley (c) (WWE Championship)
Notable Moments:
•David and Goliath references on commentary.
•Alex Riley becoming desperate and rage filled as Big Show keeps getting up from all of his offense.
•Senton KO Punch Combo ending the match.
This is a non title match
9/8/2011 Raw
Alex Riley calls upon the assistance of the Intercontinental Champion: Cody Rhodes as they offer Big Show a 2-on-1 handicap match.
Big Show comes down and accepts under the condition he get a title match.
Cody offers to put his title on the line but Big Show shows no interest there.
Alex Riley calls Big Show a bitch right before a staredown in which Cody rolls out of the ring.
Alex Riley follows behind.
The Miz comes out and offers it be a tag team match and Sho-Miz reform to which Big Show gladly accepts before calling Alex Riley and Cody bitches.
Alex Riley says if Big Show pins him in this tag match he'll get a no. 1 contender match not a title match.
9/8/2011 Raw: Sho-Miz def. Alex Riley and Cody Rhodes to get the Big Show a No. 1 Contender Match
Notable Moments:
•The Miz and Cody Rhodes realising how they're so much alike in aesthetics and moveset.
•Big Show follows through and pins Alex Riley.
9/15/2011 Raw
Alex Riley opens up Raw:
"Vickie Guerrero, I want to talk to you in this ring about something important you and the fans will love to hear about. Please come down right now."
Vickie Guerrero comes down and asks what it is.
Alex Riley responds with an Elimination Chamber to determine the true No. 1 Contender and asks to be special guest referee.
Alex Riley lists the Elimination Chamber Match participants:
•Randy Orton •Daniel Bryan •Cody Rhodes •Big Show •John Cena •Rey Mysterio
Vickie Guerrero says this is all fine as long as Big Show and John Cena approve.
9/15/2011 Raw: Wade Barrett def. CM Punk
Big Show and John Cena show up to approve.
9/15/2011 Raw: Elimination Chamber Match: Big Show wins after last eliminating Daniel Bryan
•John Cena from Rey Mysterio by TKO.
•Randy Orton from Big Show by pinfall.
•Rey Mysterio from Big Show by pinfall.
•Cody Rhodes from Daniel Bryan by submission.
•Daniel Bryan from Big Show by pinfall.
Notable Moments:
•Alex Riley eliminating John Cena with a TKO eventhough he knew John Cena was still able to perform.
•Randy Orton hitting RKOs on Rey Mysterio, Daniel Bryan, and Cody Rhodes.
•Randy Orton attempting an RKO on the Big Show.
•Randy Orton's quick elimination from a KO Punch out of nowhere.
•Daniel Bryan recovering to hit the running knee on Cody Rhodes and lock in the labell lock.
•Big Show picking up Rey Mysterio and throwing him around for minutes before a pin.
•Alex Riley attempting a fast count on the Big Show and Daniel Bryan.
•Alex Riley repeatedly refusing to count Cody Rhodes' submission and trying to provoke Daniel Bryan.
•Cody Rhodes submission being counted only after he convinces an outside official to open the chamber door and after he announces to the GM he forfeits from the match.
•Cody Rhodes running back in to cost Big Show the match but instead costing Daniel Bryan the match when he accidentally causes a ref bump on Alex Riley.
•Big Show making Cody Rhodes count the pin.
9/22/2011 Raw
John Cena opens up Raw
"That elimination chamber match was complete and total bullcrap! He wanted to eliminate me early so he created the whole damn TKO excuse. You all knew I was well and healthy. When I went backstage. They said I was medically cleared to compete. But the widower who disgraces the late, great Latino Heat wouldn't let me re-enter or reverse the decision. Don't even get me started on what it took to get Cody eliminated and the amount of fast counts. Big Show or Alex Riley whichever one of you walks out as champion. I'll accept Big Show as No. 1 Contender. Since Alex Riley only did create the impromptu Elimination Chamber to make sure Big Show didn't walk out as No. 1 Contender. It's not my feud. Show and Riley know I'll be chasing my 10th World Championship reign at Night of Champions. Good luck."
9/22/2011 Raw: Alberto Del Rio def. Dolph Ziggler (c) (United States Championship)
9/22/2011 Raw: Christian def. Sin Cara
9/22/2011 Raw: The Bella's def. Laycool
Alex Riley steps in the ring
"John Cena opened the show admitting he's fine not being No. 1 Contender. Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton were eliminated by the Big Show. Cody was never pinned or submitted and Daniel Bryan never want back in spite Cody repeatedly pinning him. Cody like a courageous hero making the difficult decisions and bold moves stormed back into that Elimination Chamber and told Big Show no. To do his job and stop bullying me; the referee; the official. However Cody, not acting boldly counted Big Show's inauthentic pin. Cody isn't an official or referee. So I must waive your decision of Big Show being that Elimination Chamber winner and declare you the number one contender. It's my job as champion to knock you off and retain my reign and legacy. That's why in my first official title defense. It's going to be a handicap match where you're with the poser that submitted you."
9/22/2011 Raw: Alex Riley (c) (WWE Championship) def. Cody Rhodes (c) (Intercontinental Championship) and Daniel Bryan in a 2-on-1 handicap elimination match
Notable Moments:
•Alex Riley reversing potential labell locks into a back bodydrops.
•Cody Rhodes hesitance to fight Alex Riley costing him the match.
•Daniel Bryan's pure technical wrestling skills being outmatched by Alex Riley's aggressive and aerial offense.
Crank It Up (Big Show's theme song) plays and Alex Riley charges to the entrance ramp for a fight.
9/22/2011 Raw: Big Show def. Alex Riley (c) (WWE Championship) in a Last Man Standing match to receive a WWE Championship match
Notable Moments:
•Alex Riley telling the referee _"this is Last Man Standing""
*Big Show launching Alex Riley off the Night of Champions sign.
•Alex Riley punching Big Show in the balls.
•Big Show reversing DDTs on Steel Chairs into facebusters.
•Alex Riley busting Big Show's head open with his money in the bank briefcase.
•Big Show and Alex Riley covered in blood.
•Double countout tease.
Vickie Guerrero reveals
"The stipulation laid out in the 9/8/2011 Raw's tag team match: the main event of 9/8/2011 Raw was the next 1-on-1 match between Big Show and Alex Riley be a No. 1 contender match and not a title match."
9/29/2011 Raw
9/29/2011 Raw: Tamina def. Natalya in a 2 out 3 Falls Match
9/29/2011 Raw: Daniel Bryan def. Ricardo Rodriguez
9/29/2011 Raw: The Miz and R-Truth form The Awesome Truth
9/29/2011 Raw: Cody Rhodes comes down to announce that the Big Show is unable to compete and Randy Orton will be Alex Riley's new opponent this Raw
9/29/2011 Raw: Alex Riley (c) (WWE Championship) def. Randy Orton
•Lock Up
•Minutes of Chain Wrestling with Randy Orton winning
•Off the top rope RKO Pinfall Combo Kickout
•Frogsplash Finish.
Night of Champions 2011: John Cena def. Alex Riley (c) (WWE Championship) by disqualification
Notable Moments:
•Alex Riley mocking John Cena's taunts again
•Alex Riley berating John Cena.
•Alex Riley getting disqualified after not listening to the referees count when slamming John Cena into turnbuckles.
Big Show comes out and KO Punches Alex Riley.
The Awesome Truth invading the ring attacking everyone stealing the WWE Championship .
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2020.07.30 18:42 jesaes100 Alternativas a Netflix legales y gratuitas 2020

La forma en que estas páginas logran ingresos es por medio de la publicidad, así que tienes que tener en cuenta que una desventaja de estos servicios es que verás comerciales, a diferencia de otros servicios de streaming donde no sucede esto. Estas son las alternativas a Netflix que puedes empezar a ver desde ya.
Si buscas la mejor aplicación para ver series y películas en alta calidad y sin trabajarse, esta es la mejor opción:
Pluto TV Es una página que funciona con una programación muy parecida a la televisión, es decir, tendrás que estar atento a los horarios en los que pasan los contenidos. Para su plataforma de México cuenta con 24 canales. La gran desventaja de los servicios como
Pluto TV es que no puedes ver contenido cuando desees o adelantar y repetir lo que estás viendo.
Classic Cinema Online Para los que prefieren cine clásico, como los primeros éxitos de
Hollywood o Disney, esta es su gran opción. Sabemos que hay muchas gente allá afuera que le encanta volver a ver las películas antiguas y los grandes clásicos, así que seguro se convertirá en una de sus páginas favoritas.
FilmIn Latino Un catálogo muy extenso de películas de América Latina, muchas de ellas son gratis y solo necesitas darte de alta con una cuenta de Facebook o bien crear una en su página.
FilmIn Latino no solo se basa en películas, sino que su contenido se extiende a documentales y series de esta región del planeta.
Plex Una plataforma que va más allá del simple servicio de streaming, Plex te permite organizar todo tu contenido, por ejemplo, si tienes películas guardadas en tu computadora, las puedes subir a este servicio y clasificarlas por género y categorías. Recientemente, esta plataforma anunció una ampliación de catálogo totalmente gratis para todos los usuarios.
Open Culture Una gran página, sobre todo para los que gustan de las opciones de cultura. Aquí no solo encontrarás contenido casi exclusivo o que difícilmente se puede encontrar n la web, sino que también hay audios y libros. La gran desventaja de Open Cultura es que su interfaz no es amigable y es muy simple, sin embargo, la calidad es de primera.
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2020.07.18 21:48 jesaes100 5 alternativas a Netflix que puedes disfrutar GRATIS

La forma en que estas páginas logran ingresos es por medio de la publicidad, así que tienes que tener en cuenta que una desventaja de estos servicios es que verás comerciales, a diferencia de otros servicios de streaming donde no sucede esto. Estas son las alternativas a Netflix que puedes empezar a ver desde ya.
Si buscas la mejor aplicación para ver series y películas en alta calidad y sin trabajarse, esta es la mejor opción:

Pluto TV Es una página que funciona con una programación muy parecida a la televisión, es decir, tendrás que estar atento a los horarios en los que pasan los contenidos. Para su plataforma de México cuenta con 24 canales. La gran desventaja de los servicios como Pluto TV es que no puedes ver contenido cuando desees o adelantar y repetir lo que estás viendo.
Classic Cinema Online Para los que prefieren cine clásico, como los primeros éxitos de Hollywood o Disney, esta es su gran opción. Sabemos que hay muchas gente allá afuera que le encanta volver a ver las películas antiguas y los grandes clásicos, así que seguro se convertirá en una de sus páginas favoritas.
FilmIn Latino Un catálogo muy extenso de películas de América Latina, muchas de ellas son gratis y solo necesitas darte de alta con una cuenta de Facebook o bien crear una en su página. FilmIn Latino no solo se basa en películas, sino que su contenido se extiende a documentales y series de esta región del planeta.
Plex Una plataforma que va más allá del simple servicio de streaming, Plex te permite organizar todo tu contenido, por ejemplo, si tienes películas guardadas en tu computadora, las puedes subir a este servicio y clasificarlas por género y categorías. Recientemente, esta plataforma anunció una ampliación de catálogo totalmente gratis para todos los usuarios.
Open Culture Una gran página, sobre todo para los que gustan de las opciones de cultura. Aquí no solo encontrarás contenido casi exclusivo o que difícilmente se puede encontrar n la web, sino que también hay audios y libros. La gran desventaja de Open Cultura es que su interfaz no es amigable y es muy simple, sin embargo, la calidad es de primera.
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Joaquin Castro: Latinos Love Hollywood, but Hollywood ...