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For all stuff fluff.

2013.05.06 01:37 Zaydene Sims4

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2010.02.08 18:26 roger_ Woo-hoo! The Simpsons on Reddit!

Simpsons TV Show. The /TheSimpsons subreddit is fan base of redditors who love The Simpsons. The Simpsons is an American animated sitcom created by Matt Groening for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The show is set in the fictional town of Springfield and parodies American culture, society and television.

2020.09.27 18:42 CallMeXan Flashback to that time I babysat for free without knowing it.

I had some neighbors who I used to babysit for a while back. I was maybe 13-14. Well, one particular night they were going to go do some temple stuff. The called me and asked me to babysit. I was down, they paid well enough and they were nice. I liked them a lot more before this incident.
Anywho. The babysitting lasts quite a bit longer than what was expected. When they finally get home, I tell the mom my hours because she looks at me like she's expecting me to leave and I haven't gotten paid yet. I wasn't very blunt, back then. She's like, "Oh, well you said you'd babysit while we were at the temple, which makes it service." Then she gave me a month old ziploc bag of caramel popcorn and told me to have a good night. I was in so much shock I didn't do anything about it and just went home. I didn't babysit again after that, always had an excuse when she'd call.
Like, bitch.
Ah, TBM memories.
Is that even a real thing? Anything you do for someone while they do temple work is a service? Idk, it was pretty bizarre, but the only time I've ever heard that B.S.
submitted by CallMeXan to exmormon [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 16:55 Seantast1c [WTS] I've Been Naughty, Help me Get Back on the Nice List - 16" Lightweight 5.56 Complete Upper w/ BCM Barrel, BCG, & CH (MN)

I'm back from the dumb, let me impart on you the knowledge I gleaned from my time on the other side: the 24hr repost rule is a HARD 24hrs. I got popped for 21hrs apart, and rightfully so, as it is in the rules clear as day and there have evidently been PSAs about it in the past. So if you're like me and didn't know, now you do know, be good brethren!
Anywho, on to the upper! This thing is just leaving a poor taste in my mouth after I was banished to the shadow realm because of it, thus the big price drop so I can give it a good home asap before I move into my new home (side note - breaking lease sucks big, 0/10).
Frodo's Hairy Toes
Are there lighter uppers? Probably. Do they cost more? By a lot. This gets you everything you need with nothing you don't, perfect for dipping your (hobbit) toes into the lightweight world. She weighs in at 3lb 14.3oz with bcg and CH included, pretty neat eh?

Asking $430 OBO for the works

As usual I take PayPal, buyer covers G&S if they so wish. First hard dibs in the comments gets it, message me (no chats) to follow up. I ship fast! It'll be on its way to you within 24 hours of purchase.

Trades you could convince me to drop the price tag for

Thanks for looking, gents!
submitted by Seantast1c to GunAccessoriesForSale [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 16:36 bonediggler69 Who’s starting Golladay today?

I have him in but am thinking the Lions are 0-2 and need him back and are forcing him in a week early. If not he might be rusty, but he might come in kick ass. Anywho...
Dionte vs HOU, Edelman vs LV or Golladay vs ARI?
submitted by bonediggler69 to fantasyfootballadvice [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 13:57 DeluxeMammoth 27 M looking for hopefully meaningful friendships

I work a lot and have two children and I take care of my children by myself so I don't have a lot of time to go out and make friends. I'm going through a breakup too I lost a lot of the friends I did have during the course of my last relationship. Anywho, I'm into gaming play on ps4 and my pc. I love music have a varied music taste from hip-hop to country to rock and everything in between. I have a very deadpan sense of humor anyways yeah trying to relearn how to make friends all over again.
submitted by DeluxeMammoth to friendship [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 12:37 theboredboard1349 27 [M4F] early morning chats

I’m noticing a trend of me waking up early and I don’t care for it one bit.
Anywho would love someone to talk to.
Things I enjoy: video games, cold weather, classic rock, history, swimming, dogs, sushi, used bookstores, butts, sci fi, The Office and plenty more.
Single ladies strongly preferred and the closer time zone wise the better, but any are welcome! EST time zone.
If that interests you then send me a message with your age and Kik and we can go from there!
submitted by theboredboard1349 to Kikpals [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 11:57 scenekingdamien Bridge piercing and Snake bite questions

Hey y’all, I am currently saving up to get some more face piercings but due to covid i think snake bites may take a bit.
Anywho, was wondering what people’s healing experiences were like with these two piercings? And the pain level while getting them? Also how bad are the holes if you decide to stop wearin em?
Thanks a bunch!
submitted by scenekingdamien to piercing [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 08:50 MellJustMell420 Seeing offers on my new Halloween halo

I’m just seeing offers so don’t be upset if I say nty also if I say I’ll think about please let me take my time cause I ask my friends to see if it’s actually worth it cause me no know very good offers- anywho have fun!
submitted by MellJustMell420 to RoyaleHigh_Trading [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 08:37 Rosy_Spex Very new to video editing altogether, pretty sure I just broke proxies while trying to fix them.

Exactly what the title says, now let me explain what I think I did. In the menu (Project>Project Settings>Proxies>Manage Encoding Profiles) I'm pretty sure I somehow managed to accidentally delete all the profiles without realizing what I was doing at the time.
I was trying to start editing on a project I've been working on outside of editing and heard about proxies and how they can significantly improve your experience while actually editing larger than normal video files. So I tried to start using them, only to figure out that they didn't work on certain video files I was using. I'm now thinking it was because those files were MTS files.
Anywho, now that I think I know what I actually need to do to actually get proxies working, all the Encoding profiles are gone. And now here I am today, remembering what I did without realizing it at the time. I am not very smart.
Is there any way to find all those encoding profiles that I deleted like an airhead? Are there any encoding profiles others could recommend me? Any tips for editing larger video files? Any recommendations for effects?
I'm using Kdenlive version 20.04.3 on Fedora 31. Installed with DNF
Update edit: I was trying to implement the Encoding Profile in this post, but when I tried to generate a proxy, it fails and I get this error message:
[NULL @ 0x55d1c0db7f80] Unable to find a suitable output format for '~/.cache/kdenlive/proxy/d82406d3c38e6b24d57059bef2a746b1.'
~/.cache/kdenlive/proxy/d82406d3c38e6b24d57059bef2a746b1.: Invalid argument
submitted by Rosy_Spex to kdenlive [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 07:58 Book-Dragoness {Meta} (Sorry if this breaks a rule, I'll delete it if it does, I'm tired and a bit loopy, but anywho ^^) ALL Y'ALL ARE AMAZING! Oh my gosh, everyone here is so nice, and encouraging, and just thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. <3

{Meta} (Sorry if this breaks a rule, I'll delete it if it does, I'm tired and a bit loopy, but anywho ^^) ALL Y'ALL ARE AMAZING! Oh my gosh, everyone here is so nice, and encouraging, and just thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. <3 submitted by Book-Dragoness to WingsOfFire [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 06:18 Asnjohns54 Do I feed it?

Got a nerite snail for my betta (as a friend). Anywho what do I feed it?
Didnt think that far in advance until I got home and realized snails gotta eat!
Any advice will be helpful.
submitted by Asnjohns54 to AquaticSnails [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 06:10 TransitionSalt561 Asta La Vistad for both Valid/Invalid reason. Need advice.

So, I was hired three weeks ago to work for Amazon as a part time worker only on the weekends. I worked a total of twenty hours as a stower, and it was perfect for me because it allowed me to use Mon-Fri to work on other things.
I ,and some others, were auto terminated because we worked under twenty hours. No warnings. No write ups. Gone like that. Absolutely brutal. On some level, I understand why Amazon handles things like this, but I guess that's neither here nor there.
Anyways, I think the main reason I worked under twenty hours is because I, and the ten other people that also got shellacked, clocked out fifteen minutes early. We were basically told , fifteen minutes before our shift ended, " I don't have anything else for you." To be fair, we weren't instructed to clock out either, but I think it's a reasonable thing to do.
Also, if you're wondering why we were still in training three weeks later it's because 1) it's a weekend shift and 2) some natural disaster that's been in the news recently reset our training stage. It's difficult to explain, but that's the gist of it.
Anywho, this morning the HR rep seemed sympathetic, and said they'd send an email by the end of the day. The email I received was that I "voluntarily resigned". Again, this is probably a whole lot better than getting fired, but I'd like to have the job back.
Is it possible to appeal this decision? Can I reapply? Do I need to wait to reapply? Have any of you been in this situation, and how did you resolve it?
New employee. Got fired because I clocked out early which resulted in working less than twenty hours. Clocked out early mainly because I was told there was no work available since I was in training. Did not know Amazon had such strict policies otherwise would have sat in chair. Can I appeal or reapply?
submitted by TransitionSalt561 to AmazonFC [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 05:43 Morepinkpleasethx I (22F) think my husband (23M) resents me for not “putting-out” when he’s ready.

We have been married for 2 months and have been together for 3 years. Since we’ve been married and moved-our of our parents house, things have been very stressful for me. My plans have been completely changed and I feel like I’m drowning financially. So to try and fix all these financial hardships, I have 2 jobs. I work at a high school as a pre-certified interpreter and then after that I go to work at Starbucks. On average, I work about 13-16 hours a day. He, on the other hand, has a PT job and cuts hair every other day. Most days he’s home or hanging out with his friends after work.
All that to say, I’m extremely exhausted (mentally and physically) very time I come home around 10:00 everyday. My days start at 6:00am and end around 10:00pm. When I get home, he’s playing the game, cooking, or out with his friends. When he’s home he expects sex every time we’re there together and everyday/ night. We have our fun...a lot. Even sometimes in the morning before I go to my first job. But lately he’s been saying I don’t give him enough attention. Come to find out the “attention” he’s talking about is sex.
Most times I’m super into it or work myself up to BE into it even when my insecurities pop up. I always let him know when I have down days and when I don’t feel beautiful, and with 2 jobs, those thoughts always come up because I’m around high school students who look 25 with amazing physique and who have their whole life ahead of them. Whereas I’m sitting over here feeling like a busted can of raw biscuits struggling to get bills paid. Not the best feeling to have every single day.
Anywho, I guess I just feel like the only time we can be amicable is when we’ve had sex and I don’t want to feel like that. His reasoning is “we’re newly weds! We should be having a lot more sex than what we currently do!” And my rebuttal is “well we don’t have tons of free time because I’m always working”.
Am I supposed to put-out even when I don’t feel like it? Am I broken for my libido not being high and I’m only 22? Am I doing something wrong??
I don’t know how to feel about any of this. Right now, I feel like I’m asking for too much and am being selfish with my body since we’re married and sex is a given.
I hope I made sense. I feel like I’m all over the place. Please help me sort out my thoughts and feelings!
submitted by Morepinkpleasethx to relationship_advice [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 05:15 Qoshiin Conure Biting when Itry to get him off my shoulder.

Hello! I got my little parrot back in June and he is now roughly 8 months old. Ive taught him to step up and step down, and fly(?) To me (his wings were clipped an haven't grown back, it's more of a hop). Anywho, whenever I get him on my arm he immediately goes up my shoulder, sometimes he might vibe on my desk and chew on my mouse (trying to figure out a solution for that) but otherwise he likes my shoulder. The problem is whenever I try to make him step down or get off he bites me really hard, he's tame and doesn't usually bite ever unless I like poke him or move him when he doesn't like it, but trying to get him off my shoulder is just terrible. Another really annoying thing he does it nibble on my neck and gives me really small pinches which sometimes hurt. My solution has been to give him a short time out in his cage whenever he bites me, but getting him off my shoulder already takes 4 minutes and numerous really painful bites. What should I do? Also, I'm unsure honestly of where to go from here with him? Like he's tame and we vibe well for the most part, but how do I go about training him? What should I train him to do now? I don't really care if he talks or does fun tricks, but is there anything important I need to teach him? I'm a noob bird owner so sorry if these questions are dumb <.<
submitted by Qoshiin to parrots [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 05:02 Cremida Emotions, who can read em

He y’all. I’m new here. Today I(26f) got in a i guess fight with my bf (29m). I think. We’ve been together for 4years total 3.5 yrs were long distance and we have been living together for 2 months.
So last night we went on a date in the first time in a while. It was nice to speed time outside of the space that we’ve been cooped up in. I’m a full time student and he’s unemployed cause covid. So yeah it was good to get time where we intentionally could pay attention to each other.
It waaaaas nice.
Today not so much. I’m normally an early bird. I’m aldehyde you before he is and today was the same. Bf (Anthony not real name) woke up at around noonish and he wanted to do a target run cause today was the last day of a sale. I said sure as soon as my tummy stops Rebelling against me. 3 hrs pass and I’m not feeling any better, I blame to drinks for the night before. (I don’t usually drink) anywho I hear the shower running and I notice it’s getting late so I tell him “you’d better go without me I’m not feeling better” he’s says “yeah I was planning on it” which came out like he was annoyed.
He comes back after a long while and says he wants to have some beers together. I say sure then I put on a movie I’ve been wanting to watch for a bit and he wants me to change it to something completely different. To which I say no. He wanted to see Scario, again. Then he spend the rest of the night in our room and me out in the living room.
I tried to talk to him to find out why he’s got a bee in his bonnet but he refused to say anything. I said that I thought the purpose of the store run was for the sale not as a nice walk together. He said I reminded him of trump... so I called it quits and here I am asking for advice for y’all.
What can I do?
submitted by Cremida to relationship_advice [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 02:58 dataDyne_Security After completing all of the hard Get Theres twice, I thought it might be helpful to others if I rank them from easiest to hardest

That way, if you want to gradually progress from the "easy" ones to pure hell, you can go in this order. Mileage may vary though. For instance, I've seen some people say that Roswell isn't hard, though my experience is COMPLETELY different! lol
This was honestly one of the most infuriating trophies I've ever gotten on PS4, and this is coming from someone that has the plat on Super Meat Boy. Point is, and I'm not one to brag, your skill level needs to be at a certain point before you attempt to do these. A few are easy, but many of them are going to push your skills to the absolute limit. I did them all a second time in order to make sure that my ranking was as accurate as possible, because I did improve a lot my first time through them, meaning that the easier early ones would have been ranked as harder because I wasn't prepared for the challenge.
Anywho, here is my ranking of the hard Get Theres from easiest to hardest, with tiers included. Of course, I'm expecting that you have your stats maxed out. If you don't, collect the rest of your skill points first:

--------------Not So Bad-------------
19: Chopper Drop: If you've done all the gaps before attempting the Get Theres, then you'd get this one automatically. It's technically three gaps, but only requires a single jump. It's the only hard Get There that I'd consider to be easy, even for newcomers.
18: Hangar: The only irritating part with this particular gap is getting onto the first floodlight. Once you do that, the rest is easy.
17: Warehouse: Same as above, but the irritating part is landing on the rail to complete the first gap, and the rest is easy.
16: Burnside: This one is about as routine as it gets. Do a lip trick, then manual over something, and finish with a grind gap. The grind gap can be a bit tough as it requires you to jump at an angle that most people aren't used to when grinding. Otherwise, it's a simple Get There.
15: Downhill Jam: I was watching a guide of this and getting so frustrated until I realized that you're actually allowed to jump while grinding up one side of the halfpipe. After that revelation, it was simple enough. Just do yourself a favor and set your speed to 4 or 5 before attempting this. You don't need max speed for any part of this Get There.
14: School: This is going to test your ability to make turns while in a manual, and will likely cause frustration if you do these levels in order as opposed to easiest to hardest due to the somewhat far distance that you have to travel while maintaining a combo, all while hitting a series of gaps. Don't worry though. Some Get Theres will get much longer.
13: Skate Park: This one is fairly routine, but requires some precision and an ability to keep your grind and manual meters balanced for a slightly extended period of time. The most annoying part for me was the box gap, but there are actually TWO different boxes that you can use for this. Either red box is fine. I find the one on the left easier, but I still had trouble getting that gap to trigger until I realized that you need to ollie before the ground flattens. Hopefully this will teach you something about good timing, because you'll need it for the rest. :)
12: Streets: This is an interesting Get There because none of the gaps are particularly difficult. The challenge comes from how much distance you have to cover, so be prepared for your balance to be tested again.
11: Marseille: There are many ways to do this, and I've seen most people grind and jump over the bench for that particular gap. Instead, I like to vert over it before going into a revert+manual and then doing the rest. I just find it easier to execute than the precise timing required to grind gap over the bench. Aside from that, you'll have to jump earlier than normal for the rail to rail gap, and maintaining enough speed to jump over the dumpser can be tricky as well.
10: Skatestreet: The competition parks are going to take a break from the list after this... for a little while anyway. There's not much to say about this that I haven't said about the other longer gaps already. None of the gaps themselves are particularly challenging, but your balance will be put to the test.
9: NY City: The snack stand to bench to rail combo gave me a lot of trouble when I put it in the middle of the Get There, so I ended up starting with that and then grinding along the right side of the street back to the park entrance gap before turning around and grinding down Joey's Statue.
8: Skate Heaven: In theory, this one isn't really all that bad. All you're doing is connecting a bunch of grind-ollie-grind gaps. The problem is that your balance meter becomes a lot harder to control after a period of time, and the timing of the jumps has to be nearly frame-perfect. You have to time your jumps accurately while also keeping an eye on the balance meter, and it's not easy to focus on both.
7: Downtown: I'm not really sure what to say here. The Get There itself really isn't that hard, but those damn taxis are going to piss you the hell off and likely be the cause of most of your failed attempts at this.
6: Philadelphia: This is another one where none of the gaps are particularly difficult, but it's just a very long Get There and both your manual and rail balance are going to be pushed nearly to the limit. I say nearly, because we have a couple more very long Get Theres coming up that do include difficult gaps.
5: Mall: This is point where you might be shocked by all the swear words leaving your lips. You'll have to manual a lot while also maintaining speed, and that stairway gap at the end is incredibly difficult to hit even if you do wallride down. The thing that sucks most about this is getting back to the starting position of the Get There if you mess up. On another note, I've heard of people actually starting with the stairs gap at the end of the level just to get that out of the way first, but that would also put more stress on your manual meter. Do what you feel is best.
4: Venice Beach: Let's face it. This game is great but not perfect, and that becomes apparent when this Get There starts with a glitchy gap that can often register as the wrong one. Basically, you have to boneless out of the ramp at the right angle and then grind. That's the easy part. The hard part is jumping back down and then trying to land an ollie at the start of the Touchdown gap before going into a manual all the way across. That doesn't sound too bad, but the gap isn't perfectly straight, and it's very difficult to keep tabs on both your skater AND the manual balance meter which will be moving very quickly by this point.
3: School 2: Here we are. This is where your manual and grind balance will be tested to their actual limits. There are a couple of ways to go about this (I prefer free skate and knocking the basketball hoop over), but there's just no good time to do the Opunsezmee Rail gap which is out of the way and an absolute pain in the ass to hit either early or late into the Get There. Like the Mall, going back to the start every time you mess up is probably going to be what pisses you off the most.
------------------Absolute Hell----------------
2: Roswell: I wasn't quite sure how to rank the top two, but I'll put Roswell in the second spot. The reason is that there's really only one truly frustrating gap, and it's at the very beginning. But IMO, that one frustrating gap is the hardest gap in the entire game. I have yet to find a truly consistent way to do it. I've been able to hit it by doing the invisible wall plant and acid drop, and also hit it by starting a few feet back from the quarter-pipe that you need to launch over. As hard as that part is, the rest isn't exactly easy. I screwed up at the end a handful of times by not having enough speed to cross the channel or losing my combo, and that's insanely frustrating because it means that you have to start over with the gap from hell. I've seen some people say this is easy, so there might be a more consistent way to do the high deck gap. Regardless, I think it's the hardest gap in the game.
1: Bullshitring: Annoying to get back to the start of the Get There? Check. Manual and grind balance being tested to extreme levels? Check. Having to make sharp turns while in a manual? Check. Multiple gaps that require almost frame-perfect precision? Check. A bull that can run you over and rub more salt in the wound when you're already pissed off over your most recent failed attempt? Check. This Get There takes everything challenging about the other ones on the list and combines them all into one hellish combo, and that makes it the hardest Get There in the game.
-Should go without saying, but try to end each manual and grind with the meter in the middle so that you don't have to remember where you left it. That's assuming you'll have to go into another grind or manual in the combo.
-This applies for regular gaps as well, but if you have to make a precision jump from a ramp or quarter-pipe, as long as you have max skater speed your really just need to position yourself 4-5 feet back, line your skater up with where you're trying to get to, and then hold X. I see so many people do a trick to gain momentum and it's so hard to reorient yourself after. Take the Bullring for example. That ramp to banana gap or whatever it's called... just go back a few feet, aim your skater, and then make the jump. You don't even have to boneless if you time it right.
-It may be a little time consuming, but for the harder Get Theres I highly recommend skipping some of the first gaps and practicing later ones individually so that you know what you're doing when you get there. For example, practice everything AFTER the high deck gap in Roswell so that you're not like me and choke after landing the gap and not being very familiar with what to do after.
-Don't be afraid to turn on mods just to practice the hard Get Theres. A lot of these are really going to test your skill level, and mods will give you the advantage of at least becoming familiar with the lines before your real attempts.
-One of the most frustrating things is when you have to be precise with manual and grind gaps, but also need to watch the balance meter. In those cases I personally try to dart my eyes between the meter and my skater as fast as possible, or just completely focus on one or the other and pray for the best. It's situational, and you'll have to find what works best for you. Fortunately, there are only a few hard Get Theres that require you to focus on both your position and meter.
-RELAX. If you're like me and most others, you've saved this trophy/achievement for last (other than the level 100 one). You're going through a rough time now, but soon you'll be done with it and can actually just sit back and ENJOY the game instead of being stressed out.
Anyway, that's all I can think of. Hopefully this helps someone out, and I'm also interested in seeing how everyone else feels about which Get Theres are the toughest. Also, feel free to share your own tips and/or experiences. Thanks for reading!
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2020.09.27 02:14 colby_pasta An outfit I thought about

Darlene Hair
You and I Lace Top
High Waisted Jean Skirt
I couldn’t find any shoes I thought that would look good with this sadly :/. Anywho check out cubersims on Patreon for feminine clothes. The style is quite soft and fresh in my opinion.
submitted by colby_pasta to MaxisMatchCC [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 02:05 suchyahp Zephyrus M15 question, silent setting

So i traded my G14 for the m15, had issues with the G14 2 seperate laptops, same issues.
anywho, the silent mode on the m15 turns everything down and its wonderful, however, after a few minutes of palying wow, all the sudden the framerate will fall from 150-180 down to the 30s and 40s. and stays there, then maybe a few minutes later, it might pop back up to 15-180.

Anyone know whats going on and how to fix this?

bios is updated and everything else is all updated, not sure whats happeneing?
submitted by suchyahp to ZephyrusG14 [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 00:45 marcoboii getting bit frustrated lol

I love pvp in ark but me and my buddy been trying to build and keep getting constantly wiped ( stone base sometimes metal) we been wiped mostly by aimbots and people using esp and reason how we know is because once i was flying a pteranodon going up and down and left and right trying to get away from this guy and this guy magically picked me up off mine with his pteranodon,,, another scene was a guy with a crossbow with good distance killed me and my buddy while we were running away (due to not having anything)... another scene is we built on the edge of the map just to try and not get wiped and somehow someone found our base and wiped it.. but anywho. we just want to do boss fights to unlock tek but cant due to our dinos and base constantly getting wiped, we dont care about the boss loots at the end but any tips or someone willing to help us with a tribe ? we play xboxofficial. we tried alot of things but just cant get anything done without dying from a mana or aimbot/esp ppl..
submitted by marcoboii to ARK [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 00:12 FirstBreath1 Not Fade Away, or, That One Small Town in America Where The People Are Dying to Leave

Life moves differently in the streets of a dying industrial town. It's the kind of thing you really need to experience first hand. Everything is a little bit darker. Everything is a little bit colder. Outside of the empty apartments, outside the locals who can’t afford to pay for them, and outside abject poverty evident inside every boarded up window on the block, there is something else buried here, a sinister secret, sitting right underneath the surface of cracked concrete and decaying infrastructure:
A reason for extinction.
There is no other way to tell this story than to start from the beginning. I’ll apologize for that in advance.
I left home at the tender age of eighteen. First for college, then for my first big paying job in the city. My mother didn’t like it very much. That’s actually an understatement. My mother made her thoughts on the subject very well known. We were a small family. My father passed when I was two. I never met my grandparents. I didn’t have any siblings, or cousins, or aunts, or uncles, and so we were alone in the world. Just me and her. And I left.
Truth be told, I always planned on leaving.
I guess I just got used to the feeling that we were big fish in a shrinking pond. Blanco used to be a great place. Back before the world knew the consequences of coal, back when we basically washed our feet with the shit, the money didn’t just trickle down to town, it came in like a waterfall. Kids wore designer clothes. Parents drove beamers, and Lexuses, and all the expensive shit you see even nowadays on TV. Lawns were maintained to a T. State funding reached record levels in the eighties, and people were living good, too good in some cases, as evidenced by the ensuing lawsuits.
Mom used to say the first shoe dropped in ‘91. Drugs. Then embezzlement. Then corruption, then corporate malfeasance, then a thousand other things of which I couldn’t be bothered to understand or learn the names. Such was the sinking of the ship. The last coal mine closed in ‘92. The Shopping Mall out on the highway shuttered in ‘96. The Mom and Pop shops couldn’t keep up with corporate competition, so most of these went with the millennium, and then the corporations sunk sometime after. The locals tried to make a comeback. But it wasn’t the same.
In Blanco, you’ll actually hear this a lot, it’s never as good as it used to be. So it goes.
I don’t know when the people first started to leave. I think of it now as more like a retreating wave than an avalanche. But by the time my class reached Senior year, there were six total students in my grade, and we had only one teacher. Most of the time we just went to her house for lessons.
My mom understood why I left for college. The opportunities weren’t exactly enticing. She didn’t like my choice - but she respected it - and yet I struggled with her reasons to stay. I asked her to come with me, somewhere, anywhere, half a hundred times, throughout my childhood and into adulthood. But her response would always be the same.
“That’s not homs. Home is the place you feel closest to the ones you love.”
And it took me a good chunk of my childhood to understand that line. My mom’s entire life was spent in Blanco. She was born there. She grew up there. She met my dad there, she married my dad there, she buried my dad there, she had me there, and she planned to die there, happy as a clam, rattling through her shitty one bedroom apartment, subsisting off delayed disability checks and stale bread for an eternity. That was the way she wanted it to be.
“Even the street signs make you feel closer to them.”
Mom used to say that she could see a bench, like the ones they keep in front of our only grocery store, and remember a decades old conversation with her Mom about getting married. She could see a park and remember where she learned how to ride a bike. My mother lived off these memories. They fed her well being. They got her through the struggles, sometimes, and it took me a while to realize she would never feel whole without them.
And so I left. And she stayed. And we lived happily ever after in this dynamic. After college, I moved two states away, and struggled through a burgeoning writing career. I struggled through a failed dating life. But no matter where my particularly pitiful struggles took me, I always kept a plan in place, to visit my mother the second Friday of every month, plus holidays, no exceptions. I stayed true to that promise for many years.
It was during one of these final visits when the first secret came to light.
We were in the kitchen at the time. Mom couldn’t let a soul sit at her table without pouring them a cup of tea. And so she was bustling back and forth, back and forth, muttering to herself in a hurry when she accidentally dropped a glass on the floor and it shattered spectacularly. She let out a cursing spree bad enough for me to ask what was wrong.
She tried to hide it. But she looked terrified.
She was really cool about it nonetheless. She sat down and held my arm. She looked me in the eyes. She even spoke in her grownup voice, a relic from my rebellious years, which definitely made my heart skip a beat.
“I did something bad.”
I laughed. Usually it was the other way around. I used to be the one doing the bad things, I said, but she didn’t laugh with me.
“I followed someone.”
My expression must have changed. So did hers. She looked worried. Mostly worried about my reaction.
“I followed someone and he saw me.”
“Slow down,” I must have muttered. “Who did you follow?”
“A man.”
“What man?”
“Does it matter?”
“Does to some people.”
She grimaced. She was tight lipped. She knew I would judge her, so she wanted to hold back the bad details, in a patronizing way, to ‘protect me”, like she did when I was a kid, but I groaned, and she eventually gave in. Her confession came out like a faucet at full steam.
“I saw him in the store. Markoff’s. Last fucking department store left. You know the one, on LaBrea, anyway… I’m in Markoffs, I’m trying to find a reasonable coat, and this guy comes in with this fancy suit and funny colored hair… He was very distinct looking, you know, the type of face that makes an impression. And I still didn’t recognize him.”
I grunted.
“So what?”
“You recognize every single person that comes into town?”
I looked out the window judgmentally and noticed a fresh foreclosure sign. I looked back at her, and she shrugged, as if to say, ‘Yeah, dumbass. Nobody lives here.’
“Fair. Continue.”
My mother grinned.
“So I went and talked to the checkout girl… Linda.... Bob’s daughter…. she was friends with that girl you used to go with in high school. Anywho Linda doesn’t recognize him either. So now I’m interested. I follow him over to Esther’s. I follow him over to the hardware store. Each store he goes into, this guy gets more stuff. He must have spent hundreds of dollars. I was intrigued. Who the hell around here has that kinda cash to blow on knick knacks? On hiking gear and candy and all this other nonsense? I had to know where he lived. I had to know if he was a local. So I followed him. For an hour or more… I followed him... I was right behind him in the car.”
“Did he see you?”
“Not yet.”
“Not yet?”
“Let me finish. So we just leave Lavola’s. The whole time, I was sneaky, hiding places, never getting too close. But at the end, it was getting dark, and he took me down Whippoorwill.”
“By the mines?”
“By the mines.”
I shuddered at the thought of my mom tracking down a stranger at dusk.
“There’s a lot of hills over there. I could keep the car 100 yards back and still see him if the angles were right. I parked under one of them and just sort of watched. I had my bird binoculars in the back. Lucky, I guess.”
“He parked. He never looked over his shoulder. He never gave any indication that he saw me at all. So I’m still watching. He goes into his truck and he pulls out some gear. Ropes and stuff. Bags of some other stuff. He lays it down. And then he starts digging.”
“You hear me. He started digging. For about ten minutes. Digging, digging, digging. Nobody with him. No light on his spot. Just digging. Then he took these… giant bags…. and he dropped them in his hole.”
“Really weird. But the next part is even weirder. I bumped my knee on the steering wheel. The damn horn chirps, but only a little bit.”
“All of the sudden he stands still. You know how a deer looks if you get too close? Same thing. He turned his head around, like, all the way around. And he spots me.”
“The neck thing freaked me out. But I’m mostly thinking what you’re thinking. How embarrassing. Sure this guy is a little peculiar, but he’s probably a nephew or cousin of somebody in town, and I’ve made a huge fool of myself by following him. I turn the keys in the engine, throw it in drive, and get ready to leave. I turn back and he’s coming towards me.”
“But honey when I saw he was ‘coming towards me…’ he wasn’t walking. He wasn’t approaching cautiously to check me out. He was running. Running as fast as he could, actually, but in the most strange way.”
“On all fours.”
“He was running on all fours.”
I took a moment to process.
“Like a dog?”
“Like a dog.”
I couldn’t come up with anything smart to say. My mother is not the type to exaggerate. If she said the man ran like a dog, the man ran like a dog.
“So then what?”
“I hit the gas and came home.”
“Did he follow you?
“I didn’t think so.”
“You didn’t think?” I shouted. “What does that mean?”
My mother took a sip of her tea and looked me dead in the eye.
“He showed up here last night.”
“I don’t understand, how could he…”
“He wanted to hurt me, Patty, he chased me... ”
My heart rate accelerated.
“Why didn’t you call the police?”
“He must have ran like that for miles.”
“Why didn’t you call the police?”
She stared at me blankly.
“There wasn’t enough time. He tried to break in through the front door. I shot him in the forehead with the gun your father kept under the kitchen sink.”
\I couldn’t believe a word of it. My mom barely knew how to hold a gun.
“I don’t understand...”
She let out the rest like an exorcism.
“I put the body in the basement.”
She gasped for breath in between sobs.
“And I knew you were coming over, every second Friday, like you promised, good boy, such a good boy.”
She gagged like she might puke.
“And so I waited, and I wanted to call somebody else but I…”
She held her cup like a crutch.
“I heard the door close before you got here.”
She looked terrified.
“And he’s gone, Patty, I checked.”
Absolutely petrified.
“But what if he comes back?”
And I believed her.
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2020.09.26 22:48 aebulbul Run with your butt cheek muscles

A month ago I decided to research one aspect of form and focus on that for the week. This week was pelvic tilt. It took me a little over 6 months to finally understand how proper running form starts. I would argue this is the most important thing for running though with any type of internet advice, ymmv.
After watching this video it finally dawned on me what I need to do. I’ve read about pelvic tilt before but didn’t really understand. Mind you, watching others do it is hard because it’s a discrete change to form that only the runner will be able to notice. Once I started I noticed that my glutes naturally took over. I feel more anchored in place now.
Anyways, here’s what I noticed when I properly tilt my pelvis, aka activating core:
  1. Shorter strides
  2. Faster cadence with no additional effort
  3. Longer, strain free runs
  4. Faster recovery. I’m 34 and previously after my runs I would be hopping around like an old dude. Not anymore.
Disadvantage is that it feels funny to run like this. It will definitely take some practice and maybe even exercises. Sitting for long amounts of time really messes you up.
Another disadvantage is that hills feel harder now. Not sure if that’s normal or not
Anywho, i know hundreds of others talked about this previously, but sometimes something important like this just takes time to click. What other important form or gait changes have you made that made a big difference.
Btw, I’m posting this here because the biggest impact of this was running in my Skinners which are a sock. Running in cushioned shoes, even my Altras still didn’t feel right. When you add cushion you lose some of that natural energy you generate that can propel you. Anyways, a topic of discussion for another time!
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2020.09.26 21:29 Embarrassed_Fox_6723 Looking for advice for online dating and being new to dating women

Hey all!
I’m (34f) considering online dating once COVID chills out more on my City. Over the past few years, I’ve become more at home with identifying as Bi. I have dated primarily cis men and am sexually /romantically attracted to people based more on who they are / developing an emotional connection, rather than gender. I want to intentionally focus on dating outside of cis men to address my lack of experience and insecurity I share below.
I am pretty nervous though because of my lack of experience dating/being intimate with people outside of cis men. I know I can’t become more comfortable without practice! And I worry that people with think that I’m not serious because of my limited experience with femmes/ non binary folks. But really I am just insecure..: and sometimes that distance/insecurity I think prevents me from being flirty or accepting flirtation (this happens with everyone regardless of gender)...
Anywho, I would love to hear other people’s experiences! Thanks!
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2020.09.26 21:13 larakf Last Dancer To Stop Doing A Leg Hold Challenge!!!

To begin, Posie does toddler gymnastics class and it just looks so...germy.
Time to decorate for Halloween, but not before forcing Posie to hug and kiss all the decorations.
Now it’s time for Cole and Sav to host an obnoxious competition at Ev’s dance studio - WHICH THEY ANNOUNCE THE NAME OF. I knew they were stupid, but really? Anyhow, it’s time for the leg “hode” competition (as Cole cannot say “hold”). This competition is something clearly created for content purposes, because they’ve got nothing else. Who are these girls’ parents that would even allow it? And where the fuck are their masks?! Cole and Sav don’t even wear a mask, honestly because they’re ignorant and selfish AF. My daughter dances at an elite level also, and they wear their masks 100% of the time. They even have team masks this year that are made for activity. On that note, there’s a lot of bad leg hode form in this comp - especially the dancer that’s front and center...🥴 Anywho, Sav embarrasses herself by competing as well and I couldn’t watch without feeling such secondhand embarrassment. Thankfully she gives up pretty quickly. Ev is also out pretty early, actually. Round two involves fucking Cole. Why does he always have to compete against children? Oh! 🤦🏼‍♀️ That’s right, he is one. Another terrible part of this segment is listening to Sav’s fake laughter as if she’s actually enjoying herself and not dying inside. Anyhow, the 3 finalists do not include Ev, shockingly. The girl in the middle in the black jumpsuit by far as the best form and deserved to win this made up leg hode competition. Apple gift cards are awarded to all.
PSA to Cole if you’re reading this, please fix your hair. It looks awful.
Random thought: Are they done caring about NICU babies now the Zealand’s issues seemed to have resolved themselves? I’ve got some thoughts about that original family they tried to help, but maybe that’s for another day.
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A HA HA BUT ANYWHO - YouTube ANYWHO - YouTube Mr.Hotspot Compilation - YouTube Anyway Anyhow Anywhere - The Who - YouTube Tekno - Anyhow (Official Video) - YouTube Vincentian Retreat Centre Melbourne, Australia - YouTube AnyWho - YouTube

Anyhoo Definition of Anyhoo by Merriam-Webster

  1. A HA HA BUT ANYWHO - YouTube
  2. ANYWHO - YouTube
  3. Mr.Hotspot Compilation - YouTube
  4. Anyway Anyhow Anywhere - The Who - YouTube
  5. Tekno - Anyhow (Official Video) - YouTube
  6. Vincentian Retreat Centre Melbourne, Australia - YouTube
  7. AnyWho - YouTube
  8. Tedeschi Trucks Band - 'Anyhow' (Live in Studio) - YouTube
  9. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere - The Who - YouTube
  10. But anywho mr.hotspot - YouTube

Download here - MMMG and Cartel presents the official video for 'ANYHOW' by Tekno, OG, Flimzy and Selebobo. Directed by David... Twitter : run_it_up27 Instagram madboycal Snapchat otfxflacko27 SHAREfactory™!/en-us/tid=CUSA00572_00 Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. AnyWho. 54 views; 1 year ago; 27:14. Empires of the Undergrowth - hard - 1.2 - Duration: 27 minutes. AnyWho. 17 views; 1 year ago; 8:36. Empires of the Undergrowth - Red ant stuck at Entrance ... Track 2 of the outstanding super performance of The Who at the Royal Albert Hall in 2000 live with guest for the teenage cancer benefit. I decided to upload ... Anyway Anyhow Anywhere - The Who Hi there this Shaun I am 27 from mumbai passion for travelling and discovering new places also crazy for motorcycles and touring on it 3 Jan 2018 when it all... Tedeschi Trucks Band perform 'Anyhow' from their new album 'Let Me Get By' live in their own Swamp Raga Studio. Directed by Marc Lowenstein. The Vincentian Congregation is a clerical society of the Catholic Church. The Congregation draws its spirit and distinctive character from the life and works...