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2020.11.26 03:48 Pristine-Engine4388 I AM A NEW RANGER HERE AT WOLF LAKE NATIONAL PARK, SOMETHING SINISTER IS GOING ON. Episode 1, Part 1/2

My name is James Parker. I am a new recruit here at The U.S. National Park Service. Since working here, I have learned the woods are a dangerous place.
Bears, Wolves, Mountain lions are the normal threats any visitors would consider. But there are other entities that roam the dark forest. They are responsible for a lot of grizzly and unsolved disappearances throughout the national parks in the U.S.
I have recently encountered one of the entities myself but I've also heard horrific stories of encounters with other malevolent forces that hunt in national parks, by the rangers from those other locations.

Please if you plan to enter the woods, then you really need to hear this. It could honestly save your life as we, the rangers, have noticed the steps to follow to make sure you don't end up like the 100s of people who fall prey every year when visiting the woods.
Let's begin from the very start.
I believe and always believed that The woods are a beautiful thing. As soon as you cross the tree line, you are one with nature, walking through a sea of interwinding green flowing through a labyrinth of towering great oaks.
It’s a vast kingdom of wild animals and scenic awes that honestly takes your breath away every time you enter its realm.
Lets get something straight, though. It has an extremely dark side. A side that no one fully understands.
Not even us, the U.S. National Park Rangers.
We actually have a special department that handles these ‘dark’ sides to our work place. They are called Hazard Control.
We never see them when a ‘regular’ hazard occurs such as bear attacks or a camper falls down a cliff side.
But you bet your bottom dollar, that when a child goes missing with no trace, or an entire family is found dead under suspicious circumstances, then they certainly send a representative down to the park. Mainly to act as a middle man between us and the police, usually.
We all here at the Wolf Lake Rangers Station know HQ are covering something up. We don't know what exactly. But whatever it is, they are determined to defend the secret. No matter what.
You see, I got this job because my predecessor was apparently a little too curious for his own good. Now, his supervisor had repeatedly warned him to keep his head down and mouth shut apparently but he didn't.
And now, he has been missing for the last 6 months. Hazard Controls official statement to us was that he left for Virginia but we all know that this is a lie. No one as heard from him since. We know something has happened to him and We are, to this day, trying to find out what happened.
Before moving to Wolf Lake, I knew the woods could be a fucked-up place. You know it’s such a potentially dangerous place and ya know, you see those scary stories on Youtube about missing people and bizarre crime scenes but to be honest I always just assumed that it was just the combination of tragedy and paranoia.
Bad things happen. People get hurt. You know how it is, It’s just a part of life, unfortunately.
A lot of people who go missing, go missing within minutes of last being seen. When days pass and they don’t turn up alive and well and the answers aren’t obvious or clear, then we do the human thing and our imagination starts to fill in the blanks for us. Before you know it, we picture some big foot creature dragging them into a cave after they wandered off the trail.
when in actual fact they just fell down some narrow gorge in the hillside, broke a bone or 2, got stranded, died from starvation and they decompose in the forest's undergrowth.
Never to be found until years later then the horrible mystery and urban legend that was being told doesn't seem so horrific now. It was just a standard tragedy, as grim as that sounds.
But let me tell you, I have seen some things over the past 5 months that, honestly, makes me genuinely exhale with relief when we find a body with, hmm shall we say, more straight forward circumstances?
being almost ‘happy’ or released to find a body with teeth marks that obviously belong to a bear or some other common woodland predator. I know that sounds bad but it’s just like finding a skeleton with a broken leg at the bottom of a ditch. All normal hazards that people like me can expect to encounter, if spending a long time in these woods.
But these other ‘scenarios’ I’m talking about , and Entities that I have being forced to encounter here, during my short time as a Forest Ranger at this national park, really do keep me awake at night.
As I mentioned, it's human nature to catastrophize things in our imagination. It’s what we do. Well It’s certainly what I do anyway.
Partner goes out and her phone wont ring for hours? Obviously, it’s not an innocent ‘my battery died’, it’s ‘she's met another guy and she is with him right now’. Its just kind of what I do. It’s hindered me in the past. I don’t have many friends or romantic connections.
And, that is what I tried to convince myself of, for the first month or so of my employment. That I was just being over dramatic and analytical.
However, after working here for nearly half a year now , I know now there are things in the woods. Things that are dark and sinister. Things that roam the trees with malign intentions. Things that not even my imagination could do justice.
I have no idea what these ‘things’ are. Not exactly anyway. I have only ever encounter one and It was for a very brief second. I don't really know what I saw but whatever it was, looked absolutely despicable, wrong, the type of vibe you get when you look at a Huntsman spider. Something that just signals to all the transmitters in your brain, telling you to get as far away from this thing as you can.
I’m here to talk about it though. Thanks to my training from Phil, that's my supervisor, I knew what to do to keep alive.
Unfortunately thought, not a lot of other people do. So while I know every day hundreds of people come through these woods and have wonderful experiences making memories with friends and family to last a lifetime, I knoe every once in while there will be someone who catches the attention of these baleful entities when they are roaming the forest to hunt. If they don’t know what to do, they don’t stand a chance.
Why don’t we just tell park visitors??
We cant tell any of the campers. Hazard Control forbid any discussion of such events. And I am not about to end up like little Billy, talk too much and find myself missing.
But at the same time, the guilt does bother me so I am not going to stand by and watch people be lambs to the slaughter anymore.
Please read this story. It will give you a good idea of what us Rangers deal with out here trying to keep people safe. It will also be a key to help you survive should you ever come out here.
I am going to tell about my first few months here and what I have witnessed. I will also speak about the training retreat in Alaska that I have recently attended with Phil. There we met other Rangers and we swapped stories about the horrific entities in each of our parks. We were honestly shocked to learn it wasn’t just Wolf Lake who had a Hazard Control presence.
Believe me when I say I don't know who's tale was worse so I will let each of you decide for yourselves.
Here is my story
I started my career here at the national park station and was assigned to Wolf Lake National Park on a 3 month performance review basis.
I saw the job advert online and I noticed that the pay was a little over the top for what I expected for this sort of position. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. I had very little experience with personal outdoorsmanship but I included on my C.V. that I was a hard worker and a fast learner, hoping that would be enough.
I included in my covering letter than I didn’t have a lot of friends or family, so I was introverted so being out in the woods alone would be suit me well. I also told them I would be willing to relocate to Wolf Lake.
I won’t bore you with too much of my move out here but long story short, I was given the job. Almost immediately in retrospect. Before my start date I attended one face to face interview with a woman from HR, at an office situation 12 miles from Wolf Lake, who said that they were looking for a replacement Ranger after one of their veterans just upped at left. Without a word.
I didn’t think much of it back then as It's probably fair to assume that people do leave jobs when they get to a certain age. It’s just part of life.
However I did notice that at one point in the conversation, she seemed to slip up and said something to the effect of ‘Great! everything is all sorted then ! I will let Mark know right away we've hired you, He is the head Ranger know. He will be very pleased to know that we finally have a replacement for them.’
‘Them?’ I asked. She looked at me, a little surprised, very skittish. Like when you surprise a cat in the night.
‘Pardon? she mustered.

I gently chuckled, slightly scoffing and confronted her. 'You said 'Them', 'a replacement for them', has someone else left?' There was no way I was letting that slide.

'Oh...Sorry I thought I said HIM, I'm sure I did, didn’t I? Gosh, It's been a long day. you know how it is?’ You could genuinely see her cursing at herself in her own head.

‘No Sorry it's probably just me, I- I must of mis-heard you. That's all’ I lied, whilst smiling at her warmly.

I knew exactly what she had said. Who else who worked in these woods had left their post? And why didn’t she mention them? Why did she seem so skittish?

I know now why she was so spooked but at the time, I just moved past it and forgot all about it as she slid over the paperwork and explained the pay structure to me. The basic pay was exactly what I thought it would be. Standard 35k per year. What made the annual salary so big overall was a bonus what was marked as ‘Hazard Pay’. Upwards of £7,000 a month on top of my pay.

Stupid young me didn’t question it though. I just signed my life away and before I knew it, I was being given the keys to a cabin located just around 1 mile into Wolf Lake National Park. I was told to meet a man called Phil tomorrow at noon at his look out tower. Phil was apparently a long standing veteran of the National Park service. He would be my mentor for the next few months.

As soon as I left my office, I made my way to the park, to find my cabin that I had been assigned to.

I arrived at the park around 8pm. My taxi driver was kind enough to drive me around half a mile into the park, to roundabout the parks Visitors centre, just before you get to the first trail that leads into the treeline.

I hiked the rest of the way, following the directions the ranger in the visitors centre gave me. Didn't take me long to get there and at around 9pm, I was unlocking the front door of my woodland accommodation, walking inside and flipping on the main light switch. I took a minute to scan the room. Very cozy.

The kitchen and living room combined into one area large area. There was a door across the room that lead into my bedroom with an En Suite included. I was one happy camper, no pun intended.

I put my bags on my bed while I checked my cupboards to find they had been loaded up with plenty of tinned food and pasta. Steaks and other frozen meat were also in the freezer. Not bad.

I was exhausted from all the travelling I had done to get from my old house to Wolf Lake, then the 3 mile hike to my cabin from the visitor centre finished me off. I also had an early start so I didn't waste any time trying to wind down for the night.

Unfortunetly this first night, my anxiety took over and I laid awake with a pit of nerves in my stomach as I thought about my first day. I couldn’t sleep. As I mentioned, I am pretty introverted, a loner so to speak, and I have had a history in the past of not making great first impressions with Co Workers so over time I have developed an issue when it comes to meeting new people. It makes me desperate for a good impression and that sometimes makes me a little awkward, thinking too much into how I speak and act. This looked a dream job with great pay and a home included. I really didn't wanna screw it up.

I found myself pacing around my cabin, rehearsing potential conversations I may have with me and this 'Phil', that I will be working with for the next 3 months. After wearing out the floorboards, I decided I need to occupy my mind so I picked up a random newspaper from the huge pile of old tabloids and magazines left behind from the previous residents. I always loved to test my mind and validate my knowledge by doing online quiz's or crosswords, sudokus, stuff like that. So I decided a word search or crossword would really help take my mind off things, ease my nerves and help me get some sleep.

The newspaper I selected was around 10th down in the large stack of 50 plus tabloids. It was dated February 4th 2004. The front cover was about the New England Patriots 32-29 victory over the Carolina Panthers at SuperBowl 38. As I flicked over the pages to get to the quiz pages, Something else caught my eye. A headline. 'BOY STILL MISSING. AUTHORITIES BAFFLED'

It's human nature that the horrifying headlines we come across are the ones that get you to read on. We will all admit I think, that we have a curiosity when it comes to the dark side of life, so I read on. Within the first 2 sentences, I had felt my heart rate begin to increase as I read where the boy had gone missing. It was in a national park. THIS national park.

If the story didn't have my full attention before, it certainly did now. I read on some more. The young boy had disappeared from Wolf Lake in very suspicious circumstances and had been missing for 6 weeks. I noted the date of the incident and quickly scanned the remaining newspapers for a date that matched the time sorrounding the disappearence. I managed to find one. 'CHILD VANISHES FROM NATIONAL PARK. SEARCH TEAM DEPLOYED'

I gulped and braced myself, pulling out a small silver whiskey flask from my duffel bag, that my father had bought me for my 18th birthday 10 years ago. He always used to keep his flask close by specific occasions such as to calm his nerves after a minor car accident or to 'cope with my mum when she went bat-shit' as he used to put it. He was the last living member of my immediate family after my brother committed suicide at 17 and my mother died of lukemia at 58. He passed after a heart attack 3 weeks before I applied for this position. a lot of people will say I am running from my grief. Hell! maybe I am? But I had nothing to stay for back in Atlanta and I just think coming out to the huge beautiful forests in the vast back country, submerged in a 400 mile radius of nature would no doubt make my problems seem much smaller than they were.

I smiled to myself as the flask and the image of my father giving it to me triggered more fond memories I had of my family that we shared before their deaths. It was only a few seconds before, the grin washed from my face, as the memory of what I was looking at in the newpaper flowed back into my concious mind. I looked down at the story again. I read it out in my head.

The details of the story were that on December 17th 2003, The Waldren family took a trip to Denver, Colorado to spend christmas with relatives. On the 20th, They took a trip to 34 miles to Wolf Lake National Park. They had planned a 3 day trip. 1 day Hike in, 1 day camp, 1 day return hike out. Reportedly, the first day had gone fine but the day at the camp site had been strange according to some of the witness statements. Well, I should say more the night had been strange as apparently Danny, the kid who went missing, had complained multiple times to his group that he'd seen a man in the woods. A man who he described as 'the whispering man'.

The mother, Jennifer Waldren, had told authorities that her son had come into their tent in the middle of the night crying explaining that a man was standing at the tree line, signalling him to come into the trees, and when he shouted for him to 'go away' the man had signalled for him to be quiet by placing his finger on his lips. Danny also claimed to his mother than the man was whispering he had candy, trying to lure Danny into the woods.

The parents believed their son was having a nightmare, which in fairness to them, he was prone to. Never the less, his father (Derek) and his uncles (Barry and Steve) roamed the perimeter of the site to make double sure that a sexual predator wasn't stalking their kids but mainly it was a way of calming down, Danny. Danny seemed to relax when the search of the area yielded no sign or evidence anyone was there.

However on the third day, the group started to trek back to the location of the cars. Around 3 pm, they were hiking past a river along a more scenic yet less used trail. They were around 23 mile away from their destination and had been walking for over 3 hours, covering 12 miles. Danny had lagged behind as the group rounded a corner. When they noticed he hadn't followed them around the bend and he was no longer in eyesight, they went back to get him and discovered that he had completely vanished.

They assumed he had fallen in the river that ran along side the trail and immediately called in the Rangers.
The part of the trail that the family were hiking on at the time was around 4 metres wide, and sat roughly mid way up the large banking, before the banking steeply increased upwards around 10 feet to a clearing. Sat on the hill top, was a grassy area of around 300 metres, acting as a doorstep to the tree line of a large section of forest.
The family assumed the banking up to the forest area was far too high for their child to climb so the most plausible explanation was that he slipped down the banking, and into water.
The Rangers closed off the river at a nearby bottleneck point, so if Danny did fall in the water, he wouldn't be dragged too far down stream but unfortunetly, a search of the water found no sighting of the missing boy.
The search team, when taking statements from the family, found it very strange that according to anyone in the group, he didn't call for help. He didn't shout for his parents or make any sound in general, such as a splash in the water. So the Police and Rangers called in the sniffer dogs. They also called in cadaver dogs, much to the dismay of the family.

The dogs were given items belonging to Danny such as spare clothing and something very strange occured, they followed his scent UP the hill side and into the woods. Not DOWN the banking, and in to the river.
Analysis of the scene showed there were no hand or foot marks imprinted in the dirt banking to evidence if Danny had pulled himself up the hillside. It was as if he had just floated up the hill, or was lifted up in a crane.

Another strange finding was the fact that the sniffer dogs tracked Dannys scent to a location 34 miles into the forest, from the location he was last seen.
This made absolutely no sense given the family stated Danny was a slow walker, hence him lagging behind. But even with that in mind, a 6 year old boy would never have been able to travel over 30 mile, in just over 90 minutes, on foot. Not possible.

They tracked Dannys scent to a clearing in the woods. At this point, the sniffer dogs reportably laid down and started whining. These were two highly trained and seasoned sniffer dogs and the handlers from the canine dog unit found this extremely bizarre and out of the ordinary.

My imagination couldn't help build my interpretation of 'the whispering man' who Danny claimed he'd seen. A horrific abomination of evil trying to lure innocent youths, from the warm safety of their family's camp and into the dark forest for god only knows what reason. I shuddered as my thoughts pictured the whispering man snatching Danny by the collar of his shirt as he walked on the trail and violently dragged up over the hill and into the woods before he had chance to scream for help.

I closed the newspaper. I finished the flask. I needed it. I wanted these images out of my head. I cursed myself. My mother had always been a hard ass when it came to me playing violent video games or watching scary movies. I just assumed she was trying to ruin my childhood but I learnt a few years into my teens I just had an over active imagination. I'm not a 'scaredy cat', I just have the sort of imagination that can run away with itself and sometimes It can be hard to get images out of my head. Danny and 'The Whispering Man' would not leave the front of my mind.

I tried to break my train of thought and I started to lay out my clothes for tomorrow and tried to watch some tv in bed. The Cabin had wifi so I plugged in my firestick and watched Netflix's Making A Murderer, as I needed something else to occupy my mind. As I laid there, my mind eased and I felt myself drift off to the sound of the T.V. in the background.

Danny Waldren walked along the dirt path, nursing his aching legs with both hands as he watched his family turn the corner before him.

He heard a whisper. 'Danny boy...'. He looked around.

'Come and play with me, Danny boy...'

Dannys skin began to crawl and the hairs on his neck and arms stood erect.

'There is candy... all sorts of wonderful treats...' the whispers continued.

Danny put the pain in his shins and thighs to the back of his mind and hurried to turn the bend of the trail and catch up to the safety of his parents company.

'Danny...Where you going?' The voice hissed.

Danny turned the corner with haste, sighing with relief but to his horror, his parents were gone. He found he was no longer on the trail that ran along side the beautiful flowing river and his parents were not stood in a huddle with a smile waiting for him to re join their group.

He instead was 100 yards from the dense forrest. He looked forward towards the tree line. He could just make out a shape in the trees, staring at him. It was Humanoid, Tall, Thin, Male.

The figure took a small step forward towards the edge of the woods. Danny could see it's face now. It was smiling. The smile so painfully wide, the eyes wild, huge and pupils so very dilated.

Danny screamed for his mum, he screamed so loud.

The figure raised its arm. The arm like a tentacle. With the hand having obscenely long fingers.

The fingers with sharp, over grown nails.
The hand came up to it's face and the figure placed the side of it's right index finger on its lips. It's sinister smile has gone now and with one sharp 'SHH', Danny's screams and cry's are muted. He can't make a sound.

He darts his vision around in his panic and sees his family, on the path below. They are looking for him.

He turns and screams for them to help. He tries to scream 'I'm up here!' but it's too late now because Danny looks down at his stomach and sees the long sharp fingers of the figure, silently slither around his torso.

He turns to see the darkness of the forest, penetrated only by the long outstretched arm of the figure, standing in the trees. The whites of the figures wild eyes are unbelievably visible in the darkness. They are wide open. painfully expanded in a wild outcry of excitement. Danny is terrified. He feels the urine escape him and spill down his thigh.

Danny screamed so loud for his mummy, that he could feel the blood cells in his head, quake to bursting point. However, no sound omitted from him, no matter how hard he tried.

The hand snapped close and clamped down on his body, hard. It's arm snatched back before Danny could even get one last look at his mum and dad.

Before he knew what was happening, he was being dragged into the woods. He was moving across the hard dirt and in to the trees at a pace he couldn't believe. He seemed to be pulled along the unforgiving ground for such a long time. He managed to sit up as he was moving. He looked up and he could see the figure, in the distance, stood in a clearing. He was getting very close.

Dan's eyes widened. With every yard between him and the figure dwindling, he was all the while getting a better picture of the presence dragging him towards the clearing.

He was appalled right down to his soul by what he saw. The figure was dark, almost completely black. The only other colour on its form was white. The colour of its wild eyes and painfully stretched smile that bored its huge clenched teeth.

The form didn't move a muscle. It almost looked like a pastel drawing, stood still in the middle of the woods. So unnatural and completely out of place in this world. It's pupils were completely fixed upon its prey, that was rapidly approaching.

Danny screamed, sound came flying out along with the birds and wildlife in the nearby trees.

As he was 10 feet from the figure, Danny closed his eyes in terror.

9 feet , 8 feet , 7 feet... The figure began to giggle with excitement...

6 feet , 5 feet , 4 feet.. It's free hand opened sharply, yielding its razor sharp fingers...

3 feet , 2 feet...Danny whimpered for his mummy...

1 Feet.. The dark form snapped to life and let out a horrible cackle as Danny came hurling in to its grasp...

0 feet.. Danny screamed for his life.
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2020.11.24 22:27 afriend6874 No matter what I do I feel like I can't keep up

So I am currently in my senior year of college and I have not been able to keep up with school for the entire time I have been here. For the first 2 and half years I did not study or spend much time paying attention to class, which, obviously ended with me being far behind, not really knowing anything about what I was studying. Since then I have been tying to catch up and get my shit together, but I feel like no matter what I do, I just can't do it. Now to be clear, in terms of theoretical knowledge I am more or less caught up to my peers, I don't feel too much behind compared to them. Rather it seems to be actually spending my time efficiently that I just cannot do.
I was recently diagnosed with ADHD, and have since been taking Vyvanse. I was also seeing a therapist to help me with the psychological aspects as well. In order to better organize myself I have kept a daily schedule, I make daily lists of the homework and topics I want to study, and I even made a list of all my assignments with links to all relevant resources at the beginning of the year so I could effectively plan ahead. All sounds good right? Well it seems like I have completely failed at all of these tasks.
Since week 1 I have found myself behind. So far behind that I am constantly choosing which assignment to take a loss on and turn in late because I find I don't have sufficient time to complete my assignments. It's not that my professors aren't providing enough time, most other people don't have much difficulty completing assignments on time (and with high quality as well!), I just don't seem to be able to. I have been starting as early as possible, but I just can't seem to stay on schedule. I'll end up taking all day on a single assignment, and still won't be finished, making it seem nearly impossible to follow my schedule. I tried setting up block days to just focus on one class at a time, but even still I keep falling behind. So much so that my schedule usually becomes useless by Tuesday and looking at it becomes useless. On top of this, when I do update my schedule I end up wasting at least an hour on it. I have removed all the distractions I can from my workspace, but I am still constantly finding myself distracted. As a result, I end up only looking at and updating my daily schedule every few days, causing me to slide even further. This, compounded with shifting due dates has also caused me to be constantly confused on due dates and I have missed a ridiculous amount of assignments, and even a quiz for one class. I have already had to drop a class since it was too much, and I have been taking the minimum amount of classes to stay a full-time student for a year now because anything more is too much for me. This has also crippled my education as I now will be unable to take all of the classes I would like to before I graduate. The class I had to drop was one that would have given me invaluable information that would have greatly helped jump-start my career.
I started off this year hoping to get myself caught up and finally raise my GPA, but now I am unsure if I can even succeed in multiple classes at once, I never really have before. To be clear, I have obviously passed multiple classes before, but at least at my school, passing doesn't really say much since it is incredibly easy to pass without gaining any real useful knowledge. I have started to think that seeing as I am being treated for ADHD and I am still having these same issues, even with medication and therapy, that perhaps I was misdiagnosed and I am really just a lazy or stupid person, or maybe have some other problem. Or I might just truly be a loser who doesn't care enough to try hard in anything. Everyone around me just tells me that I just need to keep up what I am doing and decide that I do care enough and that I will just sit down earlier and start working, but it just doesn't seem to work. I honestly just feel so exhausted and want to give up on life and no longer live, if I can't just simply keep up with my peers and achieve the goals I always have wanted to in life, then what even is the point? At this point in my life, the only real employable skills I have are those specifically related to my major, Data Science, and transitioning to another field would probably be like starting as a freshman in college. Not to mention that I just really don't want to do something else. I just also can't seem to keep up with it. Or anything else it seems (these issues aren't just around school, school just happens to be the most important to me right now). I just don't feel like I will ever be successful in anything. I certainly haven't in the past.
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2020.11.24 04:29 wildeyesforever *MONDAY* WEEK 10 DISCUSSION-- Recovering a Sense of Self-Protection

Hello, all!
We're moving into Week 10, Recovering a Sense of Self-Protection.
The Week 9 Check-In:
-How are the morning pages going? Have you made any good discoveries?
-Did you do an artist's date this week? If so, what was it?
Week 10 Discussion:
-Please share anything that stood out to you in this week's chapter.
-Are you a workaholic? Which number, if any, from the Workaholism Quiz could you most relate to?
-Again, the tasks this week are few but still pretty intensive. Which one do you think will uncover the most for you and why?
Have a great creative (and gratitude-filled) week! :)
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2020.11.22 14:32 MundeStar What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)3

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submitted by MundeStar to u/MundeStar [link] [comments]

2020.11.20 14:56 Iamnotkira I am 25 years old making $55,000, living in Brooklyn and working as an Executive Assistant

I’ve always wanted to write one of these and am quite smart with money or learning to be anyway. My parents were always decent with finances, although, I learned most of it from reading and my brothers. I love self improvement in all areas and read what I can about it.
Ever since the pandemic hit, my roommates have fled home and still pay for the apartment. I’ve been between the apartment and family, spending about 1-2 months each place. Partly bc I’m paying for the apartment and partly bc the relationship with my father has always been tense from a young age. I’ve really come to value my independence and who I’ve become away from them.
Section One: Assets and Debt
Retirement Balance: Roth IRA $10500, Simple IRA $4000, 401K $5000. Go 1% company matching.. I didn’t have a 401K till last year which is why I ended up with two IRA’s. I plan to keep investing in the Roth and 401K.
Equity if you're a homeowner: Sike. Maybe when I’m 33.
Savings account balance: $4400, invested another $5200 of my savings into ETFs since I won’t need for the next 5 years, Bonds from money I received from relatives as a kid $3000, emergency fund in HYSA $15300
Checking account balance: $725
Credit card debt (and how you accumulated it): $200 or so. I pay it off every month.
Student loan debt: $0 due to parents, scholarships, and me paying off the last bit for my BA
Net Worth: $48k ish. 50K by end of year
I have an 8 year ish goal of buying my own place in the city by 33. With or without a man. Investing the majority of the savings into a brokerage account and keeping some of it in the bank. Recently, I have more savings in hand in case of apartment moving early next year. Lease is up in March.
Section Two: Income
Income Progression: I had a PT job in high school at a library and a PT job in college at a restaurant. Think I made $7 - $8 at both those jobs. I’ve had two internships for free, both by NYS. I've been working in my current field for over 2 years, my starting salary was $43,000.
When I first graduated school I taught English in Asia for a year, I started out making below the average college grad in that country and almost doubled my salary by the end of my stay. Ultimately as much as I loved the kids, I really disliked Asian work culture plus I was so homesick. I travelled Asia a bit then came back and got a job two months later working PT at a concert venue and PT as an office workereceptionist, both jobs were the min wage of $13 at the time. I lived at home for a total of 3 months before moving out and making it work on these minimum wage jobs :)
First few months I live in Manhattan then I moved into NJ to save money then moved to BK once I got my EA job. You can live in the city on these wages as long as you are smart about it.
I worked these jobs for a year or so before switching to EA making $43000. I was an EA at a magazine company for less than a year, the company was a mess and so many things in my job got so messy towards the end.
I jumped to a similar company as a salaried FT employee and I’ve been at the current place for 1 ½. I really love the people but I don’t see a career for me here. I kept the PT concert venue gig for about 2 years of this journey on top of my corporate roles, it was a great way to see lots of amazing shows for me and get paid.
My next goal is to make a career shift towards Project management in media/entertainment/music industries, more specifically looking at Project Coordinator jobs. I want to be more challenged and felt that this was the way to go and to play to my strengths. Unfortunately, it’s been a slow search.
Main Job Monthly Take Home:
Monthly take home: $2,930. Taxes in NYC are a b****. I throw 8% to my 401K and haven’t started to pay health insurance..YET
Salary wise we got an extra $2000 this year from a salary reduction allowing us to receive some unemployment in its place. I threw the extra money into my 2019 Roth IRA. I have yet to finish my Roth 2020 max and plan to in Dec.
Side Gig Monthly Take Home
I created a Rover account about a month ago. Originally I wanted to start fostering dogs first but the applications for those have been really slow and intense. I started to get bookings the past two weeks and a few last minute ones I couldn't take. Apparently one of the two clients I had last week recommended me to their doggy group. I was very grateful and flattered. After Rover took out 20% I’ve gotten $117 so far this month. I have another booking Thurs which will add $40. Total = $157 so far
Section Three: Expenses
Rent: $1200 w 2 roommates.
Renters / home insurance: nada
Retirement contribution: Besides what was mentioned above. An automated $50 goes to my Simple IRA every month
Savings contribution: I save $1200 a month
Investment contribution: I’ll typically take some of that savings and throw it into investments however, I don’t have a set amount.
Donations: I’ve donated about $150 annually. Typically I prefer to put in volunteer hours instead, but pandemic and BLM. I did help distribute snacks to early voters in BK. I normally volunteer at Make a wish, an animal shelter, and whatever volunteering my company has going on.
Electric/ Wifi/Cable/Gas: utilities come to ~$50. In the summer I was paying more since I had the AC and was in the apartment more. I appreciate that even though they haven’t been here in pandemic, we all split the bills.
Cellphone: Luckily my mom pays that
Subscriptions: Spotify family plan is $40 annually. The only subscription I will pay for. Netflix and Amazon through brother, Disney+ and Hulu through roommates.
Before this year I kept using friends' school emails for the Spotify student plan + Hulu for $5 a month. Ah those were the days~
Gym membership: Annual corporate membership at Blink $180. They paused for about 6 months and reactivated it in Sept. I tried to cancel, and they calculated out how much I would get vs cancellation fees = I don’t get any money back. I’m not going so this membership was a wash.
Regular therapy: $150 per month. $75 per session and I do every other week. I just started in quarantine and it’s been really nice.
Credit Card Yearly fees: $95 annually. I have the Sapphire referred which was waived last year, not this year, and I plan to cancel before the fees for next year kick in.
Paid hobbies: I was in a chorus before pandemic hit and sent about $35 annually
Day 1 ~Thurs~
I make some coffee and stare at my very iridescent puzzle for a bit. The vinyl comes to an end and it’s about that time I start to work.
I wrap myself in a blanket as I continue to work.
Daily expense $2
Day 2 ~Friday~
Okok I know Thurs was long. It’ll prob be the most exciting day I’ll even have this week
Daily expense $15.99
Day 3 ~Sat~
Daily expense $15.74
Day 4 ~Sun~
Daily expenses $0
Day 5 ~Mon~
Daily expenses $16.02
Day 5 ~Tues~
Daily expenses $94.32
Day 6 ~Wed~
Daily expenses $0
Day 7 ~Thurs~ Wow guys we made it to the last day!
At the end of each day please tally up your daily expenses. Then at the end of your diary please tally up all expenses in the following categories:
Food + Drink :$61.32
Fun / Entertainment 0
Home + Health 0
Clothes + Beauty 0
Transport 0
Gifts: $80.75
Lastly, reflect on your diary!
This feels like a pretty typical pandemic week for me minus the office run. Budget wise it felt accurate except for the xmas purchases. My family and I all have birthdays in the latter half of the year too and I always end up spending a bit more during those months. Before the pandemic most of my allocated fun money went to food and going out which I was fine with. I’ve always had a budget since college, and this is the first time I’ve done a weekly break down so that was interesting. It made me feel hyper aware of my purchases which I didn't really like lol
The two books I read this week were: Modern Romance and Joy Luck Club
Hope you enjoyed.
submitted by Iamnotkira to MoneyDiariesACTIVE [link] [comments]

2020.11.20 02:56 ActuallyanOreo Things to script if you're shifting to Hogwarts!

(Disclaimer: these are completely optional and you don't have to feel compelled to add them to your script if you don't want to.)
~That Voldemort either never existed or he never rose to power again after killing Harry's parents.
~That you know your way around the castle.
~That you're a sibling/relative of someone (e.g. I scripted that I was Cedric's brother and McGonagall's granddaughter) .
~If you choose to date one of the characters and scripted that you are a relative of someone else script that your relative doesn't know for ✨drama ✨.
~Script that you have good handwriting. I've never shifted but I would imagine since we've all been writing with pens and pencils our entire lives writing with a quill would be pretty detrimental to our handwriting.
~If you want to know what everybody's Amortentia smells like, script that you do the Amortentia lesson the first week that you get there.
~Speaking of Amortentia, script a signature scent (I recommend scripting that you have an endless supply of insert perfume smell here and just put it on every day.)
~Script that you are good at spells, flying/Quidditch and that school comes easy to you.
~Who you share a dorm with or that you have private dorms/bathrooms.
~That your are good at Occlumency (the act of blocking someone from reading your mind)
~That if you take veritaserum you won't reveal anything about shifting.
~Your blood status (pureblood, half-blood etc.) I recommend scripting that you are pureblood if you want to be friends with Draco Malfoy or any main Slytherin character for that matter.
~Your patronus (you don't actually have to take the quiz, it can just be any animal)
~Your house (again, you don't actually have to take the quiz, just make sure to exhibit at least some of the traits from that house or pretend to so people don't get suspicious)
~Who you have classes with or who you sit next to
~(this one is just for funsies) That you have secret Quidditch games in the middle of the night. Script that you play in your pijamas and that everyone sleeps over in one common room after.
~That you can get into any common room.
~Your year.
~That you have permission to go to Hogsmeade.
~That your favorite characters don't die (Some ideas: Sirius, Remus, Tonks, Snape, Dumbledore, Fred, Cedric, Dobby, Hedwig)
~That you have a British accent.
~That you can't be suspended or expelled.
submitted by ActuallyanOreo to shiftingrealities [link] [comments]

2020.11.18 13:11 rudrankchauhan3414 Just stumbled across this mcoc quiz made by brutalDLX related to the release date of the champs

Just stumbled across this mcoc quiz made by brutalDLX related to the release date of the champs submitted by rudrankchauhan3414 to ContestOfChampions [link] [comments]

2020.11.18 06:12 IseNina RC Team Weekly Feedback 08/10-08/17 (Part II)

To keep optimizing the game and providing better services for Royal Chaos players, the Royal Chaos Team will collect suggestions from rc-suggestions server on Royal Chaos official Discord, and our developers will respond to these voices and post on Royal Chaos Facebook page every Monday (UTC+8).
Here are the suggestions collected during 2020/8/10/~2020/8/17 (UTC+08:00), Part 2.
Food is life! 2020/08/13
Can RC open up other slots to place fabled soul stone with agi attribute? Currently it’s restricted to 1,3 & 5
The Royal Chaos Team:
This is how the array & soul slot system designed. Not every hero need AGI attributes.
[NA- S227] CatraRose 2020/08/13
We should still get this achievement if we pull the hero's out of rare recruit even if we all ready got them another way like if we pull out there full shard worth like if we draw 80 shards of epic hero that should count towards the achievement
The Royal Chaos Team:
This is a Rare Recruit related trophy and you can only complete it in recruiting Rare.
Kage 2020/08/13
NA-S225 - NA-S228 Doesnt need to merge again. Please skip this server. sorry CCUP.
The Royal Chaos Team:
If a server has very low population, it surely needs to be merged with other servers.
[NA-S138-150] imissboba 2020/08/13
Can I have a server to myself please, I'm done with ppl. I'm fine not having other ppl to talk to, because honestly I barely talk within my server, so don't use that as a counter to this if you do reply :heart: xoxo. :stuck_out_tongue: If not, its okay. :pleading_face: :pepepeepoShy:
The Royal Chaos Team:
Hi imissboba, we sincerely hope you meet more friends in Royal Chaos. Have fun!
Insignificant 2020/08/13
I thought of this earlier- We should be able to have the option to buy backgrounds that are already released (In the preview area)
Sometimes you can buy weapons for jade in the weapon preview (Evolve area?).
Or just release Moon background again because I missed out and want it
The Royal Chaos Team:
The Moon Dector is back in EXCH Pavilion and it’s available to be exchanged by Golden Beans during 8/17~8/23. Go take a look!
Cybelia Eu-S13 2020/08/13
Can you give xuanji shards in date for top 3 not only 1st? Like 1st 150 shards, 2nd 100 shards and 3rd 50. There are many players who work on xuanji and 50 shards it S too little. Please consider this. It will be much appreciated :peepoHeart3:
The Royal Chaos Team:
We are sorry that we don’t have plan to change the ranking rewards in Date event, but many of you may have noticed, since the 2nd anniversary we have released more Fabled Shard Chest in various events, and some of them are totally free.
[NA- S247] Erzili 2020/08/13
Can the image for Epic Royal Chest be updated to look like Royal gear :sweat_smile: (right now, it looks like Bliss)
The Royal Chaos Team:
Yes we noticed that too. We will change it as soon as possible.
[NA118] QiaoShen 2020/08/14
To supplement my bug report I would like to suggest you either correct the name of the "chipmunk" to something it actually looks like instead of misappropriating the name of a Native American animal for an unrecognizable rodent just because it sounds cute, or simply add some stripes around the eyes so it actually resembles a chipmunk in some way. :angryd: as it stands that is NOT a chipmunk and I cannot abide this cheap impersonation of North America's favorite little stripey boys :empress_cry:
The Royal Chaos Team:
We just want to make it sound cuter because it's a cute pet.
[EUs40/52/60] [SEA S120] Sel 2020/08/14
Hi rc,
pls change the single gameplay of the first 70 stages.
First it's boring and takes up a lot of time
2nd you get annoyed by stage 30 or earlier if you already played these stages and are used to doing the 5x at once
3rd you are loosing potential active players who get tired of doing every stage on it's own and always needing to wait a few secs for the skip buttom.
At beginning of the beginner stage it's not interesting how good your team is since you will replace your whole team anyway.
My suggestion:
Change this each stage on it's own to either only 30 stages or to the first stages till you are able to talk in chats.
Pls consider it since it makes many players quit the server or game
The Royal Chaos Team:
After you pass Stage-280 you will unlock quick battle which already save a lot of time. Besides, according to your description, it looks this only troubles those who play more than one account.
[NA- S293] baleine 2020/08/14
allow us to craft heirs costumes like with the same recipes we have but heirs edition. it’s harder to get heirs outfits especially for f2p players
The Royal Chaos Team:
We are sorry but do not have plan to create heir costume craft in Royal Chaos. We gave away free heir costumes on holidays, and you can get other suits of heir costumes in imperial for free.
[NA- S15] Chiiyo 2020/08/14
Allow us to buy the tickets.... And add in a a new costume shop with all the pass outfits. To buy them we can use ingots or jade to buy them. There are so many outfits we misses !
The Royal Chaos Team:
Costume Collection event is always released with Blessing Packs, in which you can get Costume Coupons for exchange of costume box. And we rotate all costumes that have been released, not all in Costume Collection event, some in Packs too.
Linwood 2020/08/14
Can you make a elite skin for renjie? I know most of the top players don’t use him anymore, but he’s my favorite hero and I would just love for him to have a fancy outfit!
The Royal Chaos Team:
We are very sorry but we do not have plan to make epic skins for epic heroes. Epic Heroes are for players to get through the novice stage, and after you get more familiar with the gameplays, you are encouraged to advance to fabled hero formation.
[NA-S185] Leunan 2020/08/14
Please let us equip our skins to the heroes in our Bedroom, would be nice to customize our heroes' appearances with skins in our collections!
Also would be nice if we can swap Prince Beiyan with one of our heirs too :DogHeart:
BeIIs 2020/08/14
yes! please let us swap out Beiyan, and our pets too! i'm tired of looking at meme dog in hat
The Royal Chaos Team:
Once upon a time we did have heroes in Bedroom with their skins, but later a bug occurred so we removed it. We will see when we can bring it back. We are very glad someone finally asked.
About replacing the heir and pet model in the bedroom, it’s possible, but we will need more discussion on this.
壹塊丶Robin 2020/08/14
Please give us a collect all button for our daily quests.
The Royal Chaos Team:
We will have that in our future developing plan.
ZeldaDragon NA262 2020/08/14
Auto travel button for free??
[NA-S138-150] imissboba 2020/08/14
pls keep auto travel a premium token thing, what's the point of premium token if one of the functions/benefits becomes free. :yuexiu_cross:
The Royal Chaos Team:
We will keep Quick Travel as a feature of Premium Token.
[NA-S138-150] imissboba 2020/08/14
please come up with a lighter version of RC, my phone storage cries
The Royal Chaos Team:
Decreasing the App size has always been one of our top priorities. We will do our best to make it smaller, or at least stop growing.
Sohma 2020/08/15
please come up with a lighter version of RC, my phone storage cries
As an "extension"of this idea - maybe allowing us to remove in some way audio packs and video chapters of the main story once we read them would reduce the game size. We can't read main story twice anyway and we download new chapters with every bigger update.
Maybe sth like this is already in use? :P
The Royal Chaos Team:
Currently audio pack is extension pack, which is not initially included in the App unless you download the audio pack. We think it’s a good idea to let players choose to remove the audio packs they already used. We will have that in further discussion in our team. Thank you.
Can you give us iBird (40 something) in s19 faction battle?
The Royal Chaos Team:
If your servers are close it’s highly possible that you two will be in a same division.
Ryuzeku 2020/08/15
Let me transfer my sea account to NA S50 PLZ I GIV U MONEYZ
The Royal Chaos Team:
We are very sorry but account can not be transferred between neither servers nor regions.
Linwood 2020/08/15
Something to help speed up doing pet instances outside of premium token? I’m almost 7 mil might and can’t afford premium token every month, but this takes way to long, and gets a bit boring. Maybe something like how in intrigue when before you could auto intrigue you had to quick challenge 3 stages at a time? Maybe make it so non premium token users can quick challenge one round at a time, like all of round one, then have to press again for 2, ect. And premium token users have the equivalent of auto intrigue where they just push one button then their done. I think that would help free and low spending players while still being fair for the premium token users.
The Royal Chaos Team:
Making a secondary quick feature under the condition that there is already a quick feature, it’s just not right.
FangYiShao 2020/08/16
Can we have a notification when someone wants to be our apprentice ? I mean unless we check, we have no idea if we have application
The Royal Chaos Team:
Updates from the Mentor Hall will be displayed as a red dot on the NPC in Bedroom.
Sato 2020/08/16
Stop ignoring reports about bullying and racism. People insult whole ethnic groups and races in local/royal garden, got reported and you do ABSOLUTE NOTHING! I know that a little toxicity leads to more competition (which means moneh for you), but this is going waay too far. Aren't you ashamed to let such behavior slide in your game?
The Royal Chaos Team:
Inappropriate speech in public chat will be punished once reported. Our customer service team takes care of this kind of reports very seriously, but that doesn’t mean every report will lead to account ban. Please kindly understand.
壹塊丶Robin 2020/08/16
Let us mail people that aren’t on our friend list or in a faction you’re dep/leader of. Pms are super unreliable, and mails aren’t quite as much so. (If you could increase the character limit too, it’d be great. Most don’t communicate using Chinese, and for an English speaker the current limits are near draconian in nature).
The Royal Chaos Team:
About friends slot we have already responded yesterday. We don’t plan to let people directly mail to those are not on their friend list because that may let to mail harassment.
We can consider increasing the character limit though, for English text.
[NA-s221] Mai女皇 2020/08/16
Can you release the Aquarius zodiac outfit any time this year, I’m out here wearing fake zodiacs. :sadness:
The Royal Chaos Team:
We certainly can make arrangement for an Aquarius zodiac costume, but we are afraid it’s hard to be released in 2020.
NOwOtyNOwOdle 2020/08/16
Excuse me, this bubble was originally perfect with brown text. The audacity of whoever thought it was ever right to make the text white and visible like this. As a smol whale I truly can't accept this change. Switch it back to its true glory!
The Royal Chaos Team:
The Delicious Hotpot bubble was amended because we received many reports that the original text color could barely seen.
聿 2020/08/16
Just repeating what I wrote previously.
  1. Please let us renew our passes anytime we want to.
  2. Reset Growth Fund monthly pretty pls?
The Royal Chaos Team:
  1. You can only renew the monthly passes only 5 days before it’s expiration because there is no need to stack it’s duration.
  2. Growth Fund is a life-time event and it’s once only. We don’t plan to change that.
[NA- S260] MentallyIll 2020/08/16
Hello, will you please consider using new questions for Palace Quiz? Or at least checking the accuracy of the answers. ex. "Antarctica is the smallest continent" is put as true. (I mean sure, if RC is one of the avid believers that Australia doesn't exist Edit: Europe doesn't exist either now) Also, would it be possible to NOT make it right before Team Arena? One game can take about up to 10 minutes, which can drag into Team Arena's schedule. The recruitment period for Team Arena also cuts 5 minutes into the quiz, and the time conflict discourages player engagement.
The Royal Chaos Team:
Palace Quiz match starts at 19:30 and ends at 20:00, rewards claim starts at 20:15 and ends at 21:00. It does not conflict with Team Arena. If you see anything unusual, please don’t hesitate to report it to us in the bug report channel.
The question you listed as an example is not in the Palace Quiz questions, though we do have “The Antarctica has the most ice in the world.”
[NA-S181] NaidaBelle 2020/08/16
Can we STOP wasting experience pills when leveling heroes? It currently uses smallest to largest pills and resets to zero, which wastes quite a lot of experience points. It would be far more logical to use largest to smallest, and roll over extra points into the next level — like basically EVERYTHING ELSE in the game does.
The Royal Chaos Team:
We think you might misunderstand. When you level up a hero, EXP pills are consumed based on how much EXP is needed, and low quality items will be consumed first. There is no waste of EXP pills.
Maguoguo 2020/08/16
Can we throw in some new costumes to ranking shop as well with the new update?
The Royal Chaos Team:
We have responded earlier that we will keep updating the Spin shop, Mentor Shop, Team Instance Shop and the Cross-server Ranking shop.
Sohma 2020/08/16
Please think of easier way to identify costume parts and looking them up in brochure.
Right now (let the exemplary outfit be one you win from date) it is like this:
Whole outfit name is "Sleepwear"
Hair name is "Chinese violet"
Robe name "Light veil".
Outfit in brochure is in catalogue "Light voile".
If you want to find outfit in brochure and you don't know the whole outfit name you are doomed because you have to browse each catalogue in brochure until you accidentally find it.
Could you add to outfit parts description (like face, robe, hair) info about which costume they belong to? In example I gave it would work like this :
after clicking on "Chinese violet" hair in wardrobe in the description there would be short note "part of " Sleepwear" costume". It would be much easier to find those costumes if you applied my idea.
Sorry for long post, but I don't know how to put it shorter
:DogLaugh: if you know what I tried to express and have skill to make it shorter please do :DogHeart:
The Royal Chaos Team:
This is a very constructive suggestion. We will have it in our future developing plan. Thank you!
[NA- S293] baleine 2020/8/17
i get that money is priority but f2p invests good time and effort on this too. please make a f2p week/month for us and make it extra special
Ryuzeku 2020/8/17
Whales invest good time and effort on this game too. Please make a whale only week/month for us and make it extra special!!
The Royal Chaos Team:
We have partially free or complete free events every week. Thank you all for supporting Royal Chaos!
[NA118] QiaoShen 2020/8/17
I'm afraid to ask you to adjust the prices for travel packs because I fear you'll just raise the more reasonable prices to match the new rip-off sale. Usually games reward you for spending more, but here's how these prices break down:
$2 per 240 tickets = 120 tickets per dollar
$7 per 800 tickets = approximately 114 tickets per dollar
$29 per 2500 tickets = only ~86 tickets per dollar!
So the more we spend, the less we get for our money?? Thanks!
The Royal Chaos Team:
Please see there are not only travel tickets in the packs.
Pluie 2020/8/17
Please let me dye my second azure crane black to grey......... It's super misleading that it shows dyeing as an option but it's only for the original version of the costume. Also, please revert the drop rate for blessing packs to 99 coupons.
Brooky340 2020/8/17
Wtf bring back 99 coupons per 10 pulls for blessing what is this scam I had plans today to get Puppeteer's Toy and Magic Divination, now I want to throw my phone because it's rng! Crappy rng too most people so far reported less than 99 at 10 pulls this is actual BS.
The Royal Chaos Team:
To Pluie, Black Azure Crane is a dyed costume, and it can not be dyed.
We recently adjusted the Blessing Packs event. Our main intention is to let those who top up 12 or 30 Jades everyday can also participate in this event and collect Costume Coupons, it takes more time, but still they have chance to save Costume Coupons and exchange the costumes they like. The general drop amount of Costume Coupons has not changed. Also, this is not a fixed setting of Blessing Packs event, and any further opinions will be very welcome.
[EU-S47] Chan 2020/8/17
Can we have lord yi shard back in lord's gift ?
The Royal Chaos Team:
We will make Wu Zetian, Taiping, Dongpo, Shangxiang and Lord Yi regular in Lord Yi’s Gift Packs, starting from next week.
Pluie 2020/8/17
To Royal Chaos Team:
Thank you for explaining. Adding a confirmation notice window when you claim all mails is not hard to achieve, but there will be a problem. We can’t tell what kinds of rewards attached to each mail. For your situation, you don’t want to claim the Imprints, so when a confirmation window pops up and you cancel “claim all”, you still have to go back and claim your attachment one by one. In another word, we can give you a confirmation window, but we can let you skip a single mail and let you quick claim the others. If so, does that still meet your need?
-> Yes, I'm fine claiming all the mails individually as long as I don't quick claim all by accident. Just need the confirmation window, thank you!! Agree with Cooper II, the responses make your players feel listened to.
The Royal Chaos Team:
Very well then, we will have this in our future developing plan. Thank you for the follow-up.
[NA- S303] Raddupe 2020/8/17
I've got a load of quick things to suggest
  1. Quick instance
  2. Auto feed pets
  3. Claim all quests
  4. An option to skip cutscenes in options
  5. Filters on quick claiming rewards (Pluie mail idea)
  6. Gift all in Accompany
  7. Visit all in friends
Additionally, please allow for search of 2 outfit traits in Banquet and Pagent. It would also be nice if there were multiple links within the app to explain things like how combat works, and what makes an outfit grant more points in Banquet and Pagent.
[NA- S303] Raddupe 2020/8/17
Some more pet things
  1. Allow quick free to save pets above 100 quality and all those with affection levels
  2. Please make quick select for hunt better
  3. Allow immediate free of pets we hatch
  4. Quick pet, or at least allow us to spam the button. I hate having to watch the pets roll around and stuff when I just want to pet them and move on
  5. There's needs to be links or a wiki within the game to explain things like pet traits or all of the different abilities heirs can have. I feel like I'm playing this game very blindly
  6. Can we name pets, pretty please?
The Royal Chaos Team:
Hello Raddupe, thank you very much for writing your suggestions. In your suggestion list most of them were already responded. Now we would like to respond to the new ones.
Gift all in Accompany: We don’t plan to do this because sometimes we have event quests of sending gifts to the emperor or princess xx times.
If a pet has affection progress, this pet can not be freed nor regenerated. The current filter at Quick Free supports you to keep pets from Quick Free by their quality and traits. We might need you to explain why 100-above epic or purple quality pets should be kept from quick free.
For most of the gameplays & features, we do have basic introduction inserted in the gameplay interface, including pets and heirs. What you are suggesting more like game guides, which we do have Royal Chaos official website and other platforms like Reddit. We don’t want to have game guides in the game because it’s usually players-creating thing.
Thank you for supporting Royal Chaos!
[EUs40/52/60] [SEA S120] Sel 2020/8/17
Hi rc,
thank you for the changable respond:DogHeart:
1rst: Sadly i noticed you didn't reply to my suggestion about the 70 single stages.
Here again: Pls change the 70 single stages to 30 or less signle stages.
  1. A game bulletin sounds nice. It gives players more infos and i'd suggest you announce in the bulletin moved in bedroom or in channels coming updates, new features etc and we the players with a certain rank like eg lower 5 at least are able to announce stuff more that not just our friends should know. (Date, pageantwinner as eg)
If you want you could divide the whole bulletin into the announcement bulletin only u can announce serverwide (could make it easier for u devs and less time consuming) and another page where we can write into (only serverwide)
Through an announcement then we login or go to bedroom(should it be in bedroom) that automatically brings us to this bulletin should a new announcement have arrived we would be able to get everything super fast.
That guid to the bulletin should be removable though so what people who don't want to see the bulletin announcements don't need to be bothered by the bulletin.
Also maybe make it so you can only post at most 3 messages per day into this bulletin.
Pls continue to respond to our suggestions with different and detailed answers if you can. Makes us feel more approached by u.:DogHeart:
The Royal Chaos Team:
Hello Sel, we are sorry that our last response seems not clear to you.
  1. About your suggestion on single 70 stages, do you refer to the Challenge Leader battle stages? If so, please kindly tell us what inconvenience this brings to you, and what you want to change.
  2. For official in-game announcement we often use it to introduce & explain new events and some emergency stuff. For players’ announcement, we think currently the local/cross-server horn can meet your need. A forced-to-see announcement posted by players as you suggested is not encouraged because it may cause disturbance and many people may not want to see this.
Thank you for your time.
Vie 2020/8/17
Hello! How I wish RC would make like a "bulletin of information" for servers. An upgrade version of moments, wherein ALL players from the server can see posts for the server's weekly schedule. Only friends can see moments, right? Not everyone can see posted momemts even if some players relay it, causing date snipes by unknowing, casual players, or by players trying to act coy "not knowing about schedule stuff". PRETTY PLEASE, RC :pleading_face:
Useless 2020/8/17
^ pls no. I get the sniping and stuff but also some individuals are entitled and think that they should get it just because they “called it” and I would like to keep immunity from people like that - id like to stay unfriended and not see their moments :hurt:
The Royal Chaos Team:
We have Square in Moments now. All players can see all the moments in Square. If this is not enough, could you please describe what you want in details?
submitted by IseNina to RoyalChaos [link] [comments]

2020.11.18 04:22 RevenueAlarmed Addressing issues regrading about the community and the game.

Addressing issues regrading about the community and the game.
Before I start this post, I want to be clear that this post does not intend to hurt anyone, I'm just very pissed off with mostly the community and the game. Also, I want to give you a warning that this post has some vile content because of the toxic messages which I received as well
This post needs to be spread to as many people out there as to get the message around ( in my opinion)
My name in the Vesteria forums was JUSTFORCAUSE, I bet a lot of people will be rolling their eyes when they see my name but please just read the full post. All the rude comments started when I made this post.
I'm not going to admit that I did not do anything wrong because I did some things wrong, look at the post it's self-explanatory. Most people who looked at the post thought that I intended to spam the devs to make more updates, but I didn’t mean anything bad for the devs and it makes logical sense that the lack of updates has caused the death of the game multiple times. Let me show you the history of the game from the last good update Shiprock Bottom
So basically, after Shiprock bottom in July we got no updates “zero” it was weird at the time, but it would become normal later because from July 2019 to October 2020 we only got 2 map expansions only 2. And both map expansions were extremely rushed. We got a guild update which was exciting for one day and let's not forget about the 5-month game closure. In those times We got crappy updates like stamina and the data reset. And did not get to point of the inflation issues, it's like the devs don’t care about inflation, I feel like a 7-year-old could handle the inflation issue better than the devs. Holies doubled in value in 3 months, I think that Justifies the point that the devs just can't handle the inflation in this game. I'm sorry this might seem a bit rude but hopefully, you get the point
The Whispering dunes update was pretty good but the map was barren, and there were not many things to do. All the bosses were large-sized versions of all the mobs in the game. The forsaken isle was trash, the lag was a joke.
This could've been prevented if the whispering dunes update had more content.
And did you see the Huge not recommended sign to pinging the devs I only said if needed? It was half a joke and half a drastic measure. I edited the post 9 times If I was just a person who was demanding attention why did I edit the post 9 times
Come on, why are you so mean, not trying to offend you but come on. First, the updates that they publish are either not huge or are rushed. Why are you acting that I like p2w this is not a petition to add a skip to endgame option or something like that. The reason the devs are not making a lot of money is that they are handling the game extremely badly, If you have a business, and you treat the customers badly then you will make less money get that analogy, hopefully, you get that analogy. And she didn't stop there after the post she did more
So basically, she posted the link to my forum post on discord, this is not okay, come on. This caused a lot of traction to my post as more and more people from discord who had no intention of checking the forums came into discord saw her post, clicked on her link and, voila more toxic comments. This was the reason my post was gaining traction and there were so many toxic reply's
This is probably a victim drawn up by trick's discord post. I'm going to admit that this post has some good responses and some decent counter-arguments, but can you say them more nicely. Lemme make this clear they are Roblox devs, not factory workers, and in my opinion, the development of the game was so slow it would make no difference. Let me make this clear the devs are not lazy, but in the time, they made this post they were lazy, in my opinion. Most of the updates were rushed and were bad updates overall. And do you realize that all the major map expansions over the past year took a year to make, aka were in development for a year? (again, I don’t mean to hurt anyone's feelings). Oh, and the last line was rude. If you want a voting place tell me how to make one, simple. V
^. I get the point of declaring the post a joke after Trik’s ridiculously toxic post I had no choice. The toxic posts were coming in way to fast because of Trik’s message on discord on my post, what else could I have done, I could’ve apologized but how could I to a bunch of people are treating me badly. I'm sorry about getting into drama but why did you call me the R-word, not funny
For the guy in the first post, I want to point out that he criticized me on literally every post I made. I feel like people are exaggerating what I did to colossal extents, and I felt belittled by the vesteria community.
After this I got involved in another situation, involving low effort posts. Keep in mind I didn’t know that low – effort was not allowed when I was making low effort posts, it wasn’t in the community guidelines and how are you supposed to know what a low effort post and if they were allowed or not, because they were not mentioned on the community guidelines. So, I racked up closed posts.
this was the first part of the Forum things here are some links to the posts which I was involved in and got bearded by the community
After this I got involved in another situation, involving low effort posts. Keep in mind I didn’t know that low – effort was not allowed when I was making low effort posts, it wasn’t in the community guidelines and how are you supposed to know what a low effort post and if they were allowed or not, because they were not mentioned on the community guidelines. So, I racked up closed posts.
Before you go attacking me, I'm going to state the point of this post. See calling a post Low – Effort is not very nice, the word effort is still in a low effort, if you just ridicule people who make low effort posts then how can you call yourself a good community. The point of this post is to be a continuation chat for low – effort posts. All posts are posts and when a post gets closed it's like a person dying (not a good analogy but it would do).
This post had some potential like you get to list your closed posts and it will be a continuation chat for it. It's also a valid place to talk about post-closure and how calling a post low effort is not very nice

The breaking point came for me when someone made this post
Learn my lesson about making low – effort posts seriously, what lesson could be learned if nobody told me what a low effort post was. Out of my last 6 posts, this one not included 2/6 were low effort the remaining 2 were closed for other reasons. This post was so offensive that it lead me to post a stupid post, which I regret to this day.
This leads me to make a stupid post, here is the link
He is thinking that my post was let's attack the devs and be toxic I said spam the devs if needed. I don’t care if my posts have been closed that’s secondary, I care about people literally treating me badly because of some small mishaps which I did. And I'm sure that he is kind of happy and wanted me to leave (how I interpreted it).
After this, I learned my lesson and never posted a low effort post again and everything was good again until this happened.
A spam post complaining about other spam posts. Come on not funny out of all my posts only 3 of my posts were spam and all of them were spaced out over a period of a couple of days, spam is defended by a constant stream of low effort posts if I posted 10 low effort posts in one day then you can ban me for spam. Could you at least give me a warning? And I want to make this clear this was a long suspension I'm sure Berzaa knew the forums were going to close the day my ban ended, and he did this to punish me even more.
Relatedly receive Constructive Criticism from Regulars. Constructive Criticism! More like harassment/bad treatment. Oh, so I should listen to the things which make me cry, which means I am a stupid human being and many other things.

As a creme de la crop to this situation, I also got banned from the vesteria news hub for ghost pinging a bunch of people then leaving the server.
It's funny how I said 1500 words for me being mistreated by the Vesteria community. Now I'm going to talk about the Vesteria community and why it is toxic (in my opinion).
here are the links to some more posts I was involved in -

Did you realize most of the people who were harassing me on the forums were forum regulars? And most of them are testers, mods the people who control the vesteria community? I'm not saying that all testers, regulars or mods are toxic but around 20% of all mods and testers are toxic, in my best experience in the vesteria community ( my best guess and opinion. The number is bound to get higher when all the rude mods/testers/regulars stay and the good mods/testers/regulars leave or get demoted, because why not.
At least 50% of the vesteria community swears regularly. I'm not going to complain about people swearing because it's not a crime against humanity but exposing it to young kids who have never used an online chatting software and assume swearing is a good thing aka “cool” and get ridiculously toxic by learning how to be toxic by the vesteria community. I know discord Tos says that you have to be 13 to use discord but who listens to that and we're talking about young kids here most are ridiculously naive and think everyone is so nice here until they get picked on, which happened to me. Just to prove my point here are the rules for some of the discord servers

None of the servers ( revins and the vesteria official discord) state anything about bulling, swearing and being toxic in general. The vesteria discord rule said that we don’t care if anyone gets buillied ( in my onion) we are not responsible for any moderation at all so got rip. To add more salt to the wound there is a chat called Colo where toxicity is widespread people literally swear at other people who say something which they don’t like, they don’t like basically the power of free speech taken to a whole new level, even in mush town server people swear a lot. The vesteria community attitude be like ok you can be toxic in the dm and can bully people in the dm’s, if you want to get involved in the vesteria community without seeing people swearing, or some minor toxicity good luck.
Most of the vesteria community is so mature that it's hard to distingue them from adults (even though most of the community consists of kids) a fact which has been proven multiple times. A perfect example of this is when you're trying to apply to guilds. I tried to apply to vindicate (A guild btw) and I had to do an application form, kind of stupid. In the end my application got rejected because it was not "professional” enough. I going to try again but I thought I will get accepted because of these “high standards”. If you want to join the vesteria community but you're not professional, then your guild opportunities are limited.
And let's not forget about the incident of me getting harassed by the vesteria community. This drastically lowered my self-confidence and made me feel sad all the time, Im more emotional than then an average human being. I literally failed a quiz because all I can think about were the events of the posts. I keep uncovering new toxic messages to myself from 6 months ago and it drives me crazy. Im going to stop me here, don’t want the post to be emotional.
I'm going to touch on the revins now, who are ridiculously toxic. I know many people had said this in the past, but there are ridiculously toxic, they are the pioneers and boosted this toxic community. Specifically, I'm going to touch down on RevinReign because he ruined the game with his giant wallet, he hoards talons raising their price. "Hippody Hoppty your talons are now my property" said RevinRiegn he steals all the talons. It should be a line the story of vesteria
Here are some trades for good measure that the vesteria is more overinflated than you think
And do you know what's the sad part, many rich players in vesteria are extremely toxic in my opinion? Most of the people who are rich in vesteria regularly engage in profanity aka swear a lot.
Now let me talk about the game and how to revive it. It's no secret vesteria is dead here is a depressing screenshot
There were zero people who purchased the game in the last couple of weeks, ZERO. I don’t blame this on the current devs of the game they are working very hard on the game and I appreciate it. I blame the current state of the game mostly on Berezaa
Let me get this clear I don’t hate him I'm just implying that Berezaa ruined the game. He was under leadership during the time of Vesteria’s downfall. He came up with most of the ideas that ruined the game death penalty, stamina, Fight for Life, Firing Davidii. Imagine what would’ve happened if Davidi stayed as a full-time developer because he didn’t get fired by Berzaa. (Berzaa if you reading this, which is unlikely, pls don't take this as criticism, I'm trying to
Berzaa I highly encourage you to return to vesteria and work on the remake, I don’t care if it takes one, two, three, four months or even a year just do it, If you're feeling demotivated, Tell the community and take a break. Even If Berzaa doesn’t join the dev team abort the game and work on the remake if possible
If not, don’t worry I have a solution. This is a plan which will consist of 3 phases to fix the game
Part 1 – revival
The first thing that should be done in this phase is to release the pit update, because its near completion, the pit update is hyped up to be better than the whispering dunes. I think a good release date would be either be during the holiday season or right now. I want to point out that Batwing a YouTube channel that has over 10,000 subs will 100% make a video about the pit update when it comes out, This will prob boost the player count to around 500-600, I think. Now you need to start transitioning the game to a f2p game. Make the game cost 15 roux, this will be called the delta phase, alpha and beta players will receive a beta gift and delta player will eventually receive a delta gift. The next thing you should do is to fix inflation, The best thing you can do is to rework mush apoc, as the primary way to earn holies.
How will it work, there will be 5 lanes one for each party member and will be adjusted to the party member level if a player is lv 20 and another player is lv 40 then the player which is level 40 will have more mobs than the lv 20 players.
Another idea is tribune war giving holies with the currency 6 currency is worth 1 holy.
Unobtainable items such as rest scrolls should come back at a highly increased price 15g for both
There should be a new mechanic where having lots of money harms you, for example starting at 10g there will be bounty hunters killing you for your ransom starting at 100g the will become near unplayable. The same thing will happen with mass hoarding items if you have a couple of extra gold tiers which you not using it will have the same effect as having 100g. The way to combat this is to go to a bank to store items, if you deposit and withdraw money a 10% fee occurs for items you get charged 200s for red tier, 3g for gold tier and 10g for green tier for renewal and withdrawal of items.
Tax should get removed
The vesteria discord should become child friendly and the community should be less toxic, they can use profanity in invite-only groups of close friends who are okay with profanity.
More developer items should be added, a loot, gold and XP boost is in development allegedly
This phase should end with the subclass rework and the whispering dunes dungeon and an sqr rework. This phase should last until April 2021
Part 2 – oh yay shoot a flare gun ( get attention)
This should be the end of the p2w Vesteria hello f2p and tiny amounts of p2w.
There should be tons of adds of vesteria running on Roblox the attract more players
The levelling process should be less greedy, more quests, a story mode.
Before the end of paid access make the make more memorable by adding more quests daily quewsts and a story, there should be a new slot to experience this
There should be a filter period for a megaphone a moderator online should rewiew messages being sent by a megaphone to dermine if its toxic or not so alphas and betas don’t bully people. If the microphone message gests rejected for being toxic 80% of the ether spend on the microphone will go back to the user.
There should be some good lv 30-40 content pls
Should last until around October
Part 3 – make the players want to come back
The guild wars update should be released this will make the game the no1 undisputed game on Roblox (in my opinion) people who create guilds who participate in wars will prob need to come back to win the war, basically, guild territory's will make it's want to play the game, create a game and declare war on another YouTuber.
The badlands update should come out, most of the players who stuck around should be maxed and would be in prime condition for a PVP update so why not give it to them.
I might make a more detailed version of how to finish vesteria
If you have any questions ask me in the comments. Pls try not to post any toxic and rude messages, if you have some drama to settle DMS exist for this reason.

I'm sorry for everything I've done just want to make that clear, I mainly made this post to lift a giant wait of my shoulders. Sorry for the massive length, I had a lot of ground to cover
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2020.11.15 23:24 NatsuEevee The state of this franchise (Rant)

You know, I used to love this franchise. However, I can only say that for the Light Novels now. The rest of what we have gotten from this series as of recently from Season 3 and the spinoff to the Gacha game has been hot garbage and I'm afraid this won't be stopping anytime soon with another Date a Live game coming and a Season 4. Honestly I won't be expecting much from these at all because of what we have gotten already.
Season 3 marks the start of where this series will start to turn for the worst. For starters, the art style received a significant downgrade. The characters look a lot more cheap and look a lot worse in comparison to other seasons. In addition to this, the animation was also rushed and poor in many areas. Just an example of Kotori having a piece of a chair in her fucking head and Kaguya either being secretly an owl or her just breaking neck. However it gets worse, the adaptation itself is very lack luster with both Natsumi's arc and Origami's arc skipping a lot of details from the Light Novels. However, the worst of this comes in the form of the last episode where they adapt a whole ass volume (book) into one episode. Not only did this episode feel very rushed to the average anime watcher, with even more of that bad animation but they just skipped the most important arc in the series so far. I already mentioned the skipped details for the previous arcs that they could have used for the final episode to fill in this episode, this leads me wondering how bad season 4 will be when it finally releases.
Speaking of bad, you know what else was bad. The spin off "movies" we got for this series. I was hyped for this movie and to see a series featuring mostly Kurumi was exciting. Unfortunately what we got was two 20 minute movies. It's obvious the reason why they did this, it's to get people to spend more money on their product in a short term view. The art style looked nice, and the animation was fine. However, there was no substance to this at all because of the 20 minute movies. The first movie was just talking for 20 minutes and it wasn't about anything important either like the plot. It was just idle chit chat for 20 minutes and I don't want to even imagine how much they have skipped already based on the 20 minutes alone. I have yet to see the second movie but my expectations are going to be very low with how the first movie went.
Speaking about cash grabs, let's talk about the gacha game that came out a few months ago. The gacha game was pretty fun. However the global version seems to want to kill the game in 1 year instead of letting it live for a long time like the CN version. For starters, we have the SN Kurumi event. SN Kurumi is a limited time spirit with a super low summon rate (Meaning if you wanted her you were probably going to spend a lot of resources or pay for rolls) but she comes way later in the games lifespan on CN. Releasing her this early allows the whales to spend money for her, and just be overpowered for the rest of games life span. The obvious intentions of SN Kurumi is to get the Kurumi fans to spend a lot of money for her and make a profit off it short term. However, I have yet to mention they also just released a spirit as well the week before with her event as well, the staff are still spamming a lot of events in hopes that you will pay for resources to get the spirit you want or resources for certain important items. The community did give backlash and said they would slow down, which they did only a little bit though as we had multiple over lapping events again this month.
Who wants to play a game? You got 2 choices for how you want to get costumes. Guess which one of the 2 choices we got.
  1. Buy it from a store
  2. Buy it from a battle pass
Ok you got it? Ok your wrong, the quiz is rigged. The correct answer is you get to roll for your costumes. Here is the roll chances btw 0.25% chance per costume. The CN version allows people just straight up buy these costumes out of the shop as far as I know. As far as I am concerned this version of Spirit Pledge is not worth the time if they don't plan letting it live longer than a year or two.
I want to basically sum up my rant with the Date a live is seen by the company's as an easy way to profit short term and put in as little effort as possible in order to just release more content out for people to buy. It concerns me with Season 4 and another game coming for this franchise, will they look to be the same as the other games? Or will they actually contribute in a good way to the franchise. As for right now, most of the stuff we have been getting date a live related is hot garbage.
submitted by NatsuEevee to datealive [link] [comments]

2020.11.15 16:16 Cress-Evening A propos de séparatisme et de cancel culture, un quiz (partie 3)

Avec beaucoup de retard (désolée si des fois vous guettiez la publication du post), voici la dernière partie de ma série de quiz sur le séparatisme, l'anti-républicanisme, la cancel culture.
(Partie 1 ici, partie 2 ).
[Content Warning : citations comprenant de nombreuses minimisations de crimes et délits ainsi que des incitations à la haine.]
[Les sources sont à retrouver dans la partie commentaires. Dans un souci d'alléger le post.]
Qui a dit ou écrit ...?
1) " Marianne a le sein nu parce qu'elle nourrit le peuple, elle n'est pas voilée parce qu'elle est libre ! C'est ça, la République !"
Réponse Manuel Valls, lors d'un discours en Août 2016.
2) "Je pense que cette tendance à vouloir mettre les hommes et les femmes à égalité est purement idiote. Je pense que c'est le résultat des progrès de la médecine. La pilule a beaucoup changé les femmes de notre temps, en les masculinisant"
Réponse Roman Polanski, lors de la conférence de presse à Cannes pour La Vénus à la fourrure, en mai 2013.
3) "La France est le pays de l'amour courtois, c'est la nation où les femmes président les tables, où la liberté avance le sein dénudé [...] chez nous la virilité ne consiste pas à lever la main sur une femme, mais à lever la main sur celui qui ose lever la main sur une femme."
// Réponse, c'était difficile, Guillaume Bigot, éditorialiste sur CNews, 13 septembre 2020.
4) "Cette salope !"
Réponse Patrick Devedjian, en 2007 près de l'Assemblée nationale, à propos d'une ex-députée : Marie Comparini.
5) "J’avais préparé une vanne mais vu que je suis un mâle blanc hétéro, je vais fermer ma gueule."
Réponse Guillaume Gallienne, sur la scène des César 2019.
6) "J'ai été heureux pour plein de prix, après je m'interroge quand même sur le choix de la famille du cinéma français à vouloir tout le temps prôner la diversité culturelle et tout ça, parfois je ne sais pas à quel point le moteur de tout cela est artistique ou politique."
Réponse Guillaume Gallienne en 2016, à propos du film Fatima.... qu'il n'avait pas vu.
7) "Si d'un seul coup on dit : "Les femmes sont payées comme les hommes" tout le monde va applaudir mais les entreprises vont avoir beaucoup de mal à encaisser ce surcoût de main d'oeuvre."
Réponse Christophe Barbier sur France 5, en 2017.
8) "Et puis si on est au SMIC, ben faut peut être pas divorcer dans ces cas là. A un moment donné faut prendre sa vie en main, faut arrêter de se plaindre, faut assumer."
Réponse Julie Graziani sur LCI, novembre 2019.
9) Pour expliquer pourquoi certains ne changent de slip qu'une fois par semaine : "En général, la femme fait la lessive une fois par semaine. Si vous aviez un peu la connaissance du travail quotidien ..."
Réponse Jean Claude Dassier sur CNEWS, en mars 2020.
10) "depuis longtemps, dans la société française de souche, que ce soit le judaïsme ou le catholicisme, on ne peut pas dire qu’il y ait une oppression des femmes."
Réponse Elisabeth Badinter, au Magazine l'Arche en 2003.
11) "Ce n'est pas une messe qui ébranlera notre République, mais plutôt certaines dérives inadmissibles que nous combattons, dont le voile islamique à l'école, l'ouverture des piscines réservées aux femmes, les menaces à l'encontre des gynécologues hommes, la polygamie etc"
Réponse Chantal Brunel, porte-parole UMP, en septembre 2008 à l'occasion de l'accueil réservé au pape par Nicolas Sarkozy et des débats sur la laïcité "positive".
12) "Je fais des opérations très difficiles avec mes tripes, donc aux choses auxquelles je ne crois pas, je ne les fais plus. Nous nous ne sommes pas la pour retirer des vies" "Ce n'est pas un homicide" "Si, madame".
Réponse Bertrand De Rochambeau, président du Syndicat national des gynécologues (Syngof) à Quotidien, en septembre 2019. Ce syndicat invitait ses membres à faire la grève des ivg pour se faire entendre sur le sujet de collègues condamnés pour faute médicale.
13) "La liberté de conscience est le droit le plus fondamental de toute société. Une société qui l'annihile, ça s'appelle une dictature. L'objection de conscience fait partie du droit médical et elle est intouchable. Ce droit doit être absolument préservé, je peux vous dire que les médecins vont réagir durement si on y touche".
Réponse Michel Aupetit, archevêque de Paris et ancien médecin, en septembre 2018.
14) "Philosophiquement et compte tenu de ma foi personnelle, je ne peux pas approuver l'avortement".
Réponse François Fillon, lors d'un meeting, le 22 juin 2016.
15) "Oui, j'ai participé deux ou trois fois aux "Marches pour la vie" . Cette question de l'IVG est une conviction personnelle que j'assume."
Réponse François-Xavier Bellamy, tête de liste LR, au JDD, le 20 janvier 2019.
16) "Il est inenvisageable de débattre de l'IVG dans la sphère politique parce que l'Église a renoncé à mener ce combat. La société paye une forme de complexe ecclésiastique parce que, soit disant l'église catholique aurait collaboré, aurait colonisé."
Réponse Marion Maréchal Le Pen à KTO, en février 2017.
17) "En réalité elle est bénéfique aux femmes. Ce n'est pas parce qu'on supprimera la double clause de conscience qu'on aura plus de médecins qui pratiqueront l'IVG."
Réponse Agnès Buzyn, alors ministre de la santé, à l'AN en 2019. A mettre en parallèle avec les certificats de virginité.
18) à propos d'un collègue jugé puis condamné pour agressions sexuelles : "[Il] n’est coupable de rien, si ce n’est des petites choses sur le plan du comportement" et "[elles] ont été séduites-déçues, ce qui les a rendu sans pitié"
Réponse Israël Nisand, président du collège national des gynécologues et obstétriciens, lors d'un colloque en 2016.
19) Au sujet de Greta Thunberg : "Elle a le visage, l’âge, le sexe et le corps d’un cyborg du troisième millénaire: son enveloppe est neutre. Elle est hélas ce vers quoi l’Homme va."
Réponse Michel Onfray, sur son blog, juillet 2019.
20) "des photos t’ont récemment montré partout sur la toile aux Antilles enlaçant un beau black, bodybuildé en prison et luisant de sueur tropicale, ce qui semblait te ravir jusqu'au plus profond – si tu me permets l’expression…"
"c’est proprement manquer de doigté envers la République que de se laisser mettre de la sorte en arborant ce sourire radieux qui témoigne de ton contentement."
"Ce sourire, c’est le même que tu arborais sur les marches de l’Elysée le jour de la fête de la musique en compagnie d’une brochette d’individus, eux-aussi férus de ce très subtil langage des signes. On ne dira pas que tu caches ton jeu. Il n’y a que les crétins pour feindre que tu dissimules. Tu es du genre à nous le mettre bien profond,"
"Qu’y-a-t-il entre lui et toi pour que se trouvent détruites les preuves des coups tordus de cette affaire ? De quels doigts et de quels fondements symboliques, ou non, est-il ici question ?"
" Tout le monde a pu voir que tu étais capable de changer la loi pour récompenser Philippe Besson qui est à ta personne ce que Heidegger fut à Hitler, Sartre à Staline, Sollers à Mao"
"Un homme qui est capable de passer par-dessus la loi pour récompenser un intellectuel qui le…, qui le…, disons, qui chante ses mérites,"
Réponse Michel Onfray, sur son blog, octobre 2018.
21) "La bonne mère est nécessairement incestueuse et pédophile" et "En vérité, pas de bonne paternité possible sans l'acceptation de son homosexualité latente, et un soupçon de pédophilie !"
Réponse Elisabeth Badinter dans XY, De l'identité masculine, 1992.//
22) “Je voudrais adresser un salut républicain à monsieur Christophe Girard, qui m’a donné hier une grande leçon de dignité et je veux saluer l’homme.”
Réponse Didier Lallement, au Conseil de Paris.
23) "normal que l'on demande aux jeunes filles, lorsqu'elles commencent à être désirables, de faire en sorte qu'elles ne provoquent personne."
Réponse Xavier Darcos, le 9 octobre 2003 sur LCI, alors ministre délégué à l'enseignement scolaire, à l'époque où l'"on débattait" non pas du burkini ou du crop top mais du string.
24) "Des chefs d'établissement ont réagi en interdisant le string à l'école. C'est une bonne chose.[...] Après, on s'étonne que les adolescentes soient victimes d'attouchements ou de violences sexuelles."
Réponse Ségolène Royal, également en octobre 2003, alors députée et ex-déléguée à l'enseignement scolaire.
25) "Bah bien sûr que ça déconcentre les garçons. Moi quand je vais dans la rue, des jeunes filles avec le crop top, ça me déconcentre."
Réponse Alain Finkielkraut sur LCI, septembre 2020.
26) "Il y a des phénomènes de violence [sexuelle] qui s'exprime parce qu'on nie une réalité corporelle qui est la différence sexuelle."
Réponse Xavier Breton, député LR, lors d'un débat sur LCP titré "L'éducation sexuelle à l'école est-elle tabou ?" Mais qui en réalité était un débat "pour ou contre respecter la loi ?", face à Alexandra Louis, qui n'a donc pas de souci à s'y plier gentiment. Moins choquée que par les """mensonges"""" des militantes féministes sur la loi pour laquelle elle était rapporteure.
27) "... au Canada, dans un collège […] où l’écriture inclusive concerne les catégories suivantes : LGGBDTTTIQQAAP. C’est-à-dire lesbiennes, gay, genders, queers, bisexuels, demi-sexuels, transgenres. Et ils ont oublié les onanistes, les fétichistes et les pédophiles. On ne voit pas pourquoi ils seraient exclus."
Réponse Pascal Bruckner sur France 5, en octobre 2017.
28) "13 ans à l’époque, c’est peut-être pas 13 ans aujourd’hui. Aujourd'hui maintenant la morale..."
Réponse Vincent Cassel, sur France 2 en octobre 2017, à propos de son interprétation de Gauguin.
29) A Matzneff : "Vous avez vu quand même comme les temps ont changé parce qu'il y a quelques décennies vous étiez célébré et aujourd'hui vous êtes presque mis à l'index."
Réponse Franz Olivier Giesberg sur France 2 en 2009.
30) A Matzneff : "Vous qui êtes un écrivain du bonheur, qui célébrez à la Stendhal la joie de vivre..."
Réponse François Busnel sur France 5 en 2015. Piece of shit.
31) " Gabriel Matzneff dans son écriture et dans la façon dont il s'adresse aux jeunes, ce qu'on lui a d'aileurs suffisamment reproché, est éternellement jeune. Moi Matzneff m'a toujours donné envie de boire, de lire et de baiser."
Réponse David Abiker sur Paris Première en 2017.
32) "Moi, ça me donne envie de dire aux réactionnaires qui nous tombent dessus en ce moment: oui je suis pédophile, oui je suis gay, oui je suis lesbienne. Evidemment, toute cette affaire est dégueulasse pour Dany Cohn-Bendit."
Réponse Romain Goupil en Février 2001.
33) "Klaus Barbie, ok, tu t’acharnes sur lui jusqu’au bout. Polanski, j’ai vraiment du mal. Faut pas mettre tout le monde dans le même panier" et " J’espère qu’on va continuer à se séduire."
Réponse Mathieu Kassovitz, en Février et Mars 2020 à Paris Match et sur la scène des César. (= l'Etat français qui refuse d'abolir la prescription des crimes sexuels en utilisant l'argument des crimes contre l'humanité).
34) "J'aime beaucoup Gabriel Matzneff, dont je crois avoir tous les livres. J'aime son style, ses formules, son rythme. J'aime ce qu'il dit et comme il le dit."
Réponse Pascal Praud, au Point.
35) "Lorsque j'achève un livre de Gabriel [Matzneff], je jubile. C'est un bonheur, d'abord, d'être son ami. C'est un bonheur, surtout de se dire que des êtres comme lui existent encore aujourd'hui."
Réponse Alain de Benoist, date ?
36) "Polanksi n'est pas pédophile. Sa victime [...] n'était pas une fillette, une petite fille, une enfant, au moment des faits. [...] La France est en proie à une véritable fureur de la persécution."
Réponse Alain Finkielkraut, le 9 octobre 2009 sur France Inter. La victime avait 13 ans.
37) "Et moi je m'interroge toujours, est-ce qu'on peut parler de pédophilie à propos de Gabriel Matzneff ? On peut sans doute parler de détournement de mineur, mais pédophilie non. J'ajoute que tous les pédophiles ne sont pas des Dutroux. Si l'on met de côté Manille."
Réponse Alain Finkielkraut sur France Culture le 29 février 2020.
38) "Gabriel Matzneff Il se trouve que je le connais et je vais faire en sorte qu’on ne le traite pas comme si c’était l’ogre de je ne sais pas où. Les dizaines d’enfants etc tout ça est assez fantasmatique. On a 2 cas."
Réponse Elisabeth Lévy sur CNEWS, juillet 2020.
39) "En 68, on voulait changer le monde et on a réussi, dans le sens que le féminisme, l'égalité ... "Vous avez fait une libération sexuelle qui a permis à Matzneff d’exister, c’est bien on est content."
Réponse Virginie Martin à Romain Goupil sur LCI le 3 février 2020. Elle a été rayée de la liste des débatteurs réguliers suite à cette intervention. Elle avait cherché à le cancel.
40) "séducteur, sûrement ; charmeur, ami des femmes et, d’abord, de la sienne, naturellement ; mais ce personnage brutal et violent, cet animal sauvage, ce primate, bien évidemment non, c’est absurde."
Réponse BHL, le 16 mai 2011, sur son site.
41) "Quelle image donnons-nous au monde quand les télévisions de la planète entière montrent un prestigieux Français pénétrer dans le tribunal de New York, piteux, mal rasé et toujours menotté, pas mieux traité que les malfrats de couleur déférés avant et après lui devant le juge ? "
Réponse Sylvie Pierre-Brossolette, le 19 mai 2011 dans Le Point. Elle est dorénavant membre du CSA.
42) "Qu'il y ait eu une imprudence on peut pas le... (rire gourmand), j'sais pas comment dire, un troussage, euh, de domestique."
Réponse Jean-François Kahn le 16 mai 2011 sur France Culture.
43) "[...] ne pas libérer, alors qu'il n'y a pas mort d'homme, ne pas libérer quelqu'un qui verse une caution importante, ça ne se fait pratiquement jamais."
Réponse Jack Lang, sur France 2, le 16 mai 2011.
44) "Qu’est ce qui se serait passé si Polanski était noir ?" "Rien. On l’aurait applaudi."
Réponse Jean Messiha sur CNEWS.
45) "Par 2 fois déjà la justice a donné raison à Gérald Darmanin et puis d’après ce que dit la presse, cette jeune femme a un passé un peu trouble donc c’est pas non plus une oie blanche sortie d’un couvent."
Réponse Bruno Millienne (député MoDem) sur LCI en juillet 2020.
46) "Cette professionnelle a été condamnée, pour menaces, pour extorsion, pour chantage, et pas à une amende mais à de la prison. Elle a pris deux ans ferme, et avec mandat d'arrêt, pour chantage. Cette professionnelle est une menteuse. Elle est une menteuse délinquante".
Réponse Pierre-Olivier Sur, avocat de Darmanin, sur RTL, en janvier 2018. (C'est faux, la plaignante n'est pas "une professionnelle".
47) "J'ai eu une discussion avec lui, parce que c'est un responsable politique qui est intelligent, engagé, qui a été aussi blessé par ces attaques, donc il y a aussi une relation de confiance d'homme à homme, si je puis dire."
Réponse Emmanuel Macron sur France 2, le 14 juillet 2020.
48) "Ils n’ont rien à faire ici, ils sont voleurs, assassins, violeurs, c’est tout ce qu’ils sont, il faut les renvoyer. Et si pour cela il faut sortir de la Cour européenne des droits de l'Homme. [...] Moi je pense aux femmes violées".
Réponse Eric Zemmour sur CNEWS, le 30 septembre 2020, juste après une énième condamnation.
49) "Dès que je vois une meute, je me méfie et là, en plus, ce sont vraiment des méthodes étonnantes de délation. Pendant la guerre, on aurait dit de libérer la parole aussi, #dénoncetonjuif, ça aurait été parfait"
Réponse Eric Zemmour sur Europe 1, en octobre 2017.
50) L’un des objectifs de la campagne #balancetonporc était de noyer le poisson de l’islam : oubliée Cologne, oubliée la Chapelle-Pajol, oubliés les cafés interdits aux femmes à Sevran ou Rillieux-la-Pape, on traquait le sexisme là où il était une survivance honnie et l’on couvrait du voile pudique de la lutte contre les discriminations les lieux où il façonnait encore les mœurs."
Réponse Alain Finkielkraut au Figaro Vox en novembre 2017.
51) "Ce n'est pas monstrueux. Il faut que l’homme soit un prédateur sexuel civilisé. Il y a une attente de virilité, il y a une attente de violence. Donc il faut de la virilité, il faut de la violence."
Réponse Eric Zemmour, sur France 2.
52) "Moi j'angoisse parce que je sais que je vais être envahie par 5 ou 6 femmes avec des bébés qui vont m'agresser devant ma glace, taper devant la glace.(...) Pourquoi ils dégueulassent systématiquement les trottoirs? Pourquoi ils nous agressent systématiquement à 5 ou 6 autour d'une voiture? Merde!"
Réponse Claire O Petit, députée LRN en 2011 sur RMC.
53) "Très franchement, quand je vois un barbu en djellaba qui traverse au feu rouge, j'ai envie d'accélérer, je vous le dis." "Moi ça me l'a toujours fait hein, c'est pas nouveau."
Réponse Claire O' Petit, en novembre 2012 sur RMC.
54) "Les noirs veulent monopoliser la lutte anti-raciste. Il est hors de question que je laisse la lutte anti-raciste entre les mains des noirs, de quel droit ?"
Réponse Yann Moix sur Cnews, en septembre 2020.
55) “Les jeunes issus de l'immigration (...) sont tous des voleurs, ils sont tous des assassins, ils sont tous des violeurs.”
Réponse Eric Zemmour, 30 septembre 2020, Cnews.
56) " Avec ou sans l’Euro, notre actuel territoire national occupé par une joyeuse population métissée de Peuls, de Bambaras, de Berbères et de quelques “Caucasiens” ne serait plus la France. "
Réponse Laurent Dandrieu, de Valeurs Actuelles et proche de François-Xavier Bellamy, tête de liste LR aux dernières européennes.
57) "Je veux qu'ils reculent, je veux qu'ils rendent gorge, je veux qu'ils soient écartés du débat public. Non pas par l'interdiction, ce n'est pas le sujet. Mais qu'ils perdent, qu'ils perdent ce combat, cette bataille d'idées. Nous la menons pour la République et je la mène pour les musulmans de France. Parce que c'est nous qui les protégeons. C'est pas Edwy Plenel et ses sbires."
Réponse Manuel Valls, 15 novembre 2017 sur BFM.
58) "Ma deuxième inquiétude, c’est l’action d’un déséquilibré, d’un extrémisme, qui va aller tirer sur une mosquée ou frapper des femmes voilées : si un tel événement se produisait ou se répétait plusieurs fois, nous perdrions l’avantage moral que nous avons gagné en tant que nation victime du terrorisme islamiste."
Réponse Pascal Bruckner, sur France Inter, le 22 octobre 2020.
59) "La France, c'est la République et celle-ci aussi se trouve aujourd'hui ébranlée dans ses fondements par la coalition de ses ennemis terroristes, complotistes, séparatistes, communautaristes, dont les armes habituelles de la violence, dans la rue comme dans l'espace privé, et de la lâcheté souvent garantie par l'anonymat permettant [le] recours dévoyé aux réseaux sociaux, ont pris ces dernières années une intensité inquiétante."
Réponse Jean Castex, en juillet 2020 lors de son discours de politique générale devant la représentation nationale.
60) "Allez visiter les quartiers où des petites filles de trois ou quatre ans portent le voile intégral, sont séparées des garçons et, dès le plus jeune âge, sont mises à part du reste de la société, élevées dans un projet de haine des valeurs de la France."
Réponse Emmanuel Macron, 4 novembre 2020.
61) "La civilisation française sublime la femme, elle la met sur un pied d’égalité avec l’homme, et non 40 niveaux en dessous de lui, voilée de la tête au pied !"
Réponse Marine Le Pen, 1er mai 2016.
62) "c'est toujours les mêmes, comme on dit – moi, quand j'étais maire, on me disait « Monsieur le maire, vous savez bien, c'est toujours les mêmes » - toujours les mêmes qui dealent du shit en bas de l'immeuble, c'est toujours les mêmes qui cambriolent les bagnoles, c'est toujours les mêmes qu'on revoit et qui sont sortis du système scolaire, c'est toujours les mêmes, et ça fait des dizaines d'années que la crise d'autorité, elle ne vient pas simplement de l'Etat, les parents, une partie des parents ont démissionné, une partie de l'école a pu démissionner, une partie des services sociaux ont pu démissionner."
Réponse Gérald Darmanin, le 7 septembre 2020.
63) "les gilets jaunes ont été infiltrés par «40 à 50 000 militants ultras qui veulent la destruction des institutions».
Réponse Emmanuel Macron, à Bruno Jeudy en janvier 2019.
64) "Il nous faudra donc rétablir les conditions de la tranquillité publique partout, par la tolérance zéro enfin appliquée, la neutralisation des caïds et des milices d’extrême gauche partout."
Réponse Marine Le Pen, le 1er mai 2016.
65) "Le boxeur, la vidéo qu'il fait avant de se rendre, il a été briefé par un avocat d'extrême gauche. Ça se voit ! Le type, il n'a pas les mots d'un Gitan. Il n'a pas les mots d'un boxeur gitan. Nous n'avons pas construit, comme beaucoup de nations autoritaires, les anticorps au système. Donc, nous, on est des pitres !"
Réponse Emmanuel Macron, au Point en janvier ou février 2019.
66) "dans l'affaire Benalla comme Gilets jaunes, la fachosphère, la gauchosphère, la russosphère représentent 90 % des mouvements sur Internet. De plus en plus, des chaînes d'information disent « ceci est important, ceci est légitime » parce qu'il y a du mouvement sur Internet. Ce mouvement est fabriqué par des groupes qui manipulent, et deux jours après, ça devient un sujet dans la presse quotidienne nationale et dans les hebdos."
Réponse Emmanuel Macron, au Point en janvier ou février 2019.
67) "Ici, à la Pitié-Salpêtrière, on a attaqué un hôpital. On a agressé son personnel soignant".
Réponse Christophe Castaner, le 1er mai 2019.
submitted by Cress-Evening to FranceDigeste [link] [comments]

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2020.11.08 07:14 testvenom superpost

The Whitewater Pact
The Whitewater Pact is a new game idea in the NITW universe about the tale of five teenagers in 1987 wanting to leave their dreaded hometown. Taking place within the Night in the Woods universe, it also is a story driven 2D platformer. You may have seen this post before, but this is a largely updated version. This post is a rundown of the story, gameplay, and all around summary of what the game would be. Join thewhitewaterpact to support this idea! Without further ado, this is The Whitewater Pact.
The deeper water gets, the darker it becomes.
The game opens up like NITW did; small white text choices upon a black screen. The text is perceived as an interview, with you being the interviewer. You get different choices of text to choose from, but it all wraps around to the same point and same received information. Summarized, the text is along the lines of:
Well then, what do you think happened?
Ah, what an easy question.
Then why have you waited so long to speak on it?
...I wanted to wait. ...Wait until I was nearly dead.
And with that, the game begins.
The story takes place in Whitewater, Washington, a fictional small town along the gloomy coast of Washington State, heavily inspired by the Pacific Northwest. The year is 1987, now stated as such. The game follows a mouse named Eric and four other playable protagonistic characters, all seniors in high school. They are: Eric, who is a mouse, (as previously stated), Brad, who is a crocodile, Kim, who is a cat, Scott, who is a goat, and Angela, who is a bird. They each represent an 80s teenage stereotypical archetype, of which are: The loser, the jock, the popular girl, the nerd, and the class president, respectively. (Eric is the loser, Brad is the jock, and so on). They all live in different parts of town and all come from different walks of life, whether it is wealth, having a good family, etc.
The first thing you do in the game, after the opening interview sequence, is that you wake up to the sound of an alarm clock going off. The screen turns from black to a closeup shot of the clock reading 7:30 and a controllable arm, (like when you open windows or grab things in NITW). You reach over and turn off the alarm, which then cuts to a shot of what is now revealed to be Eric, the main protagonist, in bed. The first thing you do is get ready and walk to school, all while making observations with button prompts just like NITW. In his house, which is immediately prevalent to not be in a nice condition, there is Eric’s dog sleeping in his room, his dad seemingly hungover on a couch in front of a staticky television, among other things. It’s a short walk to school and doesn’t take long at all. Before you reach school though, aptly named Whitewater High School, their mascot being the Night Knights, you take out a schedule paper, revealing it is the first day of the second semester. He has four periods in his school day, with a lunch period split between them. His last class of the day is Psychology, one of the senior-required courses you have to take in order to graduate, as explained by comments made by Eric when you look at the paper. You go to your first class and sit down. Once you do, the day starts over again, this time as Brad. You get ready with him, then walk his route to school, go to his first class, then so on and so forth with the rest of the playable characters. None of the routes to school are very long, so it doesn’t take too much time to complete all of this, with all of them being unique as well. You also check all of their schedules, and sure enough, they all have Psychology as their last class of the day.
Without an immediate transition into topics, the initial plot is this: Eric, Brad, Kim, Scott, and Angela, the playable characters, are all 4.0 grade point average (GPA) students in high school. (Quickly, for foreigners, having a 4.0 GPA is a perfect, overall grade from over the course of your schooling — meaning you have gotten an “A” in every class you have ever taken in high school, a fairly difficult accomplishment). There has been a special awarded raffle held before the school year by the state government, where three school districts were selected at random. The prize is that all of the 4.0 GPA senior students of those three lucky selected schools will be awarded a full-ride scholarship to a university, of course only if they manage to still graduate with a 4.0. As mentioned, our main characters all have a 4.0 grade going into the second semester, the final stretch of their schooling career. They’ve made it this far with a perfect grade, one final semester would be nothing to them. The scholarships are all seemingly within their grasps, the surefire ticket out of their town, something they’ve all been dreaming of doing, for reasons I will go over in a bit. They are all aware of this whole raffle thing and have been excited about it for quite some time now. But, during the first day of their new Psychology class, which, again, is required for graduation, the professor, named Mr. Herringbone, announces that he will only be giving out one “A” grade in the class. And if no student were to earn an A, the next highest grade would be automatically bumped to an A grade. (For example, if the highest grade manually earned was just a B-, that would be rounded to an A. Also meaning, if there were two students, and one had a 98% “A” and the other had a 99% “A”, both still A grades, the one with the highest percent would receive it, while the other is automatically rounded down to an A-). This means, for the 4.0 students, only one of them will have the chance to walk out of the class with a 4.0, leaving the others with, at maximum, a GPA of 3.9, losing eligibility for the scholarship. Along with this, Mr. Herringbone says he will enact a strict policy of no make-ups, no redos, or anything of the sort for any of the work, homework, or tests for the class. The news of this, while stirring the rest of the class just a small bit, absolutely shocks and devastates the five of our main characters. They can’t believe what they’ve just heard, reacting somewhat internally, holding in their composure. And this is where the game truly starts to take off.
Luckily for them, Psychology is really the only difficult class they have, as they knew they wanted an easy last semester, signing up for elective classes like P.E., Art, Culinary, Politics, Teacher’s Assistant, etc., though 4th period Psychology was the only option they had to take that class, again, having to take it for graduation requirement. Some of them also do share classes together. The teachers of those other classes are aware of the scholarships on the line for the 4.0 students, thus cutting them slack and more or less giving them an A as long as they show up to class and participate at the very least.
After finding out who else has a 4.0 in the class, the five of them begin to deliberately sabotage each other, in hopes of lowering each other’s grades, with Psychology seemingly to be the only class they can use to do that. Their hope is to maintain the highest grade possible and get the A, and thus, the scholarship. Through this, you learn about their lives and who they are and the backstories they have. Eric is the most focused on and is primarily the character you play as, though you do play as the rest in other sequences, sabotages, missions, and more. You also never play as a different character when Eric is directly involved in something. You can build up trust and relationships between the characters, all depending on the choices you make; the story is essentially in your hands to craft it, driving it in one way or another, eventually leading to the ending, which I will touch on in a bit.
Before we get into characters, this is what the bulk of the gameplay is and what the plot mostly revolves around.
At first, the sabotages start out soft; pretty harmless and even somewhat comical, pretty much just pranks or practical jokes. For the larger ones, they work out like how the “hangouts” did in NITW, though sabotages most certainly do not replace hangouts, there is plenty of side content and story to do, which, again, I will touch on in a bit. These sabotages/missions also involve features/mechanics from NITW like the closeup hand mechanic of grabbing and throwing things, (like when Mae throws the pierogies into Gregg’s mouth or when she opens a window), and also exploration around the town and school. They start out by doing petty things like stealing notes, and somewhat more severe, yet still relatively harmless and comical, things like pouring laxatives into one’s water bottle in their 3rd Period P.E. class, so they are stuck in the restroom and are late for Psychology.
To further explain that specific example though, it would pan out like this: Scott and Brad share a 3rd Period P.E. class together, with Brad having the idea to pour the laxatives into Scott’s bottle so he will be late to Psychology. You play as either of the two throughout the class, including a fun mini game of the activity they were doing that day, like dodgeball for example. Afterwards though, in the locker room, while Scott isn’t looking, you play as Brad and pour the laxatives into his bottle, right before he takes a huge swig. The bell then rings and everyone is dismissed. It then cuts to you playing as Eric in the hallways, walking to class. All of a sudden though, you see Scott dash into the restroom frantically, with Brad then passing by, laughing. Eric goes into the restroom and hears Scott and realizes what probably happened, of course with you as the player knowing for certain what just happened. Scott then notices your feet outside the stall, saying, “Eric is that you?! Please help! Do something!” You have the choice to respond back to him or to stay silent and run back out to the hall. Knowing that Scott isn’t going to recover in time for class, you then have a choice as Eric to either help out Scott by pulling the fire alarm, a suggestion by Scott, so he has time to get back to class, or do nothing, figuring that it might be for the better in hopes his grade will lower and give you more of a chance to get the A. And on the surface, the latter choice definitely may seem like a better option, but building trust and relationships with the other characters is still very, very important, as it puts one less target on your back. There’s always two sides to every choice; one that will divide you from someone else, while one strengthens your bond with another, an important dynamic that plays out throughout the game. Everything you do will have an effect on where the story will lead. If you pull the fire alarm, your relationship and trust with Scott will rise, while your relationship and trust with Brad will suffer, as he saw you do it. If you don’t pull it however, obviously it is a vice versa situation, and your relationship with Brad will go up, while your relationship with Scott will go down.
Now is a good time to go over the characters and the information you receive about them as you progress. They all have a deep background to discover, of which includes why they want to leave Whitewater so badly.
•Eric Coldstaff, “The Loser,” a mouse: Eric lives in poverty in a rundown house with his single alcoholic father and his beloved pet dog, Bender. He is bullied frequently, as he is an easy target considering his outcast reputation and short height. (He is easily the shortest out of the five main characters). He doesn’t really have any friends besides the manager of the grocery/hardware store he works at, who’s named Dick, acting as a father figure to Eric. He later makes friends with three goth girls, one of which is named Carrie. His mother died during his birth, with his dad later remarrying, though she also tragically died, this time in a car accident when Eric was in grade school. Eric deals with major depression and neglect from his father and desperately wants to leave Whitewater to leave behind all of the excruciatingly painful ties he has to this town. He wants to escape.
•Brad Laung, “The Jock,” a crocodile: Brad lives with his two parents, of which own a junkyard/scrapyard in town. He also has an older brother who is currently in college, playing football on a scholarship. Brad is on the wrestling and baseball team, as well as the football team, though the football season was before the start of this game. He isn’t known to be a terrible bully, though he is considered to be somewhat of one. He has a posse of friends who are known for being far worse bullies than him, his best friend being named Kevin. He is dead set on surpassing the success of his older brother, whom his dad pays far more attention to because of his college football status.
•Kimberly (Kim) Sharp, “The Popular Girl,” a cat: Kim lives with her (fairly) wealthy parents and her younger brother and baby sister. She has a huge friend group, with some being minor characters, and one larger character named Amy. She deals with eating disorders and other insecurities. She wants to prove herself to be much more than just the “princess” of the school — she knows the friends around her are all just hollow and empty and truly mean nothing to her, though she can’t stand to be alone and by herself. She wants to leave Whitewater and find meaning in something real, the lack of which has driven her heartbroken over the course of her life.
•Scott Nelson, “The Nerd,” a goat: Scott lives with his father and stepmother, as well as a little sister. He has two other good friends, one of which is named Cory, who is addicted to Kastles and Krakens, (the Dungeons and Dragons of the NITW universe). His father is chief of Whitewater police. Being a policeman is a tradition in Scott’s family. Scott had an older brother who seemed to be on track of fulfilling the tradition and become a police officer, while Scott had no desire to be a policeman. This relaxed him, knowing he wouldn’t have to fulfill the tradition at all. But when Scott was in middle school, his older brother was in an accident and died, with his mom not being able to bear the pain of so and thus divorcing his dad shortly after. She hasn’t been heard from since. Now, Scott’s dad wants to pass the tradition down to him, and with Scott’s career path narrowing, his dad has become increasingly toxic about it, even going as far as threatening to excommunicate Scott from the family and his life. Scott has made up his mind to leave Whitewater and be successful to spite his father, while also leaving behind bad memories.
•Angela McMahon, “The Class President,” a bird: Angela is the student body president for Whitewater High School. She has lived with her uncle all her life, and has never really been told what had happened to her parents. Her uncle is the mayor of Whitewater, and while she desperately wants to look up to him as an inspiration, he constantly belittles her and undermines any achievements she has made. Angela has dealt with addiction issues for quite some time now. Unfortunately, her only two good friends both moved away before the start of their senior year, leaving Angela somewhat stranded without guidance, as her friends were a big help with conquering her addiction. Since the school year started though, she’s made new friends with a sophomore named Crystal, one who also deals with addiction problems. Angela really wants out of the toxicity that her uncle brings around her, while also fighting to try and stay clean. She wants to leave Whitewater and study politics, hoping to bring a good change to the world.
As you progress through the game, the more serious the sabotages become. Over the course of it all, you have been gaining trust and building relationships with characters, while further dividing it with others. Though of course all of the characters have the same goal in mind, you do work together in certain instances, as it could be for the better, saving self individual worry about earning the A for another time. Here are some sabotage storylines that could potentially happen as you progress, listed in no particular order.
•While playing as Eric, either Scott or Kim will come to you and Angela with a plan to follow Brad’s bus on its way to a wrestling meet in a faraway town, many hours away. The plan is to slash the bus tires, leaving Brad, as well as the rest of the team, stranded in that city and forced to stay overnight. By the time a new bus would arrive the next day, and then drive back with the team, that school day would surely be over, resulting in Brad missing a test. (It’s determined whether it’s Scott or Kim driving by whichever one is in a gray area as far as trustworthiness with Eric). Eric and Angela agree to the idea and are driven into the town with the accompanying driver. You reach the destination, though Brad and the team had been there for a few hours already, as they left before the school day ended, and in a mini game, you properly slash all the tires just like the plan. Afterwards though, Scott/Kim takes off in the car without Eric and Angela, leaving you stranded together. Eric manages to call Dick, his friend and manager, to ask to come and pick them both up, and he agrees, thankfully, as it is quite the task driving so far unexpectedly. Eric and Angela now have downtime while waiting for their ride to arrive and get to explore the other city together for a quite a few hours. They bond together and have a really good time, a nice break from all of the chaos going on around them back in Whitewater.
•Playing as Brad or Scott, whichever of the two you’re not playing as steals the other’s regular clothes and gym clothes from the locker room as they’re showering after P.E. and hides them around the school. Naked, only wrapped in a towel, you have to go around the school finding them before the bell rings for the next period, which is Psychology on a day of a quiz, all while remaining unseen from anyone else. The camera is far more zoomed out than usual and it is essentially a mini parody of a stealth game, dodging people’s sight and hiding behind things. There is a timer going and you reach a checkpoint every time you find an article of clothing, which you then of course put on, with underwear being the first you find. If you are seen by anyone in the hall you automatically run back to the last checkpoint. If you don’t get them all in time, you are tardy and thus not allowed to take the quiz; due to the harsh rules Mr. Herringbone put in place.
•Playing as anyone, with one accompanying friend of theirs, you sneak and break into Mr. Herringbone’s house at night, with hopes of finding the tests that were taken earlier that day and changing the answers on them to incorrect ones, except for their own, of course, all without making noise or waking him up. It is a Friday, so they assume he hasn’t graded them yet and will later in the weekend. There you can find the tests, but also uncover weird things they did not know about him, including different oddities and a room for a child, despite him not having one. Each different character has their own different ways of breaking in.
•During a test that he didn’t have time to study for because he was dealing with the aftermath of another sabotage, Scott has his friend, Cory, sneak into the school’s vents above the classroom and release some sort of vapor to set off the fire sprinklers so it ruins all of the test papers in the classroom, postponing it until the next day, leaving Scott more time to study.
Before we get into the ending, it would be good to go over the other mechanics and what else the game has to offer, as NITW wasn’t constantly pushing out story the entire time you played; the other half was the downtime and exploration you get to experience, which this game has plenty of as well.
Each of the characters possess a unique gameplay mechanic that lets them reach areas that others cannot, whether in school or outside in town. Eric is the shortest and can fit under and into tight places others can’t. Brad is the tallest and can jump and reach higher areas others can’t get to. Kim has good balance and can walk across telephone wires and other skinny surface which others cannot do. Scott knows how to pick locks and can get into locked doors around town. And Angela has school keys and can access any door within the school, including the ones that lead in/outdoors. There are plenty of unique areas that only certain characters can reach because of this.
You get to explore the town during downtime, which includes the short walk to school, after school, and the weekends. Not everyday is necessarily accounted for, as this game takes place over months, approximately from February to very early June, AKA their second semester of school. When a new month arrives, you are told that day before he start of the day/when you wake up. They will all have the same amount of playable days, with exceptions to February and June, as you don’t experience both the beginning and ending to those months, unlike the others. At the end of the school day, similar to how in NITW you are presented with the choice of activity for that certain day, like choosing between hanging out with Gregg or Bea, you are presented with the choice of who you would like to play as for that time, each of them having a unique activity planned ahead for them. Sometimes not every character will be available to choose for that time because, canonically, they just don’t have anything interesting planned for that day, but really, there is simply a rotation in which the characters are selected to be playable for that day. For example, it’d go like this: it’s the end of the day and the bell rings. With a shot of the school serving as a background, text choices pop up on screen. There are different choices you can flip through. One may say “As Kim, go to the mall with her friends.” The next reads “As Eric, go to the graveyard with Carrie and her friends.” And so on and so forth. Again, not everyone will always have an option to play as. If there are major main-story points unfolding, such as missions, sabotages, or important cutscenes, the according player will automatically be chosen for you and you will receive the title of whatever is playing out, like “Legends” or “Proximity” in NITW. Depending on whatever route you are taking, different ones will happen. Major story events may also, and more likely more often than not, take place in the evening after school, after whatever optional event you chose to do after school. They may also happen during the school day. There will usually always be one, with some definitely being more serious or important than others.
During the school day, you are also presented with fun, mini activities/games to do, similar to how things like hanging out with Lori or Germ and lightbulb smashing were in NITW; small things that don’t affect the plot in any major way. Things like this would include participating in P.E. class like dodgeball and basketball, sculpting pottery on a throw wheel with the closeup hands mechanic in art class, etc.
Not to blatantly use the same ideas, because, canonically, Mae used her notebook for an actual reason, (her doctor recommended it), an “achievement” system is still in place, like the doodles in NITW. Instead of a journal being used for doodled achievements, there will be a bathroom stall that slowly gets graffitied with the “achievements” you make, done in permanent marker, just like how real schools are. Not that it would necessarily be the characters doing it themselves, it just appears there after you complete the respective moment that earns you the achievement, giving you the notification for it in the corner of the screen, just like NITW. You can check it from anywhere, you don’t have to be in an actual stall; it’s more symbolic than anything. I think that would be a creative solution to having a unique achievement system like NITW had, as that was simply a part of the game’s experience, blended with the aesthetic and theme that this game has. You rotate to look at all four walls, them slowly filling up with different graffiti of doodles and words. It would be pretty awesome.
Quickly switching topics here before we get into other things, each character also of course has their own subplot and story as well. It uncovers who they are and the deep problems they face and the reasons as to why they want to leave Whitewater so badly.
Eventually though, as things go on and tensions get higher, things get more and more out of hand, with them ultimately messing with each other’s lives out of irrationality and some hatred, rather than just trying to lower each other’s grades. The more horrible the sabotages become, the less it is you, as the player, actually acting upon them and doing them, or at least without the insight that the characters’ internally have apart from your own knowledge, as your own moral compass would come into check. You are still, of course, in charge of movement, dialogue choices, other choices, etc.; it isn’t just a string of cutscenes with no player interaction.
The first turning point between purely grade-related sabotages to, more or less, personal attacks between characters is when Eric’s current least trusted character pulls a massive sabotage on the entire school and gets the blame put on him, resulting in the suspension of Eric. After this, Eric plots his revenge on them, leading to a rabbit hole of trouble.
This slowly begins a descent into chaos and hatred among the five of them. Other personal attack-like sabotages or things that go to far include:
•Steroids and marijuana are planted in Brad’s room at home by someone sneaking in through his window while he was away. This results in him getting kicked off the baseball team by his father and coach, simply igniting rage within him. He starts carrying his brother’s old knife everywhere he goes.
•Eric eventually makes friends with a group of three goth girls, not unknown to him, as they have been classmates since they were young, but they just never really talked. He tells them slightly of what has been going on and they help him out sometimes. One girl, named Carrie, and Eric grow really close really quickly and bond over the struggles they’ve both had in the past. Later on, at a certain point, one of Kim’s friends, named Amy, bumps into Eric and accidentally ruins his notes somehow for Mythology class. She asks him what they were for and tells him she also has Mythology, but for 4th Period. Eric isn’t too worried about it, but she insists on taking extra notes for him so he can have them back in return. She says she’ll meet him at the end of the day. Eric is suspicious, but, quite literally, at the end of the day, she lives up to her promise and gives him the notes, all seemingly proper and correct. She then offers to go to the park with him and study for the test they’re both having tomorrow. He is now very suspicious, but when he asks if Kim put her up to this, she looks genuinely confused and denies it. He agrees to it, though he is still very cautious. They go to the park, study a bit, but simply just end up talking to one another. Eric reveals to her, and you as the player at the time, the story of how his mother died while giving birth to him, and how he never really knew her and how it’s hard to visit her tombstone because her date of death is the same as his birthday, though his dad did get married again a few years after. Amy asks what his dad’s new wife/the woman who is now his mom is like and then he reveals that she died as well, this time in a car accident, involving a drunk driver. He further explains his dad’s descent into alcoholism and unemployment. Eric and Amy end up kissing. He walks her back to her house and then back to his. At the next day of school, it is revealed that, unknowingly to Eric, as well as you as the player, that, while Kim, Amy, and their friends are talking, Kim had paid Amy to kiss Eric to try and get him sick, as she has the flu. What they don’t know is that Amy actually ended up with genuine feelings for him after that day they spent together, but brushes it off to them as if it was gross and horrible. It did end up working, though, as Eric is shown throwing up in a restroom toilet. They start to hangout semi-secretly, but Carrie eventually finds out and gets upset at Eric, revealing that Amy used to bully her extensively years ago and says she is just like the rest of the popular girls. Carrie doesn’t show up for the next few days, so Eric asks her friends where she is and they tell him that she is in the hospital after she tried to “hurt herself.” This completely throws Eric off.
•One morning, Eric wakes you to his dog dead on his porch. He is beyond devastated. He figures it was Brad, as he threatened to do so at one point, though it was just to scare. Eric meets Brad after school on his walk home and Eric yells at him for what he did, Brad denying it. Eventually, Brad pulls out his knife and pushes Eric to the ground, saying one last time that he didn’t kill his dog. Brad’s friend Kevin is actually the one who did it, as he was there when Brad threatened to do so, leading Kevin and him to get into a big physical fight.
Amidst all of this chaos, they have finally reached close to the end of the school year, and with that, the beginning of the final part. Irrationality is evident with all of them.
Depending on the choices you have made and relationships you have built up with Eric and the other characters will determine how the ending pans out for you. There are multiple endings.
The final chapter begins with a phone call happening. It is Eric on the line. He calls every character to go over a plan that they have made. Every character, but one; Eric’s “least favorite,” the one with the least amount of relationship/the most hatred built up with him. For sake of this post, we are going to have that one person be Brad, though, in the game, it could be any of the other four. That character is also the one who has ended up with the highest grade in the class.
You call each of the other three characters separately, being able to tell who is on the other side of the line based on the appropriate colored text that they have, like in NITW. They are talking about a plan they have to try and prevent Brad from attending school, not tomorrow, but the next day, as it is the day of the big Psychology final test. They have put away their differences and accepted that they’d rather have a one in four chance of getting the A by working together, than to do nothing and have Brad certainly get the A. One last big team effort.
The plan they have is a bizarre kidnapping, more or less. At night, they are all going to get into Scott’s pickup truck, (if Scott is Eric’s least favorite, then it will be Brad’s pickup), stake out by Brad’s house, wait for him to fall asleep, break into his room, disguised, and knock him out with a rag of rubbing alcohol. Then they are going to blindfold and tie him up and take him to an abandoned shed in the deep outskirts of town, where he will remain for the next day, missing the final test, all without being seen.
The irrational plan works, despite a few hiccups, and they drive him out to the abandoned shed. They slowly drag him out, still unconscious. But when they open the door, there are already people inside, in the middle of a big drug deal. Quickly, they slam the door shut again, run back to the truck, and throw Brad’s body in the back of it. They race down the highway again, all arguing about what they should do next, from a 2D angle, like when you are walking. They don’t realize, though, that Brad has slowly risen and is now standing up in the back of the truck, and groggily starts yelling, still somewhat tied up. They all turn around and really start to freak out. Eric then turns back around first, just in time for him to see a deer in the middle of the road. He screams and Scott turns around and slams on the brakes, the momentum sending Brad’s body flying from the back of the truck into the road in front of them, the deer calmly walking off. In unison, they all say: “Oh shit.” Stunned, they get out and walk over to him. They check over his body, and, sure enough, he is dead. They all have their different reactions. Kim bursts into tears. Eric throws up. But Scott then starts to give orders to them all. They load him back in the truck, Scott explaining that he knows what to do. They drive back into town and drops the girls off at the junkyard and tell them to find a metal barrel big enough for his body. You play as one of them to find it. He then drives himself and Eric, asking if he knows if there is cement at Dick’s store. Eric says yes, now realizing what they are gonna do. They get the cement and then Scott goes to his house and gets a manual cement mixer from his garage. (If Scott died, Brad gets one from his garage as well). They drive back to the junkyard, where the girls have found a barrel. Working together they all mix the cement using water from the ocean. They then put Brad’s body into the barrel and pour the cement into it, clear that they don’t want to do this. All of this is happening with very high emotions and adrenaline, nothing is calm. They sit in silence for a bit, and after a bit they all work as a team to drag the barrel out to the old pier over the ocean that is by the junkyard. (Not to ruin the mood, but just so you know, concrete can set underwater. It doesn’t “dry,” it’s a chemical reaction that happens). Before they push it over, Scott pulls out a knife, popping it open. He says that they need to make a pact. A pact to never leave Whitewater, in an attempt to keep the crime buried and to never forget what they have done. They all know they’ll never be comfortable again. They will grow to be adults and can be whatever they want to be, as long as they never leave Whitewater. They all agree, one by one taking the knife and cutting a small gash into their hand, not big enough to be noticeable, but big enough to leave a scar. They’ve left their cut on Whitewater, they need to be the scar to cover it up. And with that, they bump the barrel over the edge, the camera tracking it sinking in the water, getting darker the deeper it goes, until there is nothing but black. They wanted to leave so bad, they ended up stuck.
Eric wakes up the next day and slowly walks to school. There is a time lapse of him doing nothing all day, until he reaches Psychology. Mr. Herringbone does role and when he reaches Brad, the four of them have to hold in their emotions. They don’t try on the final at all to ensure they are not the one to get the A grade. Someone else will get it, but nobody else had a 4.0, so there will be no scholarship given. At the end of school, Scott admits to them that his dad caught him sneaking in at 3AM after the ordeal and he couldn’t hold it together and told him about everything, his dad saying he’ll do everything to protect him, knowing that he will have to become a police officer after all. (If Scott died, Eric is the one who tells Dick about it, and he promises to protect Eric and take blame for anything as he is already an ex-convict and looked down upon by the police. Scott’s dad also does not push for a deep investigation if Scott were to die, scared he may have ran away, or even worse, committed suicide, because of his toxicity and abuse towards him). They talk for a bit more. They all compare cuts and then grab hands. The scene fades.
The second part of the final chapter begins. You are playing as a new character, one that looks like Eric, but isn’t him. You start at the end of town on a pier and get to explore. The town is mostly the same, but there are modernization differences and some major changes. Sure enough, you are the son of Eric, now in 2017. If you go to the graveyard, you can find the memorial tombstone for Brad, with his body actually not buried there, of course. Your character tells you where you need to go to progress, his house, but you can explore as much as you want beforehand. You eventually pass by a news crew outside. Once you reach home, that scene ends.
There is a live news report being filmed outside, a special story being filmed on the 30th anniversary of the boy who went missing, with no body ever found. It isn’t national news, but within the state, it is a huge deal.
It shows people inside houses and such watching the program intently on their TVs. Those people are the older versions of the Eric, Kim, Scott, and Angela. Eric is watching inside Dick’s store that he now owns. Scott is in a police uniform in his house, children playing on the floor. Kim is watching, still in her parents’ house, with her elderly parents by her side. Angela is watching in her house, with a “Re-elect Angela McMahon for Mayor” sign in her front yard. (Brad would be in a gym, taking a break from lifting, his shirt saying “Coach,” a remote in his hand). All of them still in Whitewater, just like they promised. It cuts back and forth between them four watching it. While they are watching, a new person is brought in for interviewing. To their disbelief, it is their Psychology professor, Mr. Herringbone, from 30 years ago, now a very elderly man. You can see them all tense up. The interviewer, a young woman, explains to the viewers that this was one of Brad’s professors in high school, who says he has information to give on the subject. This is where that first line at the beginning of the game comes in:
Well then, what do you think happened?
Ah, what an easy question.
Then why have you waited so long to speak on it?
...I wanted to wait. ...Wait until I was nearly dead.
He then explains, specifying that this is only a theory, that 30 years ago, he preformed an experiment. He explains that, at that time, there was an important reward for 4.0 students in that graduating class, five of them being in his Psychology class. He decided to narrow it down to only one, by only giving out one “A” that second semester, so many years ago. He wanted to see what those students would do in order to obtain that “A,” saying, after all, he is a psychology teacher. He then says Brad was one of those students. He says he observed them all, their hi-jinx they took part in, starting out silly at first, though over time, getting more serious and personal as desperation grew. He even says that he’s pretty sure they broke into his house one night, with a laugh. The interviewer then asks, hesitantly, what he is implying. He explains that he thinks it is quite coincidental that Brad went missing in the midst of all of this. Especially, the day before their final, he specifically states, saying that he may be old, but he hadn’t forgotten. During all of this, the reactions of the four of them grow more and more serious, some of them with teardrops down their faces. He then admits how it is quite shocking. Then, again, stating that this is only a theory, he says:
“And... not to name any names... but I do believe that those four other students are still living here today, still in Whitewater,” a small grin appearing on his face.
Then, in vertical split screen, after a few seconds of silence, it shows all four of them, clicking off their TVs in unison.
Cut to black. And roll credits.
Thank you so much for reading. Again, please join thewhitewaterpact to support this idea! More information can be found there! Comment below and please DM me for any further questions, comments, or just to chat.
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2020.11.05 08:37 vness1213 My professor is kind of...unprofessional?

For the record none of these things are super serious, I'm just wondering if anyone else feels the same way about these situations because I could be over reacting.
Okay so when I first started this class we had a few small point assignments. I was getting 50's on them so I asked him why and how I could improve. He immediately asked to talk on the phone which I understand, so I said that's fine. He cleared it up in one minute, but then spent the next TWENTY minutes complaining/venting to me about how annoyed he was with students having so many questions and not understanding things even when he blatantly types it (which wasn't true. His instructions can be super unclear because his assignments are somewhat opinion based. If he disagrees with what you have to say he tells you it's wrong). I thought that was kinda unprofessional but I figured he just really needed it lol so I left my phone on while eating a snack til he finally paused long enough for me to say "okay well thank you for the help!" And he finally let me go. This was 3 days into the semester.
The Sunday of the first week he had sent 2 emails by 1pm saying that people needed to turn in assignments because today was the due date. Kinda annoying but I had all my stuff in so whatever. Then he sent a 3rd email and literally listed the names of students as well as how many assignments they were missing and sent it to the entire class of 90 people. SUPER unprofessional. Especially since some people do things last minute. Kinda shitty to put them on blast first week of school.
He asks kind of personal questions for assignments? I understand relating personal experiences to your major, but I always feel like it's weird when teachers purposely ask students for information. The assignment that comes to mind is where he asked us to list what demographic we were and write a personal instance where we felt discriminated against. He could've gone the entire semester not needing to know my cologender yet there I was having to not only say that, but pull up shitty personal experiences in my life of being discriminated against and trying to pick the one that made me the least mad and write about it "in detail. No less a paragraph!". Why? Lol
We had an extra credit opportunity to give feedback for the class. I have done this before with other professors and usually admire that they want to better themselves. I said things he was doing well and some things I personally would change. There really wasn't any negative criticism because at the end of the day, he's a very organized teacher. I just asked that tests not be only 10 questions long because if you get one wrong you're automatically a letter grade down and you only get less than a minute per question so it can give anxiety and that maybe 12 would help. I also said that he should change our one project option because it involves interviewing 20 people of different age demographics and I said I had no way of doing this because I (as well as many americans) lost my job due to COVID and don't have 20 people I actually know who are from different generations. He gave me a paragraph of criticism as to why my suggestion about the quiz was wrong and why he wasn't changing it and didn't say anything about the project option. It's not like I was saying the quiz question thing was bad. I even said that it was a small thing and probably just specific to a few so it wasn't a huge detail. He just sounded so petty and bitter about me having to say one bad thing.
The most recent was halloween. He has messages he posts along with what we have to do each week which I usually ignore because it's just informal stuff. Trying to connect with students in an more relatable manner which I appreciate. But for his halloween post for some reason he chose to say "I'll miss coming in the morning after halloween and watching students still in their costumes coming in doing the walk of shame into class." I know it was a joke, but I feel like that's kinda weird to say to your class of students, some who may still be 18 years old. Talking about laughing about how "lol my students had sex last night" is kind of unnecessary and I feel like it's weird to even mention that to students.
He also made an assignment based around school shootings? For literally no reason. Don't have much to say about that. He just said to make a hash tag and social media challenge based around school shootings and reply to other students as to why their idea is good or bad. I kinda think making an internet challenge derived from the issue of school shootings is kind of....random? Strange? Like, are you okay? I was somewhat concerned.
And finally, the WEIRDEST thing is that I looked him up on rate my professor out of curiosity. He had a near perfect score, and almost every single comment mentioned that he was funny. That he was hilarious. Should be a comedian. It's one thing if a few students think you're funny, but why are all of them almost quoting the same way of saying that you're funny. Why are 4 people specifically saying that you should be a comedian within the first 10 comments. I only found ONE negative comment and it said he was a pretentious narcissist and that one day he came in, pulled up his rate my professor, then combatted why all the negative comments were wrong. Who does that? Yet I couldn't find ANY other negative comments besides the one. And the negative comment was from last year.
Idk he's kinda just...strange? More annoying than anything else. With that being said the Halloween comment really pissed me off for some reason. Why are you discussing students sex lives TO YOUR STUDENTS? But I think that's just because I'm hypersensitive to the topic of predatory behavior. Not saying he's one. Just saying that might be why that comment irritates me so much. Everything else just makes me groan having to do his assignments. Getting a good grade but then having him write paragraphs about how wrong I was and how poorly I did the assignment despite my grade. How relatable he tries to be with students but in ways that are kinda inappropriate. The whole things weird idk, just wanted to see what other people think. Of course I'm probably over reacting.
TL:DR my professor has exhibited some weird behaviors/decisions and it's both annoying and weirding me out.
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2020.11.04 13:56 R3d_Haz3 Blog #1

My name is Lisa and I am a lesbian. I am a lot of other things too, I just really want to discuss this topic right now. I started deeply questioning my sexuality back in April of this year after thinking about an erotic experience I had with a woman. If you want to read about that story, then go to my page. Probably my first post.
Well, I have ADHD and tend to get obsessive over certain things. As such, I began watching every bit of lesbian content I could find. Watching lesbians coming out on YouTube, lesbian TikToks, listening to late bloomers tell their stories, lesbian shows, lesbian movies, taking Am I A Lesbian Quiz, and lesbian porn. The list could go on and so could I for I could not stop talking about it for months. My friends are most likely tired of hearing about my little journey over the rainbow. One in particular suggested I find a community on reddit to find other people to talk to. Following her advice, I found latebloomerlesbians and read the Master Doc. A thorough series of experiences from women before realizing they were lesbian relating to their attraction with men, dating, sex, etc.
For years I have been so full of confusion about my supposed attraction towards men. I kept making my list of impossible standards longer and longer and I felt like my attraction towards the men I was dating was not genuine. I couldn't figure out why I never felt full pleasure from sex. Even when sex was good (with one man) I still felt a sense of disconnect. Kissing was empty, sex was empty, even saying, " I love you," felt dirty and wrong. Upon reading the Master Doc, I quickly realized that I had related to 90% of these feelings and experiences. I wasn't the only one who felt this way. Everything was making sense for once.
Then, compulsory heterosexuality had kicked in again. Dating men is all I have ever known. What I was taught as a child through social media and my parents. I liked men didn't I? Short answer? I didn't. I was merely taught to believe I did. I knew I did not look at men the same way I looked at women. This was clear. This made sense. Took some time for it to make sense though. Comp Het made me question myself even deeper. How much of this was a lie? Turns out, all of it was.
I felt like there was a small part of me that already knew. I use to ask my Mom, "How would you feel if I was lesbian?" when I was a young teen. Thought her reaction would be funny. Or at least, that is the lie I told myself every time I asked her. I did eventually stop asking her. I had no reason to question my sexuality and no way of explaining my feelings and experiences. I remember she always responded the same, "I wouldn't like it, but I'd still love you." Made me happy to hear her say that, I know others aren't as lucky. In August, on her birthday, I asked her once more, " Hey Mom, how would you feel if I brought home a girlfriend?" This time her answer was different, "Why are you trying to hurt me?" She began crying. "Oh mom, how am I hurting you ya silly? I'm just asking." Then I changed the subject.
I honestly don't know how my family will respond. Perhaps, the same way they responded when I came out as atheist; crying for my eternal soul. I am 30 now and luckily don't have to live with them while on this journey. I am happy that I have accepting friends and an accepting sister. My brother is mentally challenged and was taught the ways of the bigot unfortunately. Believes everything my parents and grandparents tell him. He is still a good person though. So, I know he won't disown me. I am sure my family won't disown me either, they will just STRONGLY disapprove and probably try to convert me again.
Regardless, I am happy that I finally took the time to ask these questions and seek answers. While I am far from fully accepting my new self, I am proud to be lesbian. I hope one day I will live in a high rise with a beautiful woman and our 2+ cats. If you made it this far, then thank you for your time. I will try to blog often so I hope you stop by again. Farewell for now.
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2020.11.04 03:51 WitchfatherBellwther I passed first-time with an AT/T/T/T/AT with just a month of study (non Project Manager here)

Hello all. I just passed the PMP exam last week with AT/T/T/T/AT a rough pass and not what I was aiming for but it’s a pass nonetheless.
A little background on me:
I am a former bootcamp software developer (AS in compsci with honours, BA in poli sci, MA in Communications). For the last year I have been working as a Product Manager at a poorly managed ed tech company. I have no experience with formal project management and sought out the exam and skillset because:
a. It was a gate to further advancement in the field.
b. I REALLY needed to instill some semblance of order in my workplace.
Here are my resources. Note: None of this is an endorsement just what I used YMMV. If people ask I can post specific links but not sure if that’s allowed first post.
To get my pdu’s, and prep for what to experience I bought the INFOSEC PMP Bootcamp Prep. This includes your PMP membership, a print copy of the PMBOK, a free test voucher and a FREE test retake voucher if you fail AND you attended at least 90% of the bootcamp AND you score at least 90% on their mock exam. This cost around $2500. Subsidized nicely by my stimulus check. $2500
I downloaded a copy of PMBOK 6th edition online onto my tablet (it was risky and I hope I don’t have some crazy malware now). FREE
I bought the PMP PrepCast PM Formulas PDF and Cheat sheet along with the 105 sample questions(~$50)
I downloaded the following Apps: PMP EXAM 2020 ($12, iPhone), Professional Prep PMP ($19 monthly, iPad), PMP Prep(iPad) I only had each subscription for less than a month but more about that below.
The Vargas Holy Grail of videos (found out about that one here at pmp). FREE
Vargas’ free downloadable charts of the Process Areas. FREE
Project Management Videos by Edward Shehab on Youtube. FREE
A few youtube videos by Praizion. FREE
With my resources outlined I will discuss my process as well and in the following section explain tweaks to that process that I recommend:
My Process
I paid for my bootcamp on September 1 (this year) for a start date of September 28 to an end date of October 2. INFOSEC recommends taking the exam on the Friday after the bootcamp. I obviously didn’t do this. I also was starting from literal zero as well.
I received my materials (the PMBOK textbook) around September 6th and began my PDU prestudy on September 10th. I rushed through these videos in order to get to the end so I could qualify for my bootcamp. INFOSEC has a decent question bank which I used about 400 questions on daily reviews. They are a bit on the easy side though but great for reinforcing basic conceptual knowledge.
A week before the bootcamp on September 28th I watched the Vargas video and then began using the prestudy videos to go through each of the Processes outlining the Purpose, Key Benefit, ITTOs as well as key terms. I did this by going through each Process in its entirety and NOT by Knowledge Area.
The Vargas video was instrumental in opening the door to understanding the interrelationships of each process which was key to me passing.
I did the bootcamp which was just an overview of the same content in the PDU prestudy with a group of other people. We had the opportunity to explain concepts to each other and do a few questions. All in all it was a nice refresher if not a bit pricey.
I then worked through the PMBOK and the toughest area/longest slog was obviously Planning. Once Planning was done I then consolidated the rest of the processes by knowledge area and drilled down that way.
At around the same time I started the bootcamp- 28 September I began using the apps to go over questions. The apps were useful that they tracked incorrect questions and enabled me to return to them.
Whenever I got a question wrong I went and looked it up in the book and I added it to my “Punishment” log. My personal rule was to review the punishment log three times a day.
Following the bootcamp. I set the exam to be about three weeks later- the 23rd of October as I intended to really drill down and master everything in hopes of running the tables with AT’s (yeah right).
I took several quizzes a day even before I finished prepping all the knowledge areas. This was helpful as it forced me to try and think ahead on some questions and bridge the relationships between the individual Processes. Most quizzes I took were 12 questions. I took several 20 question quizzes and as I moved further away from the first two knowledge areas I covered (Integration and Project Stakeholder management) I incorporated them into my quizzes so I was staying fresh on that content. I kept adding in a few questions from knowledge areas I had already covered to keep warm on them.
I did about thirty of the math questions. And I used the online Pearson whiteboard to practice doing them so I wouldn’t be thrown off by using it in the exam.
The Exam (23 October)
The Exam focused heavily on making real world decisions based on the PMBOK strategies for handling given situations. To explain it better, many of the answers could NOT be directly found in the book- rather you had to use the knowledge from the book and rank the decisions for the MOST appropriate course of action and go with it.
85% of the questions had two answers that could have been the answer. I was honestly shocked and horrified by this. So please if anything- think situational (more on that later).
I took the exam at home. I had to take a picture of my workspace, disconnect my second monitor, you are recorded audio and video through the entire thing so try not to mutter curses under your breath when you get a tough ETC question like I did. When you start you get a single time and even though you can take a 10 minute break whereby the exam timer is paused after around 90 questions, beware as the sections are not individually timed. I made sure to clarify with the invigilator on the deal with the timer as I would have spent the entire time trying to refine answers and been left with little to nothing for the second portion!
The timer stops during the break but I was already heated from the question quality so I opted to forge ahead as I wasn’t sure what I’d be allowed to do in the break (you cannot even have a drink with you during the exam).
Refinements to my Process
Before you open the PMBOK
Start with Vargas. Download his visual sheets. Refer to them frequently. Make sure you understand how it all comes together. After watching his video and digesting it. Write an essay as if you were doing a complex job application or school course review on how you think it all works to test if you truly understand it. Once you do. Good. Time to move on to the Process Groups and Knowledge Areas.
Jump into the Shehab videos and bust open your PMBOK. You are going to knock out the Process Groups by the sub-process group which will keep your thought process linear and related and prevent confusion. Watch one Shehab video on a topic. Read it through in the PMBOK then do a writeup of the entire Process. Rinse and repeat until you have finished Planning.
Once you are done with Planning you can then deal with the rest of the Processes by Knowledge Area so you understand the relationship between Execution and Monitoring and Controlling.
As you move through, take note of three things and create a separate document to track them: Project Documents, Tools and Technique Types, and PMP Plan Areas. You want to group your types together such as Data gathering tools vs Data analysis tools, Registers and Plan Materials. You want to understand what each is and how it applies to the big picture- doing this will make the situational aspects of the exam easier. Effectively you should be able to see a particular problem that comes up, mentally place that problem within a particular process (if that info is not readily given) then apply the requisite part of the process to resolve the issue presented to you.
You should be able to knock out 1-2 Process Areas in 2-3 hours of study on your basic knowledge pass. Take 20-30 minutes after your writeup time to read what you just wrote then do a 10 question quiz. Take note of what you got wrong- add it to your punishment log. Review that before bed and whenever you can.
Try to do 3-4 math questions a day even if you’re not at the math portion yet. You want to lock down the process and marry it to the concepts when you get to them. Write down the equations by hand and practice using the whiteboard as that is really good muscle memory and will add to your speed during the exam.
After you’ve finished all the process areas. Now go back and add additional notes as you test and make sure to jot down a situational hypo or two per day as you review Process areas.
Consider hypos like: I’m being asked to start the project without a key stakeholder being available to sign off on the project charter. What do?
We want to review the construction processes of a contractor for quality what can we use to do this?
I think the bootcamp and ANY prep to PMBOK has to include time set aside to cover application of the knowledge you have learned to real world scenarios. You need to understand the multiple ways you can handle an issue as well as the pro’s and con’s of each of those ways and what would be considered to be the best choice given a particular fact pattern.
Godspeed and Good luck to all!
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2020.11.02 21:29 accio7 R/Baseball Offseason Schedule and Hot Stove Guide

Welcome to the hot stove season, also known as the offseason. We here at baseball understand the pains of baseball withdrawal, so we have a number of different events scheduled throughout the offseason to try and make it bearable for everyone. If you would just like a schedule of everything this offseason, skip to the bottom, otherwise, here are the events we have planned (starting with the new and finishing with the returning).
We have also included a "Hot Stove Guide" so you can be prepared for all the trading and signings that happen this offseason.

Baseball Book Club

We are continuing with the monthly book club discussion here at baseball! Each month a book has been chosen that you can check out and read, with a discussion post that will be made near the end of the month. We have tried to make nice mix of historical books, modern, fiction, and nonfiction.
Our November selection (to be discussed November 28th) is K: A History of Baseball in Ten Pitches by Tyler Kepner. Here's the description from Amazon:
From the New York Times baseball columnist, an enchanting, enthralling history of the national pastime as told through the craft of pitching, based on years of archival research and interviews with more than three hundred people from Hall of Famers to the stars of today
The baseball is an amazing plaything. We can grip it and hold it so many different ways, and even the slightest calibration can turn an ordinary pitch into a weapon to thwart the greatest hitters in the world. Each pitch has its own history, evolving through the decades as the masters pass it down to the next generation. From the earliest days of the game, when Candy Cummings dreamed up the curveball while flinging clamshells on a Brooklyn beach, pitchers have never stopped innovating.
In K: A History of Baseball in Ten Pitches, Tyler Kepner traces the colorful stories and fascinating folklore behind the ten major pitches. Each chapter highlights a different pitch, from the blazing fastball to the fluttering knuckleball to the slippery spitball. Infusing every page with infectious passion for the game, Kepner brings readers inside the minds of combatants sixty feet, six inches apart.
Filled with priceless insights from many of the best pitchers in baseball history including twenty-two Hall of Famers--from Bob Gibson, Steve Carlton, and Nolan Ryan to Greg Maddux, Mariano Rivera, and Clayton Kershaw--K will be the definitive book on pitching and join such works as The Glory of Their Times and Moneyball as a classic of the genre.
Our other selections:

Trivia Challenge

We are also kicking off the offseason with a five day Trivia Challenge! Monday through Friday a new trivia challenge will be posted on, with the final standings tracked and announced here on baseball. Visit here to take Monday's quiz! If you don't have a trivial baseball account yet, using your reddit username is optional but helpful for tracking.
DISCLAIMER - TrivialBaseball is paid for and run by mod cardith_lorda. He receives zero monetary gain from users visiting the site and has it set up so baseball communities like ours have a more programmable platform for contests, games, and other projects.

Postseason Symposium

This is an annual event where we make the subreddit text post only for a couple days to try and highlight the more in depth posts that many of our users make. Threads for analysis, long form opinion, creative OOTP sims, and historical pieces are highly encouraged. Here is our archive of past symposium pieces.

Toasts and Roasts

This has been a tradition at baseball for the last few offseasons, and we continue it this year. Throughout the offseason every team will get a day for a "Toast" thread where they can give a recap of their team's season and talk about the positives, and a "Roast" thread where the rest of baseball can make fun of everything they did. These threads are generally "hands off" from the mods, barring any extreme racist, sexist, or otherwise intolerant language.
Each week is given to a division. Monday will be the team that finished last in the division, and we'll go up the division standings until the divisions champion on Friday. These weeks are interspersed throughout the offseason to work around the winter meetings, holidays, and hall of fame announcements, so make sure you double check the schedule to see when your team is up.

Auxillary Sub Spotlights

Each year we pick 5 baseball related subreddits to shine a spotlight on for a week. These can vary from year to year, but it serves as an opportunity for them to share what they have to offer, as well as usually giving some great lessons for everyone.

Baseball Top MLB Players

This one is still tentative, and the exact format may not be the same as previous years, but this is a ranking of the top MLB players going into the 2020 season.

Why will X team exceed expectations? Why won't they?

This has been an annual series for as long as I can remember around here. Each team gets one day to talk about the expectations for the season, how they can exceed them, and all the things that can go wrong. This is our "30 team in 30 days" to lead up to opening day.

Hot Stove Guide

As the Hot Stove starts firing up again for another offseason, we wanted to remind you all of the following resources available through MLB Trade Rumors:
The MLB event calendar is stickied on the sidebar for your reference as well. A good glossary is also available on's site explaining such terms as the Rule 5 Draft, salary arbitration, the qualifying offer, and process of non-tendering.
Please also keep in mind our Twitter and breaking news rules:
Twitter Guidelines
All Twitter posts MUST include
  • Name or twitter handle of tweeter in brackets, i.e. [Rosenthal].
  • FULL TEXT of tweet (hashtags and links optional)
Exceptions can be made for tweets with excessive swearing, multi-part tweets, tweet-and-responses, and tweets that do not adequately describe the context.
Post titles for excepted tweets must still be descriptive of the content (no clickbait-y titles)
Example: [Passan] Springer to Yankees, 10 years, 500M
Do not post:
  • Tweets serving only as a link to an article/video (post article/video instead)
  • News or rumors tweeted by unknown entities
  • Fake news (this is a bannable offense)
Breaking News Guidelines
  • Include names of all teams and significant players involved in the title whenever possible
  • “Prospects” is OK
  • Use first initials for common last names
  • Trade rumors will only be accepted if it is the first for the specific teams OR if more than 48 hours has passed since last news of rumor.
  • Trade rumors must also be posted from a reliable source like a baseball journalist, media personality, or reputable site like MLBTradeRumors
  • Include player, team, years, and dollar figure in title whenever possible
  • Signing rumors will only be accepted if it is the first for that playeteam combo OR if more than 48 hours has passed since the last news of rumor.
  • Signing rumors must also be posted from a reliable source like a baseball journalist, media personality, or reputable site like MLBTradeRumors.
Full Tentative Schedule
Dates Event
November 2-12 Awards Announced
November 16-20 NL West Toasts and Roasts
November 23-24 Postseason Symposium
November 28 Book Club: K: A History of Baseball in Ten Pitches
November 30- December 4 AL West Toasts and Roasts
December 6-10 Winter Meetings in Dallas (virtual)
December 14-18 NL Central Toasts and Roasts
December 23 Festivus Airing of Grievances
December 24-January 3 Holiday Doldrums
December 26 Book Club: First Class Citizenship: The Civil Rights Letters of Jackie Robinson
January 4-8 AL Central Toasts and Roasts
January 11-15 NL East Toasts and Roasts
January 18-22 AL East Toasts and Roasts
January 25-29 Hall of Fame Week
January 26 Hall of Fame voting results announced
January 30 Book Club: Astroball
February 1-5 Auxillary Sub Spotlights
February 8-12 Baseball Top 100 Players
February 14-March 20 Why will X team exceed expectations? Why won't they?
February 16 Pitchers and Catchers Report
February 20 Book Club: The Celebrant
February 27 Spring Training Games Begin
March 20 Book Club: Infinite Baseball: Notes from a Philosopher at the Ballpark
March 22-26 Prediction Contests, Prep Week
March 31 Baseball Eve
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2020.11.02 13:28 Boananas Pokémon: List of Episodes, Shorts, Movies, and All Else in Chronological+Best-Fit Order

Up till the Sun and Moon series.
The list:
-------------------- Indigo League -------------------- Pokémon - I Choose You! Pokémon Emergency! Ash Catches a Pokémon Challenge of the Samurai Showdown in Pewter City Clefairy and the Moon Stone The Water Flowers of Cerulean City The Path to the Pokémon League The School of Hard Knocks Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village Charmander – The Stray Pokémon Here Comes the Squirtle Squad Mystery at the Lighthouse Electric Shock Showdown Battle Aboard the St. Anne Pokémon Shipwreck Island of the Giant Pokémon Beauty and the Beach (Heavily edited episode, Japanese version should be watched) Tentacool & Tentacruel The Ghost of Maiden's Peak Bye Bye Butterfree Abra and the Psychic Showdown The Tower of Terror Haunter versus Kadabra Primeape Goes Bananas Pokémon Scent-sation! Hypno's Naptime Pokémon Fashion Flash The Punchy Pokémon Sparks Fly for Magnemite Dig Those Diglett! The Ninja Poké-Showdown The Flame Pokémon-athon! The Kangaskhan Kid The Legend of Dratini (Banned episode, exists only in Japanese) The Bridge Bike Gang Ditto's Mysterious Mansion Electric Soldier Porygon (Banned episode, exists only in Japanese) Holiday Hi-Jynx It's New Year's Eve! Pocket Monsters (Never aired, completely non-existent) Snow Way Out! Pikachu's Goodbye The Battling Eevee Brothers Wake Up Snorlax! Showdown at Dark City The March of the Exeggutor Squad The Problem with Paras The Song of Jigglypuff Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon A Chansey Operation Holy Matrimony! So Near, Yet So Farfetch'd Who Gets to Keep Togepi? Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden Princess vs. Princess The Purr-fect Hero The Case of the K-9 Caper! Pokémon Paparazzi The Ultimate Test The Breeding Center Secret Riddle Me This Volcanic Panic Beach Blank-Out Blastoise The Misty Mermaid Clefairy Tales The Battle of the Badge It's Mr. Mime Time Showdown at the Po-ké Corral The Evolution Solution The Pi-Kahuna Pikachu short: Pikachu's Vacation Movie 1 Prequel: The Origin of Mewtwo/The Birth of Mewtwo Movie 1: Pokémon the First Movie - Mewtwo Strikes Back Make Room for Gloom Lights, Camera, Quack-tion! Go West Young Meowth To Master the Onixpected! Pikachu short: Christmas Night Pikachu short: Kanga Games The Ancient Puzzle of Pokémopolis Bad to the Bone All Fired Up! Round One - Begin! Fire and Ice The Fourth Round Rumble A Friend In Deed Friend and Foe Alike Friends to the End Pallet Party Panic
--------------------- Orange Islands --------------------- A Scare in the Air Poké Ball Peril The Lost Lapras Fit to be Tide Pikachu Re-Volts The Crystal Onix In the Pink Shell Shock! Stage Fight! Bye Bye Psyduck The Joy of Pokémon Navel Maneuvers Snack Attack A Shipful of Shivers Meowth Rules! Tracey Gets Bugged A Way Off Day Off The Mandarin Island Miss Match Wherefore Art Thou, Pokémon? Get Along, Little Pokémon The Mystery Menace Misty Meets Her Match Bound For Trouble Pikachu short: Pikachu's Rescue Adventure Movie 2: Pokémon the Movie 2000 - The Power of One Charizard Chills The Pokémon Water War Pokémon Food Fight! Pokémon Double Trouble The Wacky Watcher! he Stun Spore Detour Hello, Pummelo! Enter The Dragonite Viva Las Lapras The Underground Round Up A Tent Situation The Rivalry Revival
Johto League: ---------------------------- The Johto Journeys ---------------------------- Don't Touch That 'dile The Double Trouble Header A Sappy Ending Roll On, Pokémon! Illusion Confusion! Flower Power Spinarak Attack Snubbull Snobbery The Little Big Horn The Chikorita Rescue Pikachu short: Winter Games (Exists only in Japanese) Pikachu short: Stantler's Little Helpers (Exists only in Japanese) Once in a Blue Moon The Whistle Stop Slowking’s Day (Exists only in Japanese) Ignorance is Blissey A Bout With Sprout Fighting Flyer with Fire For Crying Out Loud Tanks a Lot! Charizard's Burning Ambitions Grin to Win! Chikorita's Big Upset Foul Weather Friends The Superhero Secret Mild 'n Wooly Wired for Battle! Good 'Quil Hunting A Shadow of a Drought Going Apricorn! Gettin' The Bugs Out A Farfetch'd Tale Tricks of the Trade The Fire-ing Squad! No Big Woop! Tunnel Vision Hour of the Houndour The Totodile Duel Hot Matches! Love, Totodile Style Fowl Play! Forest Grumps Pikachu short: Pikachu & Pichu Movie 3: Pokémon 3: The Movie - Spell of the Unown The Psychic Sidekicks! The Fortune Hunters
------------------------------------ Johto League Champions ------------------------------------ A Goldenrod Opportunity A Dairy Tale Ending Air Time! The Bug Stops Here Type Casting Fossil Fools Carrying On! Hassle in the Castle Two Hits and a Miss A Hot Water Battle Hook, Line, and Stinker Beauty and the Breeder A Better Pill to Swallow Power Play! Mountain Time Wobbu-Palooza! Imitation Confrontation The Trouble With Snubbull Ariados, Amigos Wings 'N' Things The Grass Route Pikachu short: Delibird's Dilemma Pikachu short: Snorlax Snowman Special: Mewtwo Returns The Apple Corp! Houndoom's Special Delivery A Ghost of a Chance From Ghost to Ghost Trouble's Brewing All That Glitters! The Light Fantastic UnBEARable Moving Pictures Spring Fever Freeze Frame The Stolen Stones! The Dunsparce Deception The Wayward Wobbuffet Sick Daze Ring Masters The Poké Spokesman Control Freak! The Art Of Pokémon The Heartbreak of Brock Current Events Turning Over A New Bayleef Doin' What Comes Natu-rally The Big Balloon Blow-Up The Screen Actor's Guilt Right on, Rhydon! The Kecleon Caper Pikachu short: Pikachu's PikaBoo Movie 4: Pokémon 4Ever - Celebi: Voice of the Forest The Joy of Water Pokémon Got Miltank? Fight for the Light! Machoke, Machoke Man!
-------------------- Master Quest -------------------- Around the Whirlpool Fly Me to the Moon Takin' It on the Chinchou A Corsola Caper! Mantine Overboard! Octillery The Outcast Dueling Heroes The Perfect Match! Plant It Now... Diglett Later Hi Ho Silver... Away! The Mystery is History A Parent Trapped! A Promise is a Promise Throwing in the Noctowl Nerves of Steelix! Bulbasaur... the Ambassador! Espeon, Not Included For Ho-Oh the Bells Toll! Extreme Pokémon! An EGG-sighting Adventure! Hatching a Plan Pokemon Chronicles: The Legend of Thunder (3 parts in total) Dues and Don'ts Just Waiting On a Friend A Tyrogue Full of Trouble Xatu the Future Talkin' 'Bout an Evolution Rage Of Innocence As Cold as Pryce Nice Pryce, Baby! Whichever Way the Wind Blows Some Like it Hot Hocus Pokémon As Clear as Crystal Same Old Song and Dance Enlighten Up! Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up? Wish Upon a Star Shape Outrageous Fortunes One Trick Phony! I Politoed Ya So! The Ice Cave! (Banned episode, exists only in Japanese) Beauty is Skin Deep Fangs for Nothin' Great Bowls of Fire! Better Eight Than Never Why? Why Not! Just Add Water Pikachu short: Camp Pikachu Movie 5: Pokémon Heroes Lapras of Luxury Hatch Me If You Can Entei at Your Own Risk A Crowning Achievement Here's Lookin' at You, Elekid You're a Star, Larvitar! Address Unown! Mother of All Battles Pop Goes The Sneasel A Claim to Flame! Love, Pokémon Style Tie One On! The Ties That Bind Can't Beat the Heat! Playing with Fire! Johto Photo Finish Gotta Catch Ya Later! Hoenn Alone!
Hoenn League: -------------- Advanced -------------- Get the Show on the Road A Ruin with a View Pokemon Chronicles: A Family That Battles Together, Stays Together!! There's no Place Like Hoenn Pokemon Chronicles: Cerulean Blues You Never Can Taillow Pokemon Chronicles: We're No Angels! In the Knicker of Time! A Poached Ego! Tree's a Crowd Pokemon Chronicles: Showdown at the Oak Corral! A Tail with a Twist Taming of the Shroomish You Said a Mouthful! A Bite to Remember The Lotad Lowdown All Things Bright and Beautifly! Pokemon Chronicles: The Blue Badge of Courage All in a Day's Wurmple Pokemon Chronicles: Of Meowth and Pokémon (Part 1) Pokemon Chronicles: Of Meowth and Pokémon (Part 2) Pokemon Chronicles: Trouble in Big Town Pokemon Chronicles: Big Meowth, Little Dreams (Part 1) Pokemon Chronicles: Big Meowth, Little Dreams (Part 2) Gonna Rule The School! Winner by a Nosepass Stairway to Devon On a Wingull and a Prayer! Sharpedo Attack! Pokemon Chronicles: Oak-Napped Brave the Wave Which Wurmple's Which? A Hole Lotta Trouble Gone Corphishin' A Corphish Out of Water A Mudkip Mission Turning Over a Nuzleaf A Three Team Scheme Seeing is Believing Ready, Willing and Sableye A Meditite Fight Just One of the Geysers Abandon Ship! Now that's Flower Power! Having a Wailord of a Time Win, Lose or Drew! Pikachu short: Gotta Dance!! Movie 6: Jirachi: Wish Maker The Spheal of Approval Jump for Joy A Different Kind of Misty! A Pokéblock Party! Watt's with Wattson Pokemon Chronicles: A Date With Delcatty
----------------------------- Advanced Challenge ----------------------------- What You Seed is What You Get Love at First Flight Let Bagons be Bagons The Princess and the Togepi A Togepi Mirage! Pokemon Chronicles: Training Daze! Pokemon Chronicles: Celebi & Joy! Candid Camerupt! Pokemon Chronicles: Journey To The Starting Line! I Feel Skitty! Zig Zag Zangoose Maxxed Out! Pros and Con Artists Come What May! Cheer Pressure Game Winning Assist Fight for the Meteorite Poetry Commotion! Going, Going, Yawn Going for a Spinda All Torkoal, No Play Manectric Charge Delcatty Got Your Tongue Disaster of Disguise Disguise Da Limit Take the Lombre Home True Blue Swablu Gulpin it Down Exploud and Clear Go Go Ludicolo! Pokemon Chronicles: Putting The Air Back In Aerodactyl! A Double Dilemma Love, Petalburg Style! Balance of Power A Six Pack Attack! The Bicker the Better Grass Hysteria! Hokey Pokéballs Whiscash and Ash Me, Myself and Time A Fan with a Plan! Cruisin' for a Losin' Pearls are a Spoink's Best Friend! That's Just Swellow Take This House and Shuppet A Shroomish Skirmish Unfair-Weather Friends Who's Flying Now? Sky High Gym Battle! Movie 7: Destiny Deoxys Lights, Camerupt, Action! Crazy as a Lunatone Pikachu short: Pikachu's Summer Festival (Exists only in Japanese) The Garden of Eatin' A Scare to Remember Pokéblock, Stock and Berry Lessons in Lilycove Judgment Day!
----------------------- Advanced Battle ----------------------- Clamperl of Wisdom Pokemon Chronicles: Luvdisc Is A Many Splendored Thing The Relicanth Really Can Pokemon Chronicles:Those Darn Electabuzz! The Evolutionary War Pokemon Chronicles:The Search for a Legend Training Wrecks Gaining Groudon The Scuffle of Legends It's Still Rocket Roll to Me! Solid as a Solrock Shaking Island Battle! Barboach VS Whishcash!! (Never aired, completely non-existent) Vanity Affair Where's Armaldo? A Cacturne for the Worse Claydol Big and Tall Once in a Mawile Beg, Burrow and Steal Absol-ute Disaster Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snorunt Do I Hear a Ralts? The Great Eight Fate! Eight Ain't Enough Showdown at Linoone Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut? Date Expectations! Mean With Envy Pacifidlog Jam Berry, Berry Interesting Pikachu short: Pokémon 3D Adventure: Find Mew! (Exists only in Japanese) Less is Morrison The Ribbon Cup Caper! Satoshi and Haruka! Heated Battles of Hoenn!! (Only a clip, exists only in Japanese) Hi Ho Silver Wind! Deceit and Assist Rhapsody in Drew Island Time Like a Meowth to a Flame Saved by the Beldum From Brags to Riches Shocks and Bonds A Judgment Brawl Choose It or Lose It! At the End of the Fray The Scheme Team
Kanto Battle Frontier:
The Right Place and the Right Mime A Real Cleffa-Hanger Movie 8: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew Numero Uno Articuno The Symbol Life Pikachu short: Pikachu's Ghost Carnival (Exists only in Japanese) Hooked on Onix Rough, Tough Jigglypuff On Cloud Arcanine Sitting Psyduck Hail to the Chef Caterpie's Big Dilemma The Saffron Con A Hurdle for Squirtle Pasta La Vista Special: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Team Go Getters Out of the Gate!
--------------------- Battle Frontier --------------------- Fear Factor Phony Sweet Baby James A Chip Off the Old Brock Wheel... of Frontier! May's Egg-cellent Adventure! The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon Weekend Warrior On Olden Pond Tactics Theatrics! Reversing the Charges The Green Guardian From Cradle to Save Time-Warp Heals All Wounds Queen of the Serpentine Off the Unbeaten Path Harley Rides Again Odd Pokémon Out Spontaneous Combusken Cutting the Ties that Bind Ka Boom with a View! King and Queen for a Day Curbing the Crimson Tide What I Did for Love Three Jynx and a Baby Talking a Good Game Second Time's the Charm Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys Crisis! (Part 1) Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys Crisis! (Part 2) All That Glitters is Not Golden New Plot - Odd Lot Going for Choke The Ole' Berate and Switch Grating Spaces Battling the Enemy Within Slaking Kong Pikachu short: Pikachu's Ocean Adventure May, We Harley Drew'd Ya! Thinning the Hoard Channeling the Battle Zone Aipom & Circumstance Movie 9: Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea Strategy Tomorrow - Comedy Tonight! Duels of the Jungle Pikachu short: Pikachu's Island Adventure Overjoyed! The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing Pinch Healing Gathering the Gang of Four Pace - The Final Frontier Once More with Reeling Home is Where the Start is
Sinnoh League: --------------------------- Diamond and Pearl --------------------------- Following A Maiden's Voyage! Two Degrees of Separation! When Pokémon Worlds Collide! Dawn Of A New Era! Gettin' Twiggy With It! Different Strokes for Different Blokes! Like It or Lup It! Gymbaliar! Setting the World on its Buneary! Not on MY Watch Ya Don't! Mounting a Coordinator Assault! Arrival of a Rival! A Staravia Is Born! Leave It To Brocko! Shapes of Things to Come! A Gruff Act to Follow! Wild in the Streets! O'er the Rampardos We Watched! Twice Smitten, Once Shy! Mutiny in the Bounty! Ya See We Want An Evolution! Borrowing on Bad Faith! Faced With Steelix Determination! Cooking up a Sweet Story! Oh Do You Know the Poffin Plan! Getting the Pre-Contest Titters! Settling a Not-So-Old Score! Drifloon on the Wind! The Champ Twins! Some Enchanted Sweetening! The Grass-Type Is Always Greener! An Angry Combeenation! All Dressed Up With Somewhere To Go! Buizel Your Way Out Of This! An Elite Meet And Greet! A Secret Sphere of Influence! The Grass Menagerie! One Big Happiny Family! Steamboat Willies! Movie 10: The Rise of Darkrai Top-Down Training! A Stand-Up Sit-Down! Pikachu short: Pikachu's Exploration Club (Exists only in Japanese) The Electrike Company! Malice In Wonderland! Mass Hip-Po-Sis! Ill-Will Hunting! A Maze-ing Race! Sandshrew's Locker! Satoshi and Hikari! Facing a New Adventure!! (Only a clip; Exists only in Japanese) Dawn's Early Night! Tag! We're It...! Glory Blaze! Smells Like Team Spirit!
------------------------------------------------- Diamond & Pearl: Battle Dimension ------------------------------------------------- Tears For Fears! Once There Were Greenfields Throwing the Track Switch The Keystone Pops! Bibarel Gnaws Best! Nosing 'Round the Mountain! Luxray Vision! Journey to the Unown! Team Shocker! Tanks for the Memories! Hot Springing a Leak! Riding the Winds of Change! Sleight of Sand! Lost Leader Strategy! Crossing the Battle Line! A Triple Fighting Chance! Enter Galactic! The Bells Are Singing! Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! (Part 1) Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! (Part 2) Crossing Paths Pika and Goliath! Special: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time & Darkness Special: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky – Beyond Time & Darkness Our Cup Runneth Over! A Full Course Tag Battle! Staging A Heroes' Welcome! Pruning a Passel of Pals!! Strategy With a Smile! The Thief That Keeps on Thieving! Chim-Charred! Cream of the Croagunk Crop! A Crasher Course in Power! Hungry For the Good Life! Fighting Fear with Fear!! Arriving in Style! Movie 11: Giratina and the Sky Warrior The Psyduck Stops Here! Pikachu short: Pikachu's Ice Adventure Camping It Up! Up Close and Personable! Ghoul Daze! One Team, Two Team Red Team, Blue Team! A Lean Mean Team Rocket Machine! Playing The Leveling Field! Doc Brock! Battling The Generation Gap! Losing Its Lustrous! Double Team Turnover! If the Scarf Fits, Wear It! A Trainer and Child Reunion! Aiding the Enemy! Barry's Busting Out All Over! Shield with a Twist! Jumping Rocket Ship! Sleepless In Pre-Battle!
----------------------------------------------- Diamond & Pearl: Galactic Battles ----------------------------------------------- Get Your Rotom Running! A Breed Stampede! Ancient Family Matters! Dealing with Defensive Types! Leading a Stray! Steeling Peace of Mind! Saving the World from Ruins! Cheers on Castaways Isle! Hold the Phione! Another One Gabites the Dust! Stealing the Conversation! The Drifting Snorunt! Noodles! Roamin' Off! Pursuing a Lofty Goal! Trials and Adulations! Mysterious Creatures: Pocket Monsters (Only a clip; Exists only in Japanese) The Lonely Snover! Stopped in the Name of Love! Old Rivals, New Tricks! To Thine Own Pokémon Be True! Battling a Cute Drama! Classroom Training! Sliding Into Seventh! A Pyramiding Rage! Pillars of Friendship! Frozen on Their Tracks! Pedal to the Mettle! Evolving Strategies! Uncrushing Defeat! Promoting Healthy Tangrowth! Beating the Bustle and Hustle! Movie 12: Arceus and the Jewel of Life Gateway to Ruin! Pikachu short: Pikachu's Big Sparking Search (Exists only in Japanese) Three Sides to Every Story! Strategy Begins at Home! A Faux Oak Finish! Historical Mystery Tour! Challenging a Towering Figure! Where No Togepi Has Gone Before! An Egg Scramble! Gone With the Windworks! A Rivalry to Gible On! Dressed for Jess Success! Bagged Then Tagged! Try for the Family Stone! Sticking With Who You Know! Unlocking the Red Chain of Events! The Needs of the Three! The Battle Finale of Legend! The Treasure Is All Mine! Mastering Current Events! Double-Time Battle Training! A Meteoric Rise to Excellence! Gotta Get a Gible!
-------------------------------------------------------- Diamond & Pearl: Sinnoh League Victors -------------------------------------------------------- Regaining the Home Advantage! Short and To the Punch! A Marathon Rivalry! Yes in Dee Dee, It's Dawn! Playing the Performance Encore! Fighting Ire with Fire! Piplup, Up and Away! Flint Sparks the Fire! The Fleeing Tower of Sunyshore! Special: Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs (Part One) Special: Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs (Part Two) Teaching the Student Teacher! Keeping In Top Forme! Pokémon Ranger: Heatran Rescue! An Elite Coverup! Dawn of a Royal Day! With the Easiest of Grace! Dealing With a Fierce Double Ditto Drama! Last Call — First Round! Opposites Interact! Coming Full Festival Circle! A Grand Fight for Winning! For The Love Of Meowth! Movie 13: Zoroark: Master of Illusions The Eighth Wonder of the Sinnoh World! Four Roads Diverged in a Pokémon Port! Bucking the Treasure Trend! Pikachu short: Pikachu's Big Mysterious Adventure (Exists only in Japanese) An Old Family Blend! League Unleashed! Casting a Paul on Barry! Working on a Right Move! Familiarity Breeds Strategy! A Real Rival Rouser! Battling a Thaw in Relations! The Semi-Final Frontier! The Brockster Is In! Memories are Made of Bliss!
Unova League: ------------------- Black & White ------------------- In The Shadow of Zekrom! Enter Iris and Axew! A Sandile Gusher of Change! The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice! Triple Leaders, Team Threats! Dreams by the Yard Full! Snivy Plays Hard to Catch! Saving Darmanitan From the Bell! The Bloom Is on Axew! A Rival Battle for Club Champ! A Home for Dwebble! Here Comes the Trubbish Squad! Minccino-Neat and Tidy! A Night in the Nacrene City Museum! The Battle According to Lenora! Rematch at the Nacrene Gym! Scraggy-Hatched to Be Wild! Sewaddle and Burgh in Pinwheel Forest! Special: Dawn - Setting off on a New Journey! (Exists only in Japanese) Special: Pewter Gym - The Greatest Crisis Ever! (Exists only in Japanese) A Connoisseur's Revenge! Dancing With the Ducklett Trio! The Lost World of Gothitelle! A Venipede Stampede! Team Rocket VS Team Plasma! (Part 1) (Never aired; Completely non-existent) Team Rocket VS Team Plasma! (Part 2) (Never aired; Completely non-existent) Battling For The Love of Bug-Types! Emolga the Irresistible! Emolga and the New Volt Switch! Scare at the Litwick Mansion! The Dragon Master's Path! Oshawott's Lost Scalchop! Cottonee in Love! A UFO for Elgyem! Ash and Trip's Third Battle! Facing Fear with Eyes Wide Open! Iris and Excadrill Against the Dragon Buster! Gotta Catch A Roggenrola! Where Did You Go, Audino? Archeops In The Modern World! A Fishing Connoisseur in a Fishy Competition! Pikachu short: Pikachu's Summer Bridge Story (Exists only in Japanese) Movie 14: White—Victini and Zekrom Movie 14: Black—Victini and Reshiram Movie Time! Zorua in "The Legend of the Pokémon Knight"! Reunion Battles In Nimbasa! Cilan Versus Trip, Ash Versus Georgia! The Club Battle Hearts of Fury: Emolga Versus Sawk! Club Battle Finale: A Hero's Outcome! Meowth's Scrafty Tactics! Purrloin: Sweet or Sneaky? Beheeyem, Duosion, and the Dream Thief! The Beartic Mountain Feud! Crisis from the Underground Up! Battle for the Underground!
------------------------------------------ Black & White: Rival Destinies ------------------------------------------ Enter Elesa, Electrifying Gym Leader! Dazzling the Nimbasa Gym! Lost at the Stamp Rally! Ash Versus the Champion! A Maractus Musical! The Four Seasons of Sawsbuck! Scraggy and the Demanding Gothita! The Lonely Deino! The Mighty Accelguard to the Rescue! A Call for Brotherly Love! Stopping the Rage of Legends! (Part 1) Stopping the Rage of Legends! (Part 2) Battling the King of the Mines! Crisis at Chargestone Cave! Evolution Exchange Excitement! Explorers of the Hero's Ruin! Battling the Bully! Baffling the Bouffalant! Cilan Takes Flight! An Amazing Aerial Battle! Climbing the Tower of Success! The Clubsplosion Begins! Search for the Clubultimate! A Clubsplosion of Excitement! Commanding the Clubsplosion Crown! Battling the Leaf Thieves! A Restoration Confrontation! (Part 1) A Restoration Confrontation! (Part 2) Evolution by Fire! Guarding the Guardian of the Mountain! Caution: Icy Battle Conditions! Clash of the Connoisseurs! Crisis at Ferroseed Research! An Epic Defense Force! Rocking the Virbank Gym! (Part 1) Rocking the Virbank Gym! (Part 2) All for the Love of Meloetta! Piplup, Pansage, and a Meeting of the Times! Pikachu short: Sing Meloetta: Search for the Rinka Berries (Exists only in Japanese) Expedition to Onix Island! Pikachu short: Meloetta's Moonlight Serenade The Mystery of the Missing Cubchoo! Iris and the Rogue Dragonite! Jostling for the Junior Cup! Battling Authority Once Again! Ash, Iris and Trip: Then There Were Three! Goodbye, Junior Cup - Hello Adventure! The Road to Humilau! Unrest at the Nursery! Meloetta and the Undersea Temple! Unova's Survival Crisis! Movie 15: Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice
-------------------------------------------------- Black & White: Adventures in Unova -------------------------------------------------- Beauties Battling for Pride and Prestige! A Surface to Air Tag Battle Team! A Village Homecoming! Drayden Versus Iris: Past, Present, and Future! Team Eevee and the Pokémon Rescue Squad! Curtain Up, Unova League! Mission: Defeat Your Rival! Lost at the League! Strong Strategy Steals the Show! Cameron's Secret Weapon! A Unova League Evolution!
-------------------------------------------------------------------- Black & White: Adventures in Unova (Episode N) -------------------------------------------------------------------- New Places... Familiar Faces! The Name's N! There's a New Gym Leader in Town! Team Plasma's Pokémon Power Plot! The Light of Floccesy Ranch! Saving Braviary! The Pokémon Harbor Patrol! The Fires of a Red-Hot Reunion! Team Plasma's Pokémon Manipulation! Secrets From Out of the Fog! Meowth, Colress and Team Rivalry! Ash and N: A Clash of Ideals! Team Plasma and the Awakening Ceremony! What Lies Beyond Truth and Ideals!
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Black & White: Adventures in Unova and Beyond (Decolora Adventure!) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Farewell, Unova! Setting Sail for New Adventures! Danger, Sweet as Honey! Cilan and the Case of the Purrloin Witness! Crowning the Scalchop King! The Island of Illusions! To Catch a Rotom! The Pirates of Decolore! Butterfree and Me! The Path That Leads to Goodbye! Searching for a Wish! Capacia Island UFO! Pikachu short: Eevee & Friends Special: Mewtwo — Prologue to Awakening Movie 16: Genesect and The Legend Awakened The Journalist from Another Region! Mystery on a Deserted Island! A Pokémon of a Different Color! Celebrating the Hero's Comet! Go, Go Gogoat! Team Rocket's Shocking Recruit! Survival of the Striaton Gym! Best Wishes Until We Meet Again! The Dream Continues! Special: Cilan and Brock! Gyarados's Outrage!! (Exists only in Japanese)
Pokemon Origins: File 1 - Red Pokemon Origins: File 2 - Cubone Pokemon Origins: File 3 - Giovanni Pokemon Origins: File 4 - Charizard
Kalos League: ---------------------------------- Pokemon the Series: XY ---------------------------------- Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin! Lumiose City Pursuit! A Battle of Aerial Mobility! A Shockingly Cheeky Friendship! A Blustery Santalune Gym Battle! Battling on Thin Ice! Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race! Grooming Furfrou! Clemont's Got a Secret! Mega-Mega Meowth Madness! The Bamboozling Forest! To Catch a Pokémon Smuggler! Kindergarten Chaos! Seeking Shelter From the Storm! An Appetite for Battle! A Jolting Switcheroo! A Rush of Ninja Wisdom! Awakening the Sleeping Giant! A Conspiracy to Conquer! Special: Mega Evolution Special I Breaking Titles at the Chateau! Special: Iris vs Ibuki! The Road to Become a Dragon Master! (Exists only in Japanese) A Pokévision Things to Come! Going for the Gold! Coming Back into the Cold! An Undersea Palace to Call Home! Climbing the Walls! A Battle by Any Other Name! To Find a Fairy Flower! The Bonds of Evolution! Heroes-Friends and Faux Alike! Mega Revalations! The Cave of Trials! The Aura Storm! Calling from Beyond the Aura!
The Bonds of Mega Evolution! The Forest Champion! Special: Diancie – Princess of the Diamond Domain Battles in the Sky! The Cave of Mirrors! Forging Forrest Friendships! Pikachu Short: What’s This Key? Movie 17: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction Summer of Discovery! Day Three Blockbusters! Foggy Pokémon Orienteering! Battling into the Hall of Fame! Origins of Mega Evolution! Showdown at the Shalour Gym! Splitting Heirs! The Clumsy Crier Quiets the Chaos! Dreaming a Performer’s Dream! A Campus Reunion! Bonnie fort he Defense! Special: Mega Evolution Special II
--------------------- XY Kalos Quest --------------------- Pathways to Performance Partnering! When Light and Dark Collide! A Stealthy Challenge! A Race for Home! Facing the Grand Design! A Slippery Encounter! One fort he Goomy! Thawing an Icy Panic! The Green, Green Grass Types of Home! Under the Pleging Tree! A Showcase Debut! An Oasis of Hope! The Future Is Now, Thanks to Determination! A Fork in the Road! A Parting of the Ways! Battling with Elegance and a Big Smile! Special: Mega Evolution Special III Good Friends! Great Training! Confronting the Darkness! The Moment of Lumiose Truth! Garchomp’s Mega Bond! Defending the Homeland! Beyond the Rainbow! So You’re Having a Bad Day! Scary Hospitality! A Fashionable Battle! Fairy-Type Trickery Rivals: Today and Tomorrow! A Not-So-Flying Start! A Relay in the Sky! Lights! Camera! Pika! Special: Hoopa The Mischief Pokémon A Frenzied Factory Fiasco! Performing with Fiery Charm! Rotom’s Wish! Pikachu Short: Pikcachu and the Pokémon Music Squad Movie 18: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages! A Festival Trade! A Festival Farewell? Over the Mountain of Snow! Adventures in Running Errands! Mending a Broken Spirit! A Legendary Photo Op! The Tiny Caretaker! A Trip Down Memory Train! A Frolicking Find in the Flowers! Tag Team Battle Inspiration! A Performance Pop Quiz! Cloudy Fate, Bright Future! Special: Mega Evolution Special IV
----- XYZ ----- From A to Z! Love Strikes! Eevee, Yikes! A Giga Battle with Mega Results! A Fiery Rite of Passage! Dream a Little Dream from Me! The Legend of the Ninja Hero! A Festival of Decisions! A Dancing Debut! Meeting at Terminus Cave! A Cellular Connection! A Windswept Encounter! Party Dancecapades! A Meeting of Two Journeys! An Explosive Operation! A Watershed Moment! Master Class Choices! An Electrifying Rage! Unlocking some Respect! Master Class Is in Session! Performing a Pathway to the Future! A Keeper for Keeps? Battling at Full Volume! The Synchronicity Test! Making Friends and Influencing Villains! Championing a Research Battle! A Full-Strength Battle Surprise! All Hail the Ice Battlefield Seeing the Forest for the Trees! A Real Icebreaker! Movie 19: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel! A Diamond in the Rough! A Gaggle of Gadget Greatness! A League of His Own! Valuable Experience for All! Analysis Versus Passion! A Riveting Rivalry! Kalos League Passion with a Certain Flare! Finals Not for the Faint-Hearted! Down to the Fiery Finish! A Towering Takeover! Coming Apart at the Dreams! The Right Hero for the Right Job! Rocking Kalos Defenses! Forming a More Perfect Union! Battling With a Clean Slate! The First Day of the Rest of Your Life! Facing the Needs of the Many! Till We Comete Again! Special: The Legend of X,Y and Z! Special: The Strongest Duo! Citron and Dent!
Alola League: ----------------------------------------------- Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon ----------------------------------------------- Alola to New Adventure! The Guardian’s Challenge! Loading the Dex! First Catch in Alola, Ketchum-Style! Yo, Ho, Ho! Go, Popplio! A Shocking Grocery Run! Pokémon Generations: The Adventure Pokémon Generations: The Chase Pokémon Generations: The Challenger Pokémon Generations: The Lake of Rage Pokémon Generations: The Legacy Pokémon Generations: The Reawakening That’s Why the Litten is a Scamp! Pokémon Generations: The Vision Pokémon Generations: The Cavern Pokémon Generations: The Scoop Pokémon Generations: The Old Chateau Pokémon Generations: The New World Pokémon Generations: The Magma Stone Lillie’s Egg-xhilarating Challenge! Top Top a Totem! Trial and Tribulation! Young Kiawe Had a Farm! Pokémon Generations: The Uprising Pokémon Generations: The Frozen World Pokémon Generations: The King Returns The Sun, the Scare, the Secret Lair! Pokémon Generations: The Beauty Eternal Pokémon Generations: The Investigation Pokémon Generations: The Redemption Racing to a Big Event! Getting to Know You! ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? Rocking Clawmark Hill! They Might Not Be Giants! Crystal-Clear Sleuthing! A Seasoned Search! A Guardian Rematch! ???????????????????????????????????????????????? Partner Promises! One Journey Ends, Another Begins… A Shivering Shovel Search! Getting the Band Back Together! Alolan Open House! A Team-on-Team Tussle! So Long Sophocles! A Glaring Rivalry! Pulling Out the Pokémon Base Pepper! ??????????????????????????????????????????????? Lulled to La-La Land! The Ol’Raise and Switch! The Island Whisperer! Treasure Hunt, Akala Style! Big Sky, Small Fry! Movie 20: I Choose You A Crowning Moment of Truth! Currying Favor and Flavor! Trials and Determinations! Rising from the Ruins! Mimikyu Unmasked! Mallow and the Forest Teacher! Balloons, Brionne, and Belligerence! Mounting an Electrifying Charge! Alola, Kanto! When Regions Collide! ???????????????????????????????????????????
------------------------------------------- Sun & Moon: Ultra Adventures ------------------------------------------- A Dream Encounter! Now You See Them, Now You Don’t! Deceiving Appearances! A Masked Warning! Night of a Thousand Poses! Mission: Total Recall! Faba’s Revenge! Family Determination! Revealing the Stuff of Legend! Rescuing the Unwilling! 10,000,000 Reasons to Fight! The Professors’ New Adventure! Let Sleeping Pokémon Lie! ??????????????????????????????????????????? The Dex Can’t Help It! Fighting Back the Tears! Tasting the Bitter with the Sweet! Getting a Jump on the Competition! A Mission of Ultra Urgency! Acting True to Form! Pushing the Fiery Envelope! Satoshi and Nagetukesaru! Touchdown of Friendship!! (Exists only in Japanese) Turning Heads and Training Hard! Smashing with Sketch! Love at First Twirl! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Real Life…Inquire Within! Rise and Shine, Starship! The Young Flame Strikes Back! Dewpider Ascending! Sours for the Sweet! Why Not Give Me a Z-Ring Sometime! Tough Guy Trials! Some Kind of Laziness! Guiding an Awakening! Twirling with a Bang! Showering the World with Love! Not Caving Under Pressure! A Young Royal Flame Ignites! Movie 21: The Power of Us All They Want to Do is Dance Dance! Dummy, You Shrunk the Kids! The Shape of Love to Come! The Long Vault Home! I Choose paradise! Filling the Light with Darkness! Full Moon and Many Arms! The Prism Between Light and Darkness! Securing the Future! A Plethora of Pikachu! Turning the Other Mask!
---------------------------------------- Sun & Moon: Ultra Legends: ---------------------------------------- Lillier and the Staff! A Haunted House for Everyone! Sparking Confusion! Don’t Ignore the Small Stufful! No Stone Unturned! Bright Lights, Big Changes! We Know Where You’re Going, Evee! Battling the Beast Within! Parallel Friendships! Alola,Alola! ?????????????????????????????????????????????? Heart of Fire! Heart of Stone! That’s Some Spicy Island Research! Showdown on Poni Island! Evolving Research! Run, Heroes, Run! Memories in the Mist! A Grand Debut! Keeping Your Eyes on the Ball! Show Me the Metal! Got Meltan? This Magik Moment! Beauty is Only Crystal Deep! The Dealer of Destruction! The Secret Princess! Drawn with the Wind! Aiming for the Top Floor! A High-Speed Awakening! The One That didn’t Get Away! Recipe for Success! Spying for the Big Guy! A Fiery Training Camp Trick! Living on the Cutting Edge! A Timeless Encounter! Pikachu’s Exciting Adventure! Chasing Memories, Creating Dreams! League Offenders and Defenders! Battle Royal 151! Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back­ - Evolution Battling Besties! The Battlefield of Truth and Love! Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Strategy! Battling on the Wing! The Road to the Semifinals! The Final Four! Getting Down to The Ire! The Wisdom Not to Run! Final Rivals! Enter the Campion! Z-Move Showdown! Exhibition Unmasked! A Full Battle Bounty! Fiery Surprises! From Z to Shinning Z! Dreams of the Sun and Moon! Thank You, Alola! The Journey Continues!
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2020.10.30 16:44 Maico80 RESULTS - Can You Identify These 5 Places? (Week 6) - Looking Into The Past

Well done everyone - a few surprises this week (especially one for me). Just a quick note, as the weather gets a little chillier, my weekend rides are gettign a bit shorter or not venturing as far from downtown - so the next few might be a bit less diverse, in terms of geographical coverage. Hope y'all like pictures of Chris Gibson.

Here we go.....
1. Brampton Guardian Office located at 685 Queen St West (Queen & Major William Sharpe)
- These were the offices of our local tri-weekly newspaper in the late 80s and early 90s until they moved to the Longos plaza at Main & Ray Lawson. They have since left that facility and are now located in Missisauga as part of the MetroLand empire. The circle you can see cut out of the entrance area was where the old Brampton Guardian logo used to be displayed. After they left, it was empty for a bit and eventually became a Peek-a-boo Childcare centre, which has now rebranded to Bright Path Child care centres across Brampton.
Anecdote - as a kid, I delivered for Brampton Guardian and was paid their pittance wages. I had the much more lucrative weekend paper to deliver, while another kid had to deliver Tues and Thurs papers for less. I started to receive complaints that papers weren't being delivered and was fired - later to find out that the weekday carrier went around after my delivery to remove papers to get me canned, as they were caught doing the same in the area next to mine a few months later. 10 year olds are horrible people.

2. Carnegie Library @ 55 Queen St East
- This was Brampton's original downtown public library branch, and was constructed in 1906 with a donation from Andrew Carnegie, a steel magnate in the US. You'll recognize that name from Carnegie Hall in NYC, which was funded by the same man. He started an grant to construct free public libraries, which can be found across the US and Canada, with 10 built in Toronto (1700 in North America). I can't find the date it was replaced by the neighbouring Four Corners branch, but it was prior to 1972 when the Chinguacousy branch was opened - perhaps PamaArchives can shed some light on this?
It is now the home of dance studio, and is part of the Doors Open Brampton if you've ever wanted to go inside - whenever this pandemic ends.
Plaque outside the main entrance.

3. Licks - Queen & Bramalea
- Yes, everyone got this one. Sadly Licks only lives on in one remaining store in Toronto after a number of them closed in 2012/2013. You can still get their burgers at grocery stores (I believe). I recall wanting to go there for burgers as a kid/teen just because I liked to hear their call/response singing whenever you ordered.

4. Aikenhead's at Orion Business Park
- OK, so I was a bit shocked by this one. Growing up, the story always told to me was that this was a Beaver Lumber store that was built, but before the store opened the location was purchased by Home Depot from Beaver Lumber upon their entrance into Canada. But apparently I'm wrong and it was an Aikenhead's, another Canadian tool, hardware and home improvement store. Aikenheads themselves were purchased by Home Depot, and with that they were able to assume all their physical stores, or sell off those that were not needed. The store was indeed opened and operated by Aikenheads prior to the HD purchase. Well done everyone!

5. Famous Players Gateway 6
- Back when we had multiple theatres in Brampton - some of which only had 2 or 3 screens, Gateway 6 was the shiny new movie theatre that opened in 1988. The area immediately surrounding it was also filled with restaurants, many of which I can't remember, outside of Outback Steakhouse. Does anyone remember any others? It is now a Convention centre and much of the area around it has changed since its closure in 2008. Immediately across the street on Queen has been built up with a number of restaurants that have come and gone as well, not related to the cinemas demise.

And the final results.....

My fancy chart for points allocation

Lots of good activity this week in the quiz and I had to make a chart to determine the winner, which is commuter85. Antman013 came really close to tying it and extending his win streak - he had #1 correct, but the location wrong so I awarded only a half point. You'll also note that mudgts received a correct point for #3, but lost a quarter point for his self confessed public indecency at each of the other 4.

If you liked this theme change, let me know and I'll try to come up with others when I can and splice them in here and there. Thanks everyone for playing, this one was fun to make and look up the history of the buildings.
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2020.10.29 03:56 bigg-sway Avoidant Experience in Relationship

I'm new to attachment theory, a recent whirlwind of a relationship had me searching for answers until I got here. I just took the quiz on personality and attachment required to become a poster and my results were secure in all categories. The thing is that I don't have a problem relying on other people or sharing my problems or being there for others with their issues, at least i don't consciously feel i do. I know that I experience the world in a relatively emotionally numb way most of the time (thanks depression) and so the depth of emotional connection I feel in most of my relationships isn't that deep. I guess it would be more accurate to say the connection vacillates but is usually not that emotionally deep, especially with family. Anyways, the way I behaved in and experienced this recent relationship was definitely some kind of avoidant, most likely FA (I experienced a similar vanishing of interest in my previous relationship, albeit after a year together though she was a much different person than my recent partner.) I fell for a girl I met online at the beginning of quarantine. We hit it off right away and within a week we began skyping every night for hours on end. This went on for a few months until we felt it was safe to meet in person. In person chemistry was just as good if not better. We both felt like we were in some sort of dream state whenever we'd see one another. At the end of May I finished my last semester of college and went and stayed with her for two weeks. The first week was amazing, heaven on Earth, I have never felt so in sync with somebody, I felt like a child around her in the best most carefree kind of way. She introduced me to her family (which is BIG for her) and we had a great time. The second week I started to experience a shift and by the end of it I felt like I was on Pluto emotionally, so so distant from her and suddenly uninterested. She had picked up on this mid-2nd week and we talked about it. I figured it as just my depression acting up since I've heavily struggled with that my whole life. The feeling kept getting worse though. I broke down and ended up leaving a day early (I should have listened to myself and left earlier, this experience has made me realize that I don't know my own needs, or often ignore them.) We were both so caught off guard by this, but I assured her I wanted to make it work. We went a week apart and the feeling just grew and grew until it was unbearable and the next time I saw her I promptly broke up. This was the beginning of June, she was devastated and really so was I. I couldn't understand what had just happened. I feel like I rarely read accounts of the break up from the FA's perspective and that is what made me want to write my own story.
I spent all summer thinking about her and about what a royal mistake I had made, and what I'd do to have another chance. Well, we met up in mid-July and then started texting on a regular basis after that. Come August we planned a camping trip together. Amazing, I'd gotten another chance! but when I woke up in the morning I felt an intense dread about the whole thing, like I really really didn't want to go. Since we had reconnected I had told her I'd keep clear communication about how I was feeling so I called her and talked to her about it. She assured me that there was no pressure, and we were just going as friends. After this phone call the feeling of dread was gone! We decided to see each once before the camping trip to test the waters, granted the second time in person since the break up. Meeting up was amazing, just a really beautiful experience. We're both very sexually compatible with one another so sparks fly in that department every time we get together. That's on top of all of our shared interests , values and similar sense of humor. We go on the camping trip a week later and it was another heaven on earth experience. It was clear that we were more than friends but it didn't bother me, I leaned into it cause I felt good about it. We come home and the next couple weeks go swimmingly, we agree to take things slow and maintain open communication. We'd see each other once a week, living an hour apart she'd drive up one week and I'd drive down the next.
Three weeks or so in we get together at her place for a date night. Very lovely, we both got dressed up and she made up a fancy dinner. Got wasted and had great sex as usual. Looking back I do remember the shift (this time around) first occurring during sex this night. It was a feeling of uncomfortableness but I didn't wanna make a big deal so I didn't say anything. This was a reoccurring problem in our relationship, me suppressing my needs as to not make a big deal out of something. She assured me and encouraged me to just speak up! She was incredibly supportive and loving throughout the relationship. Through and through I've never felt so loved by someone. That is until these shifts occur. and then I feel nothing, even worse I feel negatively towards her. As I said I've suffered with depression my whole life, the last 4 years have been well managed. I know what it is to feel like you're losing your mind. When these shifts happens it makes me feel like a lunatic, a psychopath, a narcissist. These feelings that were so real just a day before suddenly vanish. Anyways, the next day I could tell the dread and anxiety was back. Of course, I hid it. I was supposed to go home that day and I really felt like going home but she wanted me to stay so I acted like everything was fine. The next day I go home and I could feel the emotional distance setting in very rapidly (i've likened it to emotional amnesia, like I suddenly forgot about all the beautiful links keeping our romantic connection together.) A couple days later I call her and tell her what's going on. This time felt different though, I didn't feel depressed necessarily. This hurt her a lot and made these swings of mine hard to reconcile because essentially then i was just losing interest in her. Throughout the month I had near constant anxiety about the relationship, it was very heavy. We talked about the issue every once and a while but it started to feel as though we were having to ignore it. There were good times during this month but I still often felt inherently bad around her, for no apparent reason, whereas before I felt good around her. I should mention that I've struggled with intense self-loathing and suicidal ideation for years as a product of the depression, these definitely came into play. We tried to make it work throughout the month but eventually I broke up with her again.
This experience has been heart wrenching for both me and her. I really thought I was ready for this relationship and she certainly was. Having had such intense positive emotions followed by chronic negative emotions has left me wondering how I really feel about her even now. The shifts were incredibly painful for me to endure as I knew that I was hurting her and simultaneously losing an incredible connection with a loving, supportive woman (we're still on very good terms thank god.)
I've been back in therapy since June and am focusing on personal growth and healing right now. I'm trying to foster closer emotional relationships with my family and friends to learn to let my walls down. I don't have an issue talking about my problems with people but I am still usually pretty numb or otherwise not aware of what I'm feeling (working on that too.)
Does it seem like I'm an FA? The biggest hurdles that led to the downfall of the relationship were my sudden loss of interest and inability to communicate/ prioritize my needs. The sudden loss of interest hit me by such surprise, it has me kinda frightened to date again. It felt so incredibly out of my control and led to me deeply hurting someone else. Just wanted to tell my story and hopefully get some insight from this community. Feel free to ask questions because despite the length of this I feel I left out a lot of details.
Thanks for reading this whole damn thing!
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2020.10.29 01:59 Random12342020 I messed up and I don't know how to fix it

So I don't even know where to start I've been so emotional lately so this might come out as a jumbled mess but here we go.
Me F(25) and my bf also 25 have been together for 5 years now and I can honestly say he is a completely different person than when I first met him. And not like the initial relationship energy has worn off him different but concerningly starkly different and its pretty much all my fault.
It all started really with him suggesting a sex upgrade quiz to see if we could spice things up in bed. I answered honestly and when threesomes and nude beaches came up in the quiz I answered yes to being interested in them. Now I didn't think anything about it at the time because my bf never seemed the jealous type and knew I had a ffm threesome before in the past so it would make sense I would want one with someone I really like, like my bf. But he was genuinely surprised by that. So surprised the whole thing became kind of awkward and we just dropped it. I thought this was the end of that.
So a week later out of the blue I get a text from him saying "I can't do this anymore". I instantly start freaking out having no idea this is related to the quiz we both took. Like what happened? Cant do what? He said I obviously want sex with another person and he's not enough etc. I was both sad and shocked that I hurt him so deeply so we talked about it and then I really started feeling even worse.
He said he couldn't believe I would want anything to do sexually with anyone but him and he's been so loyal what did he due to fail me like this. It broke my heart hearing that. I said it wasn't like that. It was just a fantasy we don't have to do it if he doesn't want to. He said that wasn't the point. He was just so shocked I would want to jeopardize our perfect relationship with a third party. Like he couldn't believe I would think a loyal faithful guy like him wouldn't be upset hearing that. He said it was akin to him saying he fantasizes about having sex with a thick big bootied woman knowing full well I have body image issues about my flat butt. That even if its just a "fantasy" it still incredibly insensitive. Thats when I really felt like a hypocrite not realizing how hurtful a request like that could be. Like I could know him so well for 3 years at the time and not have the common sense to know what might seriously hurt him. I know that if I expressed interest in a mmf threesome that would be then end of our relationship but honestly I dont know why I thought a ffm threesome is any better its still the same thing.
So we never really work this issue out and just agree to disagree and he seems to got back to his old self. But a year later he just does a complete 180 and starts getting distant. He barely responds to my texts. He starts watching porn (which he never used to do). Starts becoming more extroverted and making new friends. He starts going out drinking with these friends and even starts wanting to just to go to bars himself without me. Thats when I really start freaking out. Is he cheating? Is he moving on? Are we going to break up? I freak out and talk to him about it and he says I need to work on my insecurities. Thats its normal for him have friends and a social life outside of our relationship. That I should trust him when he goes out and that porn is just porn he doesn't have an addiction or anything and its his body. All this made me realize truly my hypocrisy. Here he is being a normal mid 20s something guy and I'm equating that to him cheating with no tangible proof and I express interest in sex with other people per my threesome fantasy and I'm surprised he gets suspicious about my commitment to him? Anyway we drop it and move on.
But lately I've been wondering since its been 5 years we've been together now if he is ever going to propose so I asked him and he said he "doesnt believe in a marriage anymore and its "meaningless" to him. But when we first started dating he said marriage was a life goal. Like I'm so fucking sad I broke this great amazing guy by being so dumb. I know full well this all stems from the threesome thing but I don't want to ask him because I can't handle him confirming this is all my fault.
Have any of you been in a similar situation? How do I earn his trust back.
TL;DR Me and my bf took a sex upgrade quiz and I expressed interest in a threesome and its basically ruined our entire relationship and its all my fault
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2020.10.27 19:55 ForTheLoveOfFowler Match Thread: Liverpool FC v FC Midtjylland [Champions League GW2 - 27/10/2020]

🔎 Build Up:
FC Midtjylland's first ever away game in the Champions League proper could hardly come at a more glamorous venue as they visit Anfield to take on six-time winners of the competition Liverpool on Tuesday night.
The two sides endured contrasting fortunes on matchday one, with Liverpool edging to a 1-0 triumph away to Ajax and Midtjylland losing 4-0 at home to Atalanta BC.
Remarkably, Liverpool have only ever won their opening two group games of a Champions League campaign once before - in 2008-09 - but they will be firm favourites to achieve that feat on Tuesday.
Jurgen Klopp's side edged to a 1-0 triumph over Ajax on matchday one courtesy of a calamitous Nicolas Tagliafico own goal, with the clean sheet almost as valuable as the win for a team that was still reeling from the news that Virgil van Dijk will likely miss the remainder of the season.
Considering Ajax then went on to score 13 goals away from home in the Eredivisie at the weekend, keeping them at bay was no mean feat and a back four which has been relatively leaky so far this season will hope to prevent Midtjylland from netting their first ever Champions League goal.
The Reds have not kept a home Champions League clean sheet in any of their last four attempts, though, shipping eight goals in that time - more than they had in their previous 13 before that.
Three of those came in their most recent such game as Atletico Madrid dethroned the then-holders of the competition with a 3-2 triumph at Anfield last season, ending a 25-match home unbeaten streak in Europe which stretched back to October 2014.
Liverpool have not suffered back-to-back home European defeats since December 2009, though, and Anfield has become something of a fortress in recent years - particularly domestically.
Saturday's come-from-behind win over Sheffield United made it 62 home matches unbeaten in the Premier League as goals from Roberto Firmino and Diogo Jota overturned another contentious VAR call that had gifted the Blades the lead.
The Reds now sit joint-top of both the Premier League table and Group D in the Champions League, although Atalanta BC lead the way on goal difference in the latter following their big win over Midtjylland on matchday one.
The Danish debutants were subjected to something of a baptism of fire by the free-scoring Serie A outfit and will not expect it to be any easier when they meet Liverpool for the very first time.
The omens are not great for the visitors; all four of the previous Danish sides to compete in the Champions League lost their first away game, while 14 of the 16 teams to have played their first Champions League away game against English opposition have also lost - most recently Qarabag's 6-0 drubbing at the hands of Chelsea in 2017
While the trip to Merseyside will be uncharted territory for Midtjylland as a club, manager Brian Priske does have some experience in that field - he faced Liverpool three times during a season with Portsmouth in 2005-06, although he will be hoping for better results having lost all three of those matches.
Midtjylland have also won three of their six previous meetings with English opposition, including a famous victory over Manchester United in the 2015-16 Europa League.
The Danish champions will be travelling to Anfield in buoyant mood too, having launched a stunning comeback at title rivals Brondby to turn a 2-0 deficit into a 3-2 win in the final half an hour at the weekend, including a 94th-minute winner.
Midtjylland have not fared too well on their travels in previous European competition, though, losing seven of their nine such games and only winning one of those.
Priske's side did, however, come out on top at Ludogorets en route to qualifying for the group stages, also beating Young Boys and Slavia Prague before being placed in a tricky group alongside Liverpool, Atalanta and Ajax.
🗞 Team News:
Klopp has confirmed that summer signing Kostas Tsimikas will not be able to pay any part on Tuesday, but did insist that the full-back is getting "closer" to a return.
No date has yet been given for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain's return, with the midfielder still recovering from a knee injury he sustained during pre-season.
Joel Matip, like Thiago, fell just short of recovering in time for the Sheffield United match but could be back for this one, although the form of Fabinho at centre-back has enabled Klopp to not rush him back.
Naby Keita has been on the verge of a return for the past week or so without yet breaking back into Klopp's squad, but he could be available for Tuesday's match.
Thiago Alcantara was unable to feature at the weekend as he continues to feel the impact of Richarlison's red-card challenge from the Merseyside derby, although he did escape serious injury and could be back in contention for this one.
Liverpool have won two from two since losing Virgil van Dijk to a knee injury, and will hope to cope just as well without their star defender for the remainder of the campaign with the Dutchman requiring what will likely be season-ending surgery.
🏟 Venue: Anfield, Liverpool.
🗣 Referee: Paweł Raczkowski
🖥 VAR: Pawel Gil
Kick Off: 20:00 (GMT)
Liverpool Starting XI:
Alisson; Alexander-Arnold, Fabinho, Joemez, Robertson; Milner, Henderson; Shaqiri³, Minamino, Jota, Origi.
Adrian, Wijnaldum, Firmino, Mane, Salah, Curtis Jones, Rhys Williams, Jake Cain, Neco Williams, Kelleher.
Midtjylland Starting XI:
Andersen, Andersson, Sviatchenko, Scholz, Paulinho, Onyeka, Cajuste, Dreyer, Sisto, Mabil, Kaba.
Cools, Evander, Kraev, Thorsen, James, Vibe , Ottesen, Pfeiffer, Anderson, Madsen, Dyhr, Isaksen.
🗣 (0') We're underway at Anfield!
🗣 (3') Midtjylland should be ahead! Liverpool's high line is picked off by a long ball forward from the centre-back Scholz. It's nicely weighted and Dreyer carries it into the area after breaking in behind, but Alisson gets out to smother his finish.
🗣 (14') Alexander-Arnold puts in a good low cross from the right, but it bounces awkwardly and Minamino can't get a touch as he twists to turn it goalward. Andersson puts it behind to deny Shaqiri, who was lurking at the back post for a tap-in, but the corner is cleared.
🗣 (20') Alexander-Arnold chips the ball in behind from the resulting free kick, which is in a central position. He tries to pick out the run of Henderson towards the left post, but he overhits the set-piece.
🗣 (23') Alexander-Arnold does really well as he dribbles into the area from the right, getting between five defenders. He looks to pick out Minamino with a deft outside-of-the-foot pass, but Sviatchenko cuts it out and clears.
🔄 (29') Liverpool Substitution: Ryhs Williams replaces Fabinho.
🗣 (34') It has all been a bit low-key so far. Apart from that early chance which Dreyer should have scored, Liverpool are doing enough to keep Midtjylland at arm's length without ever really putting any moves of their own together.
🗣 (41') Milner is booked for cynically hauling down Sisto as the visitors looked to launch a counter-attack. They had a two-on-two on the halfway line.
🗣 (HT) from Anfield: 0-0.
🔄 (HT) Liverpool Substitution: Wijnaldum replaces Henderson.
🗣 (45') The second half begins at Anfield.
🗣 (50') Jota takes matters into his own hands, breaking past a couple of defenders down the left before Scholz sticks a foot in. The ball eventually breaks to Origi, but Cajuste tackles him well at the edge of the area.
⚽️ (55') GOAL! Diogo Jota opens the scoring. And in doing so has scored goal number 10,000 in Liverpool's history! The first was scored by Jock Smith in September 1892. One for the pub quiz heads there. (1-0).
🔄 (60') Double Liverpool Substitution: Salah and Mané replace Origi and Minamino.
🔄 (65') FCM Substitution: Andersen replaces Mabil.
🗣 (68') Shaqiri shows some quick feet to burst past Scholz at the edge of the area but Paulinho gets across brilliantly to stop him in his tracks. He was through on goal otherwise.
🔄 (72') FCM Substitution: Evander replaces Sisto.
🔄 (80') Liverpool Substitution: Firmino replaces Jota.
🔄 (80') Double FCM Substitution Kraev and Pfeiffer replace Kaba and Cajuste.
🗣 (83') Seven minutes to play now, Midtjylland are looking more direct - but Liverpool have their front three back together. Any slip at the back, and you'd back them to punish it.
🗣 (88') Alexander-Arnold gets into space down the right and clips the ball into the area, but Scholz is there to clear once again.
🗣 (88') Firmino should wrap the game up. Alexander-Arnold finds him completely unmarked on the penalty spot, but he leans back and skies his finish over the crossbar.
⚽️ (90+3') GOAL! Mo Salah converts from the Penalty Spot! (2-0).
🗣 (FT) from Anfield: 2-0.
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